Monday, February 4, 2013

Sample Diving for 2013

For 2013 one of my beauty resolutions was to dive into my box of samples.

My whole life whenever my mother received samples, she threw them in a box and never looked at them again. I, following suit, did the same. I grabbed a box and just stuck in all my samples, unopened, untested, and ironically uninterested.
Most skin care samples I thought would be of little use as my skin would be unable to indicate how beneficial a product  will be with one use, especially with those little sample packets.
I seem to have been in the minority.

It seems many people LOVE diving into their samples and experimenting with a little bit of new.
So presenting (after removal of anything that looked long past expired) my samples box for 2013
Hopefully useful and potential reviews will be coming from this little resolution.

Lesson#1 from sample diving:
I have already learned an important lesson from these samples. 
I have been trying a deluxe sample of a Shiseido cleanser which I use after removing my make up or if I am spending the night somewhere outside my own home.

Remember what I said above about samples not making a difference? 
(I still think this is true with the little one use packets) 
I was using this on and off and last week I used it very often and woke up one day with a few spots. 
I haven't had spots in months. I guess this was bringing out whatever my normal cleanser wasn't.
Bittersweet lesson. but lesson learned.

Anyone else care to take a dive?


  1. I most definitely need to start working on some samples! I agree that it's hard to judge a skin care product by a sample, but sample skin care products are perfect for traveling. And it's a great way to try something new while attempting to ward off an impulse buy. Not that I ever have an urge to do that.... !

  2. i'm trying to get through my samples too! I think it will be impossible, but i've collected SO many! lol.

  3. I've rediscovered the clinique skin care line through samples! I'm using their face wash and moisturizing lotion now, and I don't remember why I switched!

  4. I dived into my sample box a about 2 weeks ago and tried Clarin's daily energizer cream-gel. My skin was going crazy and my usual moisturizer didn't worked anymore. I applied this on my dry cheeks and I was amazed at how soft it became. One day I decided to apply it all over my face but it broke me out a little on my forehead. Booo! I was surprised that the 0,17oz sample lasted me that long!

  5. Your sample box, buts mine to shame. The US really knows how to give out samples, you get mini tubes while in Canada they give out little packets, so sad. But I know what you mean, how are you suppose to form any sort of opinion on a little itty-bitty sample. But surprisingly enough I can usually tell if I will like a product on first impressions. But I have yet to run into products causing me to break out (knock on wood). It's a good way to try a product out to see if you like it or not before shelling out money (especially when our return policies are super strict, I get the impression that in the US you can practically return everything and anything). Good luck on the sample dive

  6. I'm not a huge fan of samples. It's never really ever enough to actually tell if it's working, you know? But, I guess I wouldn't mind like body wash samples~ Those are nice^___^


  7. I often reject samples that I am not interested in because I used to accumulate too much. I love the policy in the US on samples, it is helpful on certain items like foundations to check whether the color or coverage are suitable.

  8. I think deluxe samples should be considered regular, because with normal samples I can't really say anything about a product.

  9. Sample boxes are great for trying a new product without wasting many pounds.

    I have a sample of the Shiseido cleanser- not mad keen to try it now!

  10. I do the same thing with my samples, I just toss them in a box and forget about them. Sometimes I use them If i run out of a particular product but mostly they just sit. I really should dig into my samples. I think what I will have to do is make them visible so I won't forget about them.


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