Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The 5 Factor Diet - Beauty Spending Edition

Have you all heard of the "5 Factor Diet"? Apparently Halle Berry went on it before starring in the movie "Catwoman". She looked pretty phenomenal (c'mon, its Halle Berry...) the movie on the other hand was a different story...

It's a diet of all 5's. 5 meals a day, 5 minutes to prepare, 5 ingredients each, 5 x 25 minute work outs etc. 

I decided just by the mere number, that I myself will go on the 5 Factor Diet -Beauty Edition

In 2012 I challenged myself to not purchase any more than 5 lip products. I declare this a success! And you know what? It wasn't even that hard! I spent a good six months of it trying to finish one single lip gloss, so buying 15 more was out of the question.

In 2012 I also developed a huge eye shadow addiction towards the end of the year. With the assistance of lash growth serums my lashes became longer and suddenly all I thought about was eyes eyes eyes! So shadows came pouring in, while gloss and lipsticks were out.

This year, I have decided to challenge myself again, and control the reigns on all areas of make up, so....

This year I will buy no more than 5 make up products!
In each category
But that first sentence was a bit extreme right??

5 base product items, 5 lip products, 5 cheeks products, etc. 
I'm thinking the main categories are : Base, eyes, lips, cheeks.
That means in 2013 (starting February 1st it seems) the maximum amount of beauty products I can purchase will be 20. I can buy less (ideally) but I cannot purchase more than 20.

Quite honestly, that would be enough. 20 items to some people may sound high but that's less than two products a month. 
I have decided to really just nose dive into my stash and try to find some forgotten (more like un-opened) gems.

So, that is my goal for 2013! (Beauty purchase wise)
Now to fill all your blog rolls with all the purchases I made at the tail end of 2012 in my fleeting madness.

Should I do some kind of 20 product countdown on all the items I purchase?

Anyone else create any beauty resolutions?

Wish me luck...


  1. I had to giggle a bit when you said you're starting this goal as of February 1 because I saw all your tweets about your numerous purchases. I went a bit nuts recently, but it was all on versatile items and I have nothing new on the horizon which makes me feel good. I'm curious...are your five eye products for everything? Or are you allowed to repurchase mascaras that won't count towards the five? If I limited myself to five eye products, it would all be on mascara because I run out every 2-3 months. I can't wait to see how this plays out! Everyone's posts about using what they have is a nice challenge to reinvent some of the items I already own.

  2. oh its working now! lol i just tweeted u! yes the 5 products are for all eye, base, shadow, liner, mascara, i guess brow gel???
    i have many samples and a few full sized back up mascaras i need to get around to using so i will be A OK!

  3. Omg I thought you were going to say 5 products ONLY and I was going to say you are super woman! Yes, do a countdown as you buy the items. I want to see which (carefully?) chosen products you end up getting. Good luck, I have faith in you!

  4. if i only had 5 for the entire yr i think i would drool at EVERYONE's post on my blog roll for the remaining 11 months!

  5. Hi J, Sounds like a very reasonable goal! I look forward to seeing your short lists!

  6. Can't wait to hear how that goes & see what gems you find in your unopened stash! By how you've been sticking to your routine products, it doesn't seem like it'll be too difficult :]

  7. Great idea and good luck to you! I would love if you did a 20 product countdown :) And your drawer looks like the Sephora stockroom! I would love to shop your stash! haha

  8. I'd love to see a countdown of the products you've purchased! i feel like if you limit yourself you really think about what you're gonna buy. :)

  9. such a good idea! I'm sort of doing a clear out - I'm just really trying to use up as many products as I can. I kind of splurged at Christmas time, so I want to invest in other things. I haven't bought a beauty product (unless I had completely run out of something) since January 1st! I want to see how long my 'no-buy/use-everything-up' can last!

  10. That's a great idea J! I try to generally limit myself to one higher-end product per month and one drugstore item per month.

  11. Congrats! Mission possible eh? I've been trying to cut back on eyeshadows, especially neutrals. I think your idea is great. It leaves room for discoveries and adventures while maintain a healthy beauty addiction ;;)

  12. i hope it lives up to the viewership, im sure a few drugstore will get in there!

  13. 20 product count down is going to happ! :D
    I know! its all new,,,, how shameful but i think its time they get some LOVE

  14. the count down idea seems popular! i think it would be fun! i have to be picky this yr!

  15. gluck to u girl and bravo for trying!

  16. thanks so much!! mission possible is on!

  17. Cutting your spending on beauty products in small doses is so much more realistic than my way: the cold turkey way, the only exception was if I used up a product and I didn't have a similar product in my stash. It sorta of worked, but it's so hard to resist temptation. Your stash looks like a your own personal makeup store, so jelly. Good luck with your beauty spending diet.

  18. LOL--that statement really WAS extreme. I was really impressed/scared for a minute there. 5 new products for the whole year?? Impossible!! :P 5 new products in each category though is a really good goal, I think. I should really do something like that sometime...possibly...maybe :P haha

  19. 20 products a year should be doable, I think - I did 2 per month in 2013 and I think I'll continue the same this year. Was this last photo your back-up stash or everything you hauled recently? That's quite impressive! :)


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