Friday, February 15, 2013

Lovely Days

Have you ladies been missing my Iphone life snaps?
I apologize for a lack of these posts but between Chinese New Year, a random snow storm resulting in a foot of snow, and a minor cold, the days have just whooshed by! 
The last few days have been just a complete scramble to get over a little cold I had earlier this week to fully enjoy the upcoming three day weekend! ^^
More snow is reported for tomorrow, WHY!? :(

First off, I want to wish everyone a happy belated Valentines Day!

The weeks prior I couldn't help but notice all the adorable offerings being sold .
Chocoholics should be happy!

I received this cute one from my mom

But on the actual day I received - too much! I was so happy at work, the day flew by far quicker

I actually normally would not share these types of stories, but I only did because my poor boyfriend went out on his lunch break to bring me my one Valentines Day request which were macaroons from Ladurée only to encounter this line! 
I guess many women asked for the same...

(photo credit: My boyfriends iphone!)

He claimed that after he left the line got even longer! It's all men! No lunch break for him!
 I felt so bad, but he hand delivered them to my work place so I was over joyed :D
*Apparently for anyone in the future, you can just call in ahead and pick it up at the front.*
Lesson learned.

We celebrated Valentines Day tonight with dinner

The only other catch up was Chinese New Year
All my photos were of food! 
This was the only festive shot I had. 

So those are all my current updates that I have had for the past few days!
Wishing everyone a wonderful long weekend! 


  1. Ooh, looks like super fun! Haha, at that chocolate moustache gag!! >w<
    Ah, Valentines Day was pretty uneventful for me... -.- I still had to go to school... -.-

  2. oooh, your boyfie is such a sweetie! ^_~

  3. hahaha the mustache made me laugh so much i actually went to the store to find it! i still had to go to work lol

  4. my bf just uses the normal iphone 5 camera, i use the same camera but i also use camera+, instagram, and pic FX. Glad you enjoy the pics!

  5. ooo which glossy stain color do you have? poor fiance but he did so good! mmm Haru!


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