Sunday, March 3, 2013

Finished Products of January and February of 2013

Another year of finished products and reviews have kick started! 

Skin Care and Body Care

My beloved HG make up remover has just ended. I purchased two 500ML bottles in Europe and have no regrets on the weight it carried in my luggage. I have also gone through a few refills of the mini bottles. Full review can be found here.

Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Wash:
My go face wash for night time. This one is not very harsh or strong and seems to have enough acne fighting ingredients to keep my skin at bay. It may just be here, but I find this product harder and harder to find! The next time I see ANY of these bottles, I am buying the whole shelf!
Any sign of discontentment in your area?

Shu Uemura Deep Sea Facial Mist in Rose:
My 2nd or 3rd? bottle of this. I used to love this, but after this last bottle, the love has been lost. It's just rose scented water, and I just prefer the Thayers Witch hazel with Rose over this. Money saved!
For the actual review, this seems like some kind of very light hydrating mist that comes in numerous scents. 
I have always just chosen rose.

Dickinson Witch Hazel:
Ugh not for me. This was the 1st witch hazel product I ever purchased. I saw in the store how huge this was and it's reasonable price and became quite excited but the smell, oh no, very off putting. This was also a bit too stringent for my skin. I think if you have quite a bit of spots, this could help soothe them in a more natural manner, but sensitive skin ladies, I would look for another brand.
Again, be warned of the smell. 

Sonia Kashuk Eye make up remover:
My favorite from the drugstore. This is sold out constantly in my Target. Another product where the next time I see it, I am buying the shelf!
Just affordable, non irritating, not too oily, and works on my waterproof mascaras.

Neutrogena Body Care Wash:
I think we all know people, I have gone through a few dozen of these that I am a very loyal customer. I use this every time I go to the gym and it keeps my skin very clear!

Duane Reade Acentone Free Nail Polish Remover:
For years I had been loyal to the Sephora Brand nail polish remover. When I ran out, and saw this in my home I thought to be "economical"
NO, wrong. You get what you pay for. This sucked. It took about 4 cotton pads to get the nail polish off a single nail! Poor performance is not worth the cost savings, because I just lost the money on cotton pads! 
I now own two bottles of the Sephora Nail polish remover and do not plan on trying any others any time soon.

Nivea Touch of Happiness Body Wash:
My wash for non gym days. I just love these Nivea ones!
I prefer them to the Olay and other brands offered in the drugstore, the Touch of Orange is my favorite 
(again something I no longer see!) 
so the apricot flavor will do. I find these more hydrating than other brands.


Clarasonic Delicate Brush Head:
Ok, I am currently using the "Acne" brush head, and can officially state, I have tried all of the different types offered by Clarasonic. Delicate and Deep pore are my favorite.
It's softer than the "Sensitive" and "Acne" brush heads which I prefer, so unless they create another one - which I will also most likely try...
Delicate and the Deep Pore will be the ones I will be repurchasing during the FF sale in bulk!

Purell Anti Bacterial Gel:
No description, just needed and used.

YSL Parisian Hand Cream:
I received this free when I purchased the corresponding perfume. I did not even know YSL made hand creams, but this was beautiful.
Quite hydrating and incredible scent, they could start their own line of hand creams with the recipe they have cooking.

Make Up

Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer:
Hands down my favorite primer. Not only my favorite primer from the Laura Mericer brand - she has a few, this for me is #1, but from all other brands I have tried, this reigns supreme.
This is water based, unlike most silicone primers, this doesn't make my skin feel crawly.
It feels light, sinks into the skin effortlessly, and makes my make up last. 
I went through several sample tubes before purchasing the full size, but I will be buying this again!

Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells Mascara:
Full review can be found here, but this was my special "high end" mascara for a while. I always keep a nice high end one in my stash. This gave beautiful length and separation but more natural volume which I prefer. 
This Precious Cells mascara seems more separating than the normal Hypnose version. 

Shiseido Mascara Base:
Another one of these tubes done. They usually last me about six months. This used to be my HG until they changed the formula which is no where near as good, but I have yet to find anything better. 
If you have mascara primer favorites, I am all ears! 
Until then, I already have a back up tube of this waiting. Le sigh....

Maybelline Colossal Volume Cat Eyes Mascara:
Full review here.
*Since that review* this thing dried up so started becoming very clumpy one me within three weeks of opening until the point where flakes were just everywhere and this had to be chucked. I don't know if I got a dud, I purchased it when it first came out, so I doubt it was very old, but this will not be a repurchase.

Clinique All About Eyes Serum:
Oops! this was not suppose to be in the make up photo, but since it's there...
I have used this every single day for almost TWO YEARS and it's finally used up.
I received this as a gift, and did not want the person to think I was unappreciative, so I used it daily.
This is suppose to help puffy eyes, but I never have puffy eyes ( I think  this is genetic for me)
so I am a terrible reviewer for this product. I just used this as a hydrating base in the morning. I would not repurchase this on the sole reason that I do not have the feature this is marketed for.

Burts Bees Lip Balm:
This tub version seems a tad bit thicker than the one in the stick, despite that, I think the stick version is better. This can sometimes be too thick and look a bit white ish on the lips if not blended out well.

And...(looking around)
That's it!
First round of finished products of  2013 done!
What have you used up latley?


  1. These are some of my favorite posts by you! They're so inspiring :D I really want to try the Bioderma and the Laura Mercier Primer - they both seem like products I'd be obsessed with!

  2. they're both absolute winners in my book! Sephora offers the primers in various types as 100 pt perks, i highly recc those! they last forever!

  3. wooo good work! I have tried only two types of clarasonic brushes, reg and deep pore. I will have to try out the delicate one next.

  4. omg i fgt abt deep pore!!!!!!! >< i can't rem which one i prefer i know they are very very close omg, where is my head tonight, time to edit!

  5. Well done on finishing so many products! I really want to try the Burts Bee lip balms and thanks to your recommendation, I think I'll check out the stick ones instead of the tubs! Lovely post x

  6. I'm about to finish the SK eye makeup remover and it's definitely my favourite too! It reminds me of Lancome's Bi-facil but more affordable and less oily feeling!

  7. feels very satisfying to read your 'finished products' post! re: neutrogena acne full product range has never been released in Australia, wonder if that's a sign it may be discontinued? hope not, i've heard nothing but great things.

  8. kudos for finishing list of products! ^_~

  9. You have sooo many empties))) The info about Clarisonic brushes was very helpful for me,' cause I am in the process of choosing a new one)

  10. I love Bioderma Micellar water, and Parisienne hand cream too! how can you finish sooo many products!!?? :)


  11. I know what you mean about primers, I like the idea of them but I don't like the feel of them on my skin. Maybe I'll give the Laura Mercier one a try. I hate the feeling of silicone on my skin, and it makes me breakout. I'm very tempted to purchase the clarisonic, but I'm a little hesitant because I know myself, it will be used at the beginning and then sit on the self.

  12. I love your empties posts, they are the best! I too adore both Bioderma and the Sonia Kashuk removers xx

  13. I think I should start saving my empties, I feel like I never finish anything up but that's obviously not true! I love the Laura Mercier primer too - its just so nice! xo

  14. i always love the quick info I get from your empties posts. You know how much I love Sonia Kashuk products, but my store is always sold out and in complete disarray. So frustrating! I ended up switching to The Body Shop Chamomile Eye Makeup Remover and it works just as well (if not better) for a slightly better price. Can't complain :)

  15. good job!! you finished so much!!

  16. woah so many empties! awesome!! I just finished up my bioderma too--thankfully just got a backup! I'm also really close to finishing my laura mercier primer--hope i can get a replacement on sale!

  17. I would really reccomend the "Dior DiorShow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum" mascara primer. A full tube is $28, however you can get a free deluxe sample at by using the promo code DIORMAX. I've really been wanting to try the Laura Mercier primers... but I don't know whether to try the original or illuminating. Have you tried both? Thanks and good luck! :)

  18. That's a lot of finished products! I really want to get a hold of Bioderma's H20 Crealine so much but it isn't too affordable :( I hate cheap nail polish remover too- I got a cheap one and it smells so strong and awful- I'll rather pay $2 more for something that works much better! I actually quite like the T.N Dickinson's Witch Hazel- it works great as a tone and keeps my skin clear, despite the very odd smell :P

  19. That's a lot of empties! I really need to get hold of a bottle of the Bioderma, too. I've seen it mentioned quite a lot recently and it sounds like really good stuff! I nabbed a travel size tubeof the LM primer in a set recently, and am loving it, too! I can't stand how silicone primers feel on my skin either, and love how quickly and easily this stuff absorbs.


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