Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mid-Week Adventures

Today, we entered the Danger Zone 


I’m pretty convinced Wednesdays has at least 25 hours.
It just seems like a longer day most of the time, but once you past this mid-week hurdle the rest of the week is suddenly do able, and not as oppressing as when originally perceived on Monday.

Do people here like to eat from food trucks? I think Los Angeles is the one city giving New York a run for its money in terms of the meals on wheels notion.
In my iPhone I have dozens of pictures of these trucks. Pink ones, ones with cinnibuns, some wish fish, others with cows, it’s pretty interesting!
Today, I decided to grab a falafel and banana smoothie. Strange, but still delicious. – this will teach me from watching too much Food Network.
Specifically  “Eat Street”
Never had a banana date lime smoothie before, but I would have it again!

After work I made a small trip over to SAKS. I actually never go to SAKS because I consider it a complete danger zone!
Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabanna, Diptique. Nooooo.
I was quite good though and just came out with the one thing I had intended.
Wrong, I went in and purchased the one thing intended for someone else, then saw the Burberry counter. 
Enough said. 
The SA was friendly, the eye shadow was swatched, the shadow was applied leading to ooo's and ahhh's all around, which led to me adding it to my bag. 
Burberry's Mulberry is now mine! I try not to tell you ladies to run out and buy anything, but I would definitely suggest briskly walking to swatch this shade!! 
I also predict taupe brown in my near future. 

SAKS is conveniently right next to Sephora in this neighborhood, just a quick peek because this is one of the prettiest Sephora's in Manhattan. Again, nothing for me but always fun to browse.

Finishing up the night with a piece of homemade pumpkin pie made my boss’ wife, milky chai tea, and crochet.

The weeks is only up from here! ^^


  1. I love your blog!! It’s the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do before going to sleep….*no weird look, please* I just enjoy the writing and your Beauty Wisdom…Thank you…

  2. hahaha that is quite a compliment, i used to do that too with blogs i love, im surprised someone does the same with mine!

  3. shopping is HARD! lol. looks like you have had a pretty good week so far?

  4. TY!!! these photos were all taken today, M and T were pretty mundane lol

  5. lol then i'm glad today was good. Today was so boring lol. also i was so tired. LOL

  6. Great photographs :) The Burberry eyeshadows look gorgeous - I have the Burberry Mocha quad and I love it!

  7. Oooooh, makeup shopping is the best (but also worst). I am going to continue studiously ignoring the existence of Burberry cosmetics... Aha. That falafel looks so good. Reminded me that I haven't had falafel in too long :) xo

  8. ohhh nice find!!! the quads do look handy!

  9. u gotta get some falafel girl! :D


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