Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My Holy Grails of Hair

My One Beauty – My Holy Grails of Hair

Yes!  I’m going to talk about hair – notice the lack of this subject on the blog.

I don’t talk about hair because unlike make up, once I find something I like, I don’t deviate.

I don’t have many products, but these are all HG’s for me, and I feel absolutely no need to seek new products because I’ve tried a few in the past, and these were the winners by a land slide.

Like Joe from Little Women, I am surrounded by women who have gorgeous green or blue eyes, incredible figures, Julia Robert smiles, but my one beauty is probably my hair.
I don’t really take care of it. I never need to. I abuse it and it always looks beyond fine.
No knots, not oily ,dry, or flaky scalp, and when I brush it, it looks like I just had a Japanese perm.
It’s not overly thick, doesn't get frizzy, or other problems I did not even know people had until I was in my 20’s and heard from women in my office.
Bleach?? Perms??

My Hair Philosophy
I don’t use heat or products in my hair outside perhaps once or twice a year, max, because I don’t think it’s good for your hair. The only real blow dry I ever do to my hair is when I get a cut at the salon. 
I’m also not a huge brush or hair washing  advocate (which makes me sound incredibly dirty) but I think washing your hair too much, or brushing it too much does not add to it.

The Holy Grail Hair Products
1+2: The Shisedio Tusbaki Damage Hair line Shampoo and Conditioner

I always use the damage care lines even though my hair is not damaged. I always figured I would get the maximum benefit of it’s restorative properties by using the damage line.
I never ever change my shampoo. Whenever I’m out of this and use something else in the bathroom my hair doesn't look the same. No where near as shiny or healthy nor thick, so I usually run out to buy refills immediately.
I have heard changing your shampoo adds health to your hair, I have not found this to be true at all.
Maybe because I just found what works best for me?

I never show these in my empties because they are re fill able bottles and I keep re using the bottles I have but these smell amazing, give amazing shine, makes my hair super soft, and the conditioner is equally amazing. If I did any abuse to my hair, this fixes it up within seconds.

3. Moroccan Oil

 I’m a very lazy person. I never blow dry my hair, and I hate short hair, so to air dry long hair can feel like eons.
With my discovery of this non greasy oil I rub it through my ends, and whatever remains on my hands are spread through the rest of my hair, and while I do reap benefits of additional shine, less breakage, and softness, the real reason why I'm addicted to this, is time.
When I add this oil to damp hair it dries in half the time than normal.
I don’t know how, I don’t know why, I just know this product is win win.

4.The Mason Pearson Hair Brush

Apparently the Rolz Royce of brushes, which I treated myself to during a sale.
I don’t know why, it looks like a normal brush, but it massages your scalp to distribute the oils from your hair down to your ends to result in healthier hair (that’s their claim) 
I used to never brush my hair, but since adding this to my collection, not only do I find myself semi addicted to the action, but am seeing healthier and shinier hair as a result of this new found addiction.
I have the travel sized version, but I will be getting one of the larger sizes for everyday use, and keeping this mini one in my bag .
I am still on the fence if this is an end all be all kind of product, but I do not regret buying this. 

I recently purchased the Sonia Kashuk hair brush which is apparently a dupe for the Mason Pearson (Comparison post in the near future!) but I do not think they are the same, but if you are on a budget, I would try the Sonia Kashuk one, but be warned, these are brushes with out knobs at the end of each bristles so they may be harder and scratchier than you are accustomed to.

This is not a must have, but an indulgent investment, you can apparently keep for decades.

5. Hair Masks/Deep Conditioning

Once a week I will grab an extra deep conditioner or hair mask and apply it to the ends of my hair. Place it in a bun and wait 3 minutes. I will wash it out for softer ends for the rest of the week. I don't have HG's in this category. I am currently using Aussie's 3 minute miracle as a deep conditioner, and alternate with a Neutrogena hair mask every other week.

And that’s it!
Basic, but all perfect to me!
My hair is semi thick, fine, and medium length for anyone who needs a reference!

I am also quite interested in perhaps branching out to trying Kerastase products, so if anyone has tried a few or have a favorites please do share!


  1. wow, your hair seems like a dream! Your post makes me want to take more care of my hair.

  2. Your hair sounds amazingly soft and healthy. I'm pretty lazy with my hair care, just shampoo and air-drying for me.

  3. I am the same way with heat; rarely curl my hair and it's already pretty straight so I gave up on straighteners after high school! I want to try out that hairbrush, it looks nicee

  4. Wow I used to only use the Shiseido Tsubaki range, red or white and it did an amazing job on the hair.. always looked shiny! I missed the spray! I love MorrocanOil too.. my mum loves their shampoo! So using that for now.. have moved onto the Keratase one for serum now. You have an amazing routine there! Happy new year J!

  5. I need to try that Shiseido Tsubaki line now! You do have ridiculously nice hair and I think your simple routine is probably ideal for everyone. However, we get lured in by all the marketing schemes and end up buying 12893789 products to try :( I wanted to get the Moroccan Oil too but there's quite a bit of silicone in it so I prefer to use more pure oils. I think the Josie Maran Argan Oil was really nice! That hair brush seems too good to be true but I'm curious haha. Do you feel like the bristles scratch your scalp or does it just glide over? I'm scared of brushing too hard and somehow damaging my scalp :/

  6. I love Moroccan Oil products and your blog, so, I´m your newest follower! :)

  7. I agree with you on not changing what you love for hair. I have been using the same hair masks for years. Aussie 3minute has stayed with me for years. It's such a great product and my hair smells amazing!

  8. Maroccan oil is really FANTASTIC!!! it really works!


  9. I am always hearing good things about the Tsubaki shampoo & conditioner, but honestly I've never taken care of my hair at all and have never spent that much on shampoo and conditioner (I've always just used the good old, affordable drugstore lines). But one of my beauty resolutions for 2013 is to take better care of my hair, so maybe I will give this a try! :)

  10. hahaha thank you! i don't do much i think but this is more than enough for me !

  11. hahaha i dont do much either, just conditioner, sometimes i fgt the mask!

  12. i was never a big fan of brushing my hair since i dont have very knotty hair and it made it look flat but i found out brushing it makes is seem so much softer!

  13. happy new yr!!!1 how are you liking the keratase serum?

  14. thank you!!!! i never really think abt my hair but alot of ppl compliment me on it. Never my make up or clothes :(
    The mason pearson i do feel the bristles on my scalp but i like that better the sonia K one didnt do that so it took 2x as long to brush even though the size is bigger bc of the layers

  15. thank u thank u thank u for reading my post and following!! :D

  16. LOVE that stuff, and the price is phenomenal!!!

  17. i think you wont be dissapointed! the pictures here are the big sizes, but they have smaller ones for cheaper if you just want to try them out first, gluck!

  18. super duper agree on the Moroccan oil!! I love love love it! ^_~

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