Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Picks for Office Make up (OL's)

For all my fellow Office Ladies out there!
Here are my picks are some of the best make up investments I have made for office wear.
With the holiday season being over, I think many of us, hold a few gift cards that we would like to spend, but don't know on what to purchase?
This will be my guide on some of the most user friendly and my favorite office make up purchases.

Base: I would highly recommend a primer (unless your skin is dry), more specifically the Laura Mercier foundation primer. For those long office days and commutes, we need our make up to last. This feels light because it is water base rather than silicone based so you don't have that artificial feeling on your face, and comes in various formulas for numerous skin types. I love the oil free version, but have also used the mineral version with no issues. I don't think you need mineral make up to wear the mineral version to be honest.

For daytime, I don't like foundation. The day can easily go to 12 hours and it's going to start to look faded, cakey, even with primer, it's just not going to look as good. I personally like a light base for long days. I love BB creams but I know they are not for everyone so I would recommend tinted moisturizers for long days. Just enough product to even out your skin. It will feel light, and will hydrate your skin during the day. Most offices are with shut up windows and constant heat or air conditioning, so the skin can become dehydrated and strained looking.

If you have combination or oily skin, a quick blotting paper at lunch along with a blot powder, can make you look calm, cool, and collected for the remainder of the day.

Concealer is a huge thing for me. Especially the under eyes! Let's look awake for work, just because it's Monday doesn't mean everyone in the office should know you slept in all weekend and crawled to get to your cube. Under eye concealer to open your face up. A brightening under eye concealer can also do wonders! I personally love the Maybelline Brightener!
Overall concealer to just conceal redness on the face which can look unfinished for daytime.

Cheeks: My favorite blushes for the office are hands down Laura Mercier Lush Nectarine,  NARS Doucer, and Bobbi Brown Pink Rose. One is more peach, one is a plummy brown rose, one is a muted pink.
Laura Mercier is light but has a slight glow to it and can really lift your face, it's polished but has youth to it from the slight orange tinged hue. Doucer just looks like cheekbones and sophistication in an easy to go compact form. No bronzer needed. Pink Rose from Bobbi Brown is a brighter version of Blushbaby from MAC. It's neutral but has enough pink in it to show up on the skin to bring it up again.
From the drugstore, I am loving Rimmel's Santa Rose which is a very light peach with fine shimmer and the tiniest brown red tinge, no pink, just windswept and English rose look.
If you like bronzer, I do like NARS Laguna but have also found Physicians Formula's Bronze Booster to be quite nice for office wear and drugstore price.
If you don't have too much time for blush+bronzer+highlight. Try finding a bronzer with a pink or peachy tone and apply it all over your temples, and concentrate on the cheeks for a very even all over color boost using just one product. I am a huge fan of Guerlain's Mosaic Bronzer.

Eyes: I would recommend even if you don't wear mascara to curl your lashes! Invest in a proper lash curler so you don't damage your lashes, and give them a quick squeeze in the morning. Open up your eyes and still look natural. I prefer water proof mascara for work, because we are so busy there, touch ups are not really an option. Waterproof mascaras hold the curl better and have less of a chance of running which don't need as much touch up during the day.

Not everyone is an eye shadow person, but if you want to invest, I would recommend a palette. You only need one (Don't mind the three I have in the photo) I think if you have 1 palette, it takes alot of the guess work out on complimentary colors and you will probably have it for years. It takes eons to finish one, so they are worth the investment.
If you are lazy like me, one cream shadow all over the lid will do! Just to cover up any redness, and giving your eyelids an even base that brightens your eyes more ways than you will know!
For shimmer I have been using Benefits RSVP Crease less cream so I don't even apply a primer
(again, lazy) but for matte lids, try Soft Ocher or Painterly Paint Pots from MAC.
The Maybelline Color Tattoos are an amazing budget and last all day option.

My picks for palettes however would be the Laura Mercier Artist eye Palette, Bobbi Brown shadows 
( I made this one, and it is comprised of Bone, Taupe, and Espresso) and Inglot which is very affordable per shadow and can create a multitude of palette designs to your own taste. I would attempt a palette of mixed matte and shimmer. For those worried about fine lines and wrinkles, matte all the way.
*The Laura Mercier palette is no longer available in the states but I have heard it has yet to reach our freinds overseas, so perhaps keep an eye out for this one*

I would also recommend a nude pencil for the waterline. It brightens and highlights the eyes incredibly well while still maintaining a very natural appearance. Nude, not white.

Eye primer is my last recommendation for this category. Not the most exciting purchase, but most indefinitely utilized. 

Lips: For lips effortless, and easy is the key. Most of the time we are so busy at work to hear about an impromptu meeting, a quick coffee, or a business lunch means freshening up without a trip to the bathroom. Try to pick something you can apply without a mirror. My picks for lipstick would be NARS Dolce Vita lipstick which is a rose color, Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfector, which looks healthy but pretty, or Burts Bees Chap stick with tint, I am partial to Pink Blossom but they have recently come out with new shades!

Highlighters: This is not necessary but sometimes office lighting is quite drab, and if you have to present or speak you want to look awake, so the audience can see how knowledgeable you are about the topic. Powder wise for office wear I would recommend the Dior Amber Diamond which is a pricey but should last you through a few titles up the ranks in terms of years. If that is too expensive, you can always grab a drugstore light reflecting concealer in a shade a bit lighter than your natural skin color yo bring those features out. Or use a shimmery white or light shadow.

Nail Polish: This may vary on how conservative your office is, but shades such as Essie's Sugar Daddy Mademoiselle, or Topless and Barefoot are winners for me (I'm an Essie girl).  Hand Cream along with Anti bacterial gel at your desk is useful. The soap from the bathrooms can be harsh so some hand cream will soften your hands again. Anti bacterial on your desk will stop germs from spreading all over your keyboard and phone which you touch all day.

Tools: I would recommend for your desk to have the following: Mini hair brush: If your co workers and yourself decide to go out for cocktail hour, showing up 5 minutes later with a bright red lipstick may be shocking, a quick brush looks put together after grabbing your head all day with just questions that come to you from all over the place that you wonder how they found your desk. Mini Lint brush: For all of us who wear black to work but are covered with feathers from coats, or lint in general. Mini Tide Stick: Nothing like a fresh coffee stain on the white shirt you just ironed that morning to perk up a Monday! 

And that's it! 

Hopefully those of you who were looking for a brand new you for the office in the New Year can pick up a few gems from the list.
Anyone care to share some of their office friendly favorites?


  1. Fantastic post! Incredibly helpful! Love those palettes, so pretty!

  2. Lovely picks for the office!!! Dior Amber Diamond is one my all time favorite highlighters (can't say enough good thing about it;;) ). And you have some great tips too. I prefer very basic eyemakeup just because heavy mascara or shadows make my eyes tired or it makes me feel tired. Not sure. And also I LOVE using bright pink blushes to give my skin some life. My favorite bright pink blushes are Tom Ford Narcissist, Bobbi Brown Pale Pink, Smashbox Radiant. Lip balm, eye primer, and sheer foundations are my must-haves for long work days.

  3. great selection of products! wanted to try the laura mercier products for a while now! and those eye palettes are beauts!


  4. I adore my Laura Mercier Artists palette, i got it for christmas and the matte colours are devineee!:) xx

  5. I always have my Maybelline Age Rewind foundation, MAC MSFN, Ganier Undereye Roller, and mascara with me. If I want to add eyeshadow I stick with Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze.

    Thanks for all the suggestions!

  6. What a great post! I just bought the Artist's Palette but haven't even used it yet. For shame! I love your recommendations. I tried a Guerlain Mosaic recently and wow-ee my skin looked incredible! The Clarins Lip Perfector keeps showing up on blogs so it might be time I look into it.

  7. im not in looooove with the clarins lip perfector but i dont regret buying it, it's quite pretty, but the guerlain is a winner, glad u thought the same!

  8. all amazing products!!!! i love the maybelline age rewind concealer and am wearing bad to the bronze right now! lol

  9. divine indeed!!!! ty so much for reading!!! and glad u liked it

  10. thanks so much! palettes are great in the AM to get rid of some guess work

  11. u reminded me i havent worn pale pink in a long time, im busting it out tomorrow!

  12. thanks so much for reading!! glad u liked it

  13. Oh you actually kept the laura mercier palette!!

  14. Awesome post! Im quiet interested in Guerlain's Terracotta light bronzer that you mentioned but I don't know if I should pick the Blondes or the Brunettes that you own. I'm NC20 and I'm afraid that brunettes would appear more as a bronzer =/ What would you recommend?

  15. You'll love it again. Bobbi Brown is a genius!

  16. I agree with you entirely. Concealer, blush and mascara are definite musts. Quite a lot of my colleagues rarely wear makeup and they look so much more awake and pulled together when they do. It is definitely worth the 10 minutes or whatever less in bed to look smart and like you care.
    Now, if only I could find a really good anti-humidity product for my hair... *sighs* x

  17. some great tips and recommendations! I taught one on one.. almost like an office ennvironment... except little breaks haha.. blotting paper saved my life!! I'm so going to check out the maybelline eye brightener... once everything is in stock that is lol

  18. its actually quite sheer, i had to really pound it on with a dense bronzer brush everyday and im NC25. I will state it is def peachy and can look orange to some ppl so just as a caution, it does look better with a tan when i was about NC27 but it really does look superb on yellow toned skin and is not crazy pigmented to make you go orange, just try it lil by lil first maybe a stippling brush is you are very scared, blonde i never tried on but swatched looked wrong on my hands, hope that helped!

  19. ohhhhhhh ur absolutley righ!!!! how did i fgt that???

  20. I agree with the Laura Mercier eyeshadow palette. I like it as much as I like my Lorac.

  21. Ooh, they're all gorgeous products!
    That Laura Mercier eye palette is absolutely gorgeous! >w<
    I've always wanted to try NARS products!

  22. I quite enjoyed reading this post and definitely agree with you! The eyeshadow palettes you have look gorgeous, I love the blushes too. Having a mini hair brush is a simple yet great idea as it is so handy when you really need it :)

  23. Lol don't think you forgotten blotting paper, it's in the picture ;)

  24. I'm Totally digging all the products you picked for us "OL" lol ... I think the theme is really to use neutural and nude tone colors to keep it professional and sophisticated but also products with really good quality since we do use these everyday.. for the entire day! Great mix of high end and drug store finds ^_^

  25. Amazing post! I've wanted LM Lush Nectarine for such a long time, but I'm trying not to buy any more makeup right now....wahhhh :( How do you like the NARS TM, by the way? Does it make your skin oily? Also, how does the L'Oreal True Match powder compare to Maybelline Dream Matte?

  26. Great picks, as always! :) The LM Nectarine blush is one I've been meaning to try for a while--DEFINITELY need to this weekend! Ditto on the Nars Douceur (actually, I've swatched it but have never actually applied it to my face). I do have the Guerlain Terracotta Light Sheer Bronzing Powder though and I LOVE it! It's one of the cheek products that I reach for most. I use it as a blusher/bronzer and it's so, so pretty--subtle but makes a huge difference!


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