Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Short Beauty Tip #6

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.
I have never been a hair person.

Though my hair has always been quite minimalistic in effort, I have always envied women who are able to do the everyday wave. Effortless, not too beachy, soft looking, and feminine.
Since I am rushing about as it is in the morning, I could never imagine fussing with "a do"

Recently though I decided to give it a try.
Weekend of course. I doubt I will ever be sporting this in the office, but I will show you a hair trick I picked up when I realized after attempting the Lauren Conrad effortless waves 
(which is the farthest description from the truth) 
that I didn't even own hair spray!

How to hold your curls without hair spray.

Step 1:  Curl your hair.
I can't even begin to tell you how to do this, I can barely do it myself but here is the video I watched a la Lauren.

Step 2: Brush your curls out. I have heard the results are better with a wide tooth comb but I used a normal brush.

Step 3 is the tip! 
I always curl my hair going outwards from my face, I believe this is the general rule so after brushing them through, as they cool twist them all together in the direction they are facing and tie the ends.

Do this for as long as you are able. This is when I did my make up, had a cup of tea, and waited around.
This will make all the waves look more uniform and heading now not only in the same direction but having the same type of shape and movement.

Here is my hair when I released the hair tie.

Here is my hair about 7 hours later. Still holding the waves, I actually prefer it this way, looking more relaxed.
I have no idea why my hair looks red here, it looks no where near this color in real life.

And that's it!
I don't use hair gels or mousses in my hair, I just put on a bit of heat protectent spray and do the twist!


  1. Great tip! I do something similar when my hair is damp, but I don't curl it first. My hair has natural wave, so 'setting' it just helps it along a bit.

  2. I love this look on you! & I agree, the hours later/relaxed curls definitely look better.
    Wonder how well my hair will keep curls without any product helping it...T:

  3. I did this today and I love it!! thanks so much for this! ^_~

  4. This looks so good! That is always how I want my hair to look, loose with a slight wave. Ill try this out!

  5. What a great idea to get beachy waves!

  6. Great hair and necklace! May I ask where did you get the necklace?

  7. Hi sweetie, new follower here :-D Really like your blog and think you would be a great addition to our Aloha Friday Blog Hop. It is a great way to meet other bloggers, get some exposure for your blog and find new readers and followers. Feel free to stop by anytime and join us :-D Happy Valentines Day !

    xoxo Pakize (Keke)

  8. oh to have naturally wavy hair would be a dream!

  9. yahoo! glad it worked for you!!! anytime!

  10. thanks so much! glad to see u are back too!! *hugs*

  11. ty so much! i just got this necklace recently from F21 but i do not recommend it. You can see in the 2nd photo the stones keep turning!! it's like that all day! i wish they were a bit heavier or something but i cant really complain much for 8 bucks

  12. Wow, those waves are so pretty!
    How are you NOT a hair person?! What am I then?! :P
    Thank you for the tips! ^^


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