Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Few Favorites

My short list of current favorites

YSL Glossy Stain in #11 Rouge Gouache
My go to lip shade for the weekends. A little concealer, mascara, and this. "All done!"
Think MAC's Girl About Town with a touch less fuscia (more pink) in a glossy stain formula. Just as bright and pigmented but with a bit more hydration. I blot this down a bit to tone down the high shine but keep all the color. Lasts for hours on me, and fades into a fuscia berry stain as the day goes on.

Gummy Vitamins
I'm FINALLY eating Vitamins everyday and it's so easy when they are in gummy form! No more chalky dinosaur sized pills. I eat the Vitafusion Women's Gummy Vitamins and they tastes pretty good! So good I want to eat more than the recommended two a day. I eat them at night after dinner like a dessert and works like a charm. Add gummy vitamins to your daily routine for an easy step towards better health.

Laura Mercier Steller Eye shadow
Detailed review can he found here, but a barely there non fuss sheen color. I'm all for those!

Jo Malone's Orange Blossom Cologne
Not new to my collection but after all the wintery musky and powdery scents, this one is making me ache for spring to arrive!

MAC's Moleskine Eyeshadow (LE)
I snagged this at my CCO, and I loove it. I personally love this more than MAC's Wedge to which it is often compared to. This one is a beautiful soft milky chocolate brown with a hint of pink. I don't own a brown like this, and would highly suggest this shade the next time it is re promoted.

YSL Summer Bronzer (LE)
I won't go into details with this one because when I purchased it, it was on the tail end of being off the shelves. After becoming addicted to Guerlain's Mosaic bronzer, I always now seem to keep a bronzer with peachy tones for my all over face color powder. 
A bit more color concentrated on the cheeks, and sheerer applications on the contours of your face for an all around beautiful shade that helps warm up the skin.

NYX San Paulo Matte Lip Cream
I honestly think if you want to wear a bold color, but are scared of the incredibly loud effect, go matte.
For some reason matte lips tone down the drama effect, and the NYX versions with lip balm before hand have great color pay off for a fantastic price!

Rimmel's Santa Rose
Review coming soon! Very sheer red peach brown shade that is a great drugstore find, especially when snagged on sale. Mini shimmers found in the shade bring the cheeks to life. I love it especially with a specific brush which will be revealed soon!

MAC's Redhead MSF (LE)
While all the new highlighters on the market make me run to the counters for the light infused swatches I have been sticking to this MSF for everyday. I dug into my stash and have been using this as my daily highlight. I mostly use the champagne side for everyday which has quite a dent in it now, but swirl all the shades together sometimes for a peachy almost verging on coppery cheek shimmer.

Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Rose 
My only Laura Mercier gloss, ahem "glacé" but this one is amazing for the colder season. A  face brightening sheer red with a tiny amount of shimmer. Not too sticky, and my go to for after work to just pick up the tired face. For daytime if this is too loud I pair this with a lighter pink gloss on top and it looks great.

And that's it!
I'm eagerly awaiting spring and ready to use some brighter everyday shades, but for now these are my current loves. 
Any new great product recommendations for next season?


  1. The YSL summer bronzer looks absolutely perfect!

  2. Gummy vitamins are the best! I really need some of those YSL glossy stains...hear they last long too which is fantastic for a glossy finish product x

  3. I have been trying to use up my MAC redhead too. It is pretty but sometimes a bit too shimmery for me so I really have to reign it in with the brush when I apply!

  4. it's very useful the shades are sheer so you won't over do the orange!

  5. the shine is not long lasting but the actual shade is! the residual stain is also nice

  6. i use a very loose brush do you use something more dense, i dont think it's shimmery enough LOL that's why i picked it for work hehehe

  7. That YSL bronzer is gorgeous! *cries* I've been wanting a Jo Malone fragrance forever now, but I'm still waiting to find "the one" before splurging. And Santa Rose is one of my favorite drugstore blushes for sure! Such an unexpectedly pretty blush.

  8. OMG I LOVE anything Laura Mercier. Seriously her eyeshadow is to die for. So happy to have stumbled across your blog. It's adorable! And I am your newest follower hey hey hey!

    xo, Kelsey Belle

  9. Oh gummy vitamins! I have to replace my huge vitamins pills by these now! :)

  10. Haha I eat those same gummy vites everyday too! They're so yummy and now, I NEVER forget to take them :P

  11. ohhhh so glad i found another Jo Malone fan! *high five*

  12. it has a great texture!! i love the color!

  13. this is going to be an upgrade! i can assure you!

  14. thank you so much for stopping by!!!1 any LM favorites I should try??

  15. Jo Malone i know recently have a few new things in their new collection is gorgeous colored bottles i really do need to take a whiff to add to my collection!!!! Santa Rose is def a winner, who knew?? in the pan i was really hesitating spending the 2 dollars! HAHA

  16. Hi J, Great favorites! Rouge Gouache looks bold and beautiful and the Jo Malone Orange blossom sounds perfect for spring!

  17. I just came across your blog and love it!
    Such great posts :)
    Samantha x

  18. Ahhh, you had me at Jo Malone- I have the orange blossom and it smells-divine-. Actually, I've invested in several of her fragrances, the grapefruit is my favorite.

  19. PS- the gummy vitamins... Thank goodness, lol!

  20. YSL make up is definitely my favorite <3

  21. Gummy vitamins oh wow! Lovely selection of products.

    I love your blog. Now following you on GFC.
    Hhaving a giveaway at my blog. Would love it if you checked it out.



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