Friday, January 11, 2013

How I Finish my Make up Part II - The Replacements

The looooooooooong awaited complimentary follow up post to my "How I finish my Make up" series.
This took so long, because I had to finish some make up first! 

A brand new year will start off with a brand new face! 

The items I have used up and pretty much used every day since August.
Most of the product overviews can he found here.
Listed are Lancome Dual finish powder, Guerlain bronzer, Jemma Kidd highlight, L'Oreal, MAC, and NARS lip glosses, Maybelline + Clinique mascaras, Dermaphil chap stick, Benefit speed brow, Laura Mercier eye primer, Dior concealer, and a Ferregamo perfume.

That was the before.

This is the after.

Now that my whole routine is pretty much gone, I have set forth to find a new "Go to" face. 
I highly believe having a normal stable routine is the best way to not only get out the door in the morning with minimal time spent "putting on the face", but to use up your products. 
I generally notice when my items are slowly starting to dry out or pan out, that new items from my collection need to be re discovered. 
I try not to buy new make up for a brand new routine. I attempt to follow  the seasons, and bring out the items that I wouldn't use in summer but in the winter. This is their time to shine.

I also try to pick products that can all fit in one convenient make up bag without being bulging.

I take about 3 weeks to play around with my collection. I will plop out an eye shadow I haven't used, and try it for a few days, then a blush I haven't touched for a while will be used for a few days, and I will weed out what I like or what I have re discovered.
So without further ado, my new "Go To" face routine.
The Replacements to the products photographed above.

I start by mixing my La Roche Posay sunscreen (tinted) with my Laura Mercier primer oil free. This is my daily "foundation" The coverage is enough for me, which is my preference, my skin is protected, and it feels light. Mixing it with my primer, makes my make up last all day regardless.
For concealer I'm still using the same ones, but they are not in any of the photos (blogging mistake) I mix L'Oreal true match concealer with MUFE full cover to get the right color match.
For under eyes I don't love this, but I want to just use it up. The Kevin Beauty maker under eye concealer. it's not bad, but its not as seamless as I would like. I quickly do a light dusting of L'Oreal True Match powder in W2 on my T zone to just set my concealer.
I decided somewhere in 2012 that I don't like blush with bronzer, added with highlighter anymore. 
Blush and highlight or bronzer with highlight, not all three.
I dust on the YSL bronzing powder which I love, but recently since using solely bronzer for about six months, I have been reaching for my Rimmel Santa Rose blush (a new purchase- on sale!) I apply it with my Bobbi Brown bronzer brush which is bigger than the entire packaging of the Rimmel blush for just a sweep of barely there color. I highlight with MAC's MSF in Redhead (LE)
For eyes I was using Bare Study Paint pot (which I have lost the tub for) and have replaced it with Benefit's RSVP  crease less cream sample which is lasting quite a while! If I feel fancy I'll top the color off with Naked Lunch from MAC which is complimentary but not a favorite shade of mine- i'm just trying to use it because I have neglected it forever. If I am in a hurry, I also sometimes sweep the remains of Santa Rose blush on my eyes. The peachy shade does not make my eyes look sick. It actually works well with the blush and the face looks quite put together and harmonious.
My brows are still being done up with NYX eyebrow cake, and groomed into place with Anastasia's brow gel. The lashes are then tight lined with UD Zero liner and mascara is Maybelline the Falsies Fared which is my current favorite from the Falsies line anyway.
*Since drafting this post I have fallen for L'Oreal's Telescopic, move over Falsies!*
Lip balm is Burts Bees, with a day time gloss of a GWP item from Lancome in the color"Flushed" which is very natural. I alternate between this gloss and the Clarins lip perfector.
My night time gloss of choice has become Laura Mericer's "Rose" which looks very pretty against Santa Rose blush and my now paler complexion.
I finish everything off with a healthy spritz of Jo Malone's cologne in Dark Amber and Ginger Lilly which is my first "musky" scent, and I love it. 

For night time if I ever feel like doing something (rare) I will line my bottom lash line with MAC's Prunella liner which is a brown with purple, from the outer corner to the iris, and set with MAC's Satin Taupe to bring out the purple and my eyes.

That's it! My current routine, and what I would consider a current favorites post.
I will probably stick to this routine for all of winter and most of spring. Hopefully by summer, I can swap out a few things, and live on bronzer and sunscreen again.
So tell me ladies, do you follow daily beauty routines?


  1. Wow, I really applaud you for able to hit the pan on some of the stuff. I never really finish any of makeup products as I ALWAYS get distracted with new ones and ended abandoning the current/old one =(

  2. Amazing, I never hit pan on anything ever. Nice choice with the Jo Malone scent - I like it for day. Used to have Incanto Dream, but it was just too sweet for me.

  3. The only thing I've ever hit pan one are powders and bb creams since I use it on a daily basis. I do have a daily beauty routine--I only use a handful of products. BB cream, setting powder, eyebrow powder, hg mufe eyeliner, eyeshadow to set liner, concealer (only sometimes-I wear glasses so dark circles are automatically concealed :) ) and last step is a cheek/lip stain! That's all, I live in a humid country so more products = colours running down my face at the end of the day.

  4. I never finish my products this much!! love the primer by Laura Mercier!

  5. Love the way you're trying to use up your makeup products! It feels refreshing in a way, doesn't it? It's so hard though to use up a powder product, esp. blush or bronzer. I applaud you for the Guerlain empty pan!


  6. This is a great idea!! I'm on a mission to finish a lot of my products before I start getting new ones! I'll have to follow this. Great post!

  7. I do but it's not as advanced. It always starts with something containing alcohol.


  8. I really should take a page from your book and stick to a couple of products for a season. I just realized that I tend to change up the products (especially eyeshadows and blushes) I use almost on a weekly bases. Your method may probably let me get through a lot more product and reduce the amt of brushes I have to clean. For some reason I feel compelled to compliment my makeup with my outfits, is that crazy?

  9. Hmmmm, I've heard several good things about La Roche Posay tinted sunscreen- good idea to mix it with the primer.

    I use the same products the majority of the time, cutting time the time spent getting ready- really helpful when you are on-call. Nars tinted moisturiser (trying the Dior Nude BB cream), Nars loose powder (want to try the new reflecting powder), Nars Luster blush, Luxor multiple on cheek bone, Nars Madrague duo on eyelids and brows, then Rimmel Volume Flash mascara.

    I do love my Nars.

  10. I don't stick to a daily routine that I follow for months on end... maybe a week or two before I feel the need to switch things up a bit. It takes me forever to finish items... but I can live with it. I have hit pan on a cream foundation, and I recently finished a lippie, one of those Clinique chubby sticks!! Congrats on finishing ALL those powders! Wow.

  11. Do you have any recommendations for a good drugstore sunscreen? I'm a college student in sunny Los Angeles and can't quite afford to dish out the money for a high end sunscreen.

    Thanks! :) Love your blog by the way!

  12. My dear,
    I found your blog by chance, while peeking others and I decided to check it out! I’m glad I did it, because I really liked it and it has completely got me hooked. I think we're going to get along just fine! ;) I'd like to invite you to meet my space as well and I hope you'll have as much fun as I am having in yours!
    I wish you lots of success

  13. Great post, J! You're such an inspiration when it comes to actually going through items in my collection :)

  14. i love that you do this and am always impressed by what you use up! :)

  15. Love this. I am slowly starting to get used to routines. I think my base makeup has stayed the same usually the only thing I change up is my blush and eye looks. I wish we had a Jo Malone counter near me. I am so curious about their scents!

  16. Wow good on u girl! Ive set aside some products for myself which i labelled as must use everyday products.. Hopefully that will help me use up some of my products

  17. cool that you have a new routine, very apt since it's the new year!!

  18. pans look so weird without product in them O_o Must have taken forever lol! I personally don't really have a makeup routine other than base makeup...

  19. Wow! I just came across your blog and I really like your pictures, writing and topics! This is the direction I want to go with my blog! I would be lovely if you could check out my blog and give me some feed back!


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