Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lit up for Spring

My beauty product countdown of 2013 just added on product numbers three and four!

Everyone! Everyone everyone gather around for the announcement:
"The sun has started to shine!"
After months of dreary clouds, rain, snow, slush, hail and all other sorts of nasties falling from the sky, the sun is FINALLY starting to make it's way back.

My current routine is starting to show their pans. I had finished up a few of the products, and many are on their way out, so I grabbed a few new items for my version of spring prep!

First up being the NARS Translucent Crystal Powder 

I just picked this up yesterday and have not used it yet. My current powder has hit pan and will be finished soon enough. I am not in love with what I am now using, and this baby is calling my name!
I had swatched this in the store a few times and loved it's incredibly smooth texture, complete transparent color, and  finish it left on the skin.

Everyone has been praising the new Hourglass Ambient light powders but between the two brands, I still remained a NARS girl.

The Stila In the Light Palette

Here is something I had seen for months and always dismissed.
I always thought Stila shadows were nice, but too frosty for me - I had only ever experienced Kitten but swatched many other shades with the same feeling.

It seems like everyone has an absolute favorite eye palette. 
Mine formerly was one from Chanel which is now discontinued and pretty much stays in the depths of my drawers as being something precious and only to be used sparingly, so the palette hunt has been on.

How about Lorac Pro you ask? still very interested in it, but just did not feel like now was the time - Despite it being in every one's February 2013 favorite videos...

The Stila one, though a bit less sh-mancy than Lorac finally got an upgraded mirror (at last) and I felt somewhat calmer with the less shades offered, it can be over whelming to see 20 colors staring back at your for use.

I've only used this twice and have not even tried the liner yet but so far so good!
 Did I mention it comes with a dark brown liner?  Smudgesticks liner, supposedly very good.
(we shall see in due time!)
The shadows themselves are a  nice texture, typical Stila smooth, two shades are high frost  kitten and bubbly, but with six shimmers and four mattes, I am currently a happy camper with this purchase.

With spring fast approaching, I am slowly collecting items to be added into my daily mix of products for the next few months, expect these two in the rotation!

Spring prepping anyone?


  1. Can't wait to hear how you like the NARS powder. Especially if it will leave a white cast in photos.
    & the stila palette looks like a great buy!
    I've been using my daily products for what seems like forever and I'm not even close to hitting pan on anything ;(

  2. oh seeing a post on your daily routine would be a fun read!

  3. I love that Stila palette! I got a sample of it from Sephora, and has been contemplating on buying one ever since!

  4. i've been hearing that all over the place! i must have been the only one who missed that Sample from Sephora!! rofl!

  5. That Stila palette looks nice!! I have their matte palette and I really need to remember to use it more often. Can't wait to see if you like the NARS powder! :)

  6. Oh noo.. Kind of I regret getting the Stila In the Know palette over In the Light now! But you're right about Stila shadows being frosty. It's one of the reasons why I stuck with the all matte palette. But the eyeliner shade is so much better in this palette ><

  7. I have my eye on the Nars powder! Not sure if I want the pressed or loose version though. I had a sample of the Stila palette and I LOVED it. I thought the colors were really great for day or night and I actually somehow preferred it over the Naked palette.

  8. Love this! Oh, and NARS NARS NARS NARS NARSNARSNARS! Ahem. I've been narrowing down my favorite face products to have the exact appearance I want for my skin. Gently luminous. Flawless. Yep. It's spring :)

  9. Hi J, Both look like great picks! I'm hoping to pick up the NARS pressed powder eventually. I could use a good finishing powder!

  10. I've heard good things about that new pressed Nars powder and I am curious but I STILL am trying to get through my MUFE HD Powder--it's taking me forever! When I finish it, I was going to repurchase an old favorite, MAC's Prep&Prime powder since it really stays invisible no matter how much i layer on (unlike HD powder) and does a nice job of taking down shine. Nars seems like it would be better suited for someone that doesn't have oily skin but then, maybe not. I might have to give it a try at the counter sometime

  11. Ooooooooooooooooooooo, I'm powdering like a loon to get through my pressed Nars compact so I can buy the crystal powder- one out, one in.

    Getting the In The Know palette as sparkly is not good after a certain age (cough, 30).

    Looking forward to your reviews and some LOTD with the powder and palette.

  12. The palette swatches look pretty! I see some matte shades!

  13. Can't wait to hear your thoughts about the NARS pressed powder! I've been eyeing it but I have a hard time on choosing the loose one or the pressed one.

  14. hi dear! i just found your blog and i love it! great post!! would you like to follow each other? i always return the follow :)


  15. I love your blog


  16. Ah, nice pick! I skipped the Nars powder thinking it was a little too sparkly for my taste. Then I saw pictures of it on several blogs and they all look good. Now I'm wondering.... The Stila palette is so pretty. I haven't been excited for a Stila product in a long time. This spring, I reach for peach, coral and bright pink!

  17. I'm quite curious about the NARS powder, too. I used their regular loose and pressed powders for years, but switched to La Mer recently as it started to look a little bit heavy. I've heard lots of great things about the new powder, though and am tempted to give it a go. The Stila palette looks great!

  18. i love my in the light palette! kitten has always been a fav but i love many of those colours together, and bubbly is a new fav for all over the lid. i like to do bubbly all over, a darker colour in the crease/at the edges, and kitten as brow highlight. also, i love the eyeliner it comes with - stays on my waterline generally and is the perfect dark brown. sad they don't offer this exact colour outside of the palette!

    i had high hopes for the hourglass ambient lighting powder...but i didn't love how it looked on me and so i returned it! do you think the nars powder would be good for a dry/dehydrated skin girl who wants a powder with a glowy/light diffusing/wrinkle and pore hiding effect? or would you recommend something else?


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