Friday, March 22, 2013

Shopping with LilladyLife and OOTD in Creation

I did something recently.
I went shopping.
Some of you may see my beauty products and would declare I shop quite a bit, but this is different.
I went clothes shopping.
In 2012 outside gym attire, I did not really add anything to my wardrobe, I think I got a bit impatient with clothes shopping which requires far more patience, which I lack to possess.
I believe all my new clothes purchased had at least one OOTD last year, so you all have basically seen the entire closet – no fashion blog here…

I realized Fall of 2012 I needed some new clothes and here I am, nearly the end of March 2013, one outfit in. I’m really getting on it right?

First up, the spoiler!
The final OOTD! Brought to you mostly by the GAP (they had a sale!)

Sweater+Pants: Gap, Shoes: Zara, Nails: OPI + Essie mixology happened

Do you like it?
Well let me show you, how this style was created.

First off: Shopping in GAP 
(They had 30% off everything in the store that day!)

Prospect 1

A bit baggy but I like it! I like the bit of almost but non neon lime green , It’s calling for spring
The loose fitting top demands some tighter pants and maybe some booties?

Prospects 2-3

Ugh awful…these were all tight in the arms (hulk anyone??) and huge on the chest – in my defense I was wearing a sports bra – GAP is right next to my gym!

Prospect 4

Ummm how long is this?? How tight are the arms?? Thumbs down.

Ok, leaving with one item for me is a bit of a win. Quite honestly I wouldn’t have purchased it if it wasn’t for the sale – original price was a bit over priced IMHO
For reference I think this is one of the few sweaters I have purchased since the beginning of the millennia – I can count them all on one hand!

 I only have 1 pair of tighter work pants so it’s time to search for some booties!

After a bit of an online search and me marching out of a store due to terrible service, I finally grabbed myself these booties from ALDO.
They are charcoal/black with rose gold accents.

I actually wore them today but before leaving the house I saw that the weather predicted snow, again…so I quickly changed out of those. OOTD dreams slashed :\

Bag is this Celine inspired bag I purchased at the tail end of last year during the Zara sale – madhouse

 Whitney Port Wears Vans-Inspired Look For Vans Custom Culture Event
I also saw this photo last night of Whitney Port.
Her glowy cheeks and rosy lips inspired me to dig out my NARS O blush
(she has been noted to use this product in her own make up routine) while trying out a new product for me.
I purchased this a while ago but never used it until today.

Overall thoughts: Lovely rosy natural color, minimal sheen, surprisingly not as hydrating as originally anticipated.
Does anyone know if the ones in the pots are more moisturizing than the ones in the tubes? It’s wasn’t drying but I have always heard such good reviews on these items, and while I do love the shade, I was just surprised on the moisture level.

Hair was put up in a few milk maid braids – 2nd day hair~!

And that’s it! OOTD process and completion!

After work today I decided to try the whole clothes shopping thing again and saw this

It's a cat and dog, they are probably setting up one of those "Truth" commercials about smoking, because the signs I read were all about smoking prevention

After commuting I landed in Bloomingdales

The Spring collections have arrived

While shopping I remembered why I started buying more make up than clothes

Made in China, so why the price $??

After leaving empty handed from the clothing department I walked back in the beauty department, and will share soon what I left with ;)

Until then, TGIF ladies!


  1. love your braids! wish i could manage to do that. not that i have enough hair but you know. lol! i like the sweater you picked! i need to go shopping too. actually, i don't "need" to go shopping but i want some sweater dresses and work appropriate dresses in general and i do want some sort of ankle boot type shoe. impossible!

  2. well ill prob share all my finds, hopefully 2013 dosent lead to under 5 OOTD posts with new items haha

  3. Clothes shopping is super depressing when you look into what the fabrics are, where the clothes are made, environmental impact etc.

    Jaeger is my go-to brand because I know they have a good corporate social responsibility and because the clothes make me look super smart- good for not scaring the patients.

    I like that Gap jumper, the pop of neon is nice for spring.

  4. I hate clothes shopping. Hate it. No such thing as clothes that fit. I love the top you bought! You're right - the yellow-green makes the shirt!

  5. all those tops fit you so well tho! and your body...O_O gosh !

  6. When I see the "Made in China" tag, I expect it to be cheap too!! The markets there are changing! More high end things are being made in China (i.e. Alexander Wang), and the demand for quality is higher there too. I've noticed that the cheaper things (Forever 21, H&M) are made in Bangladesh, Vietnam, and Turkey now.

  7. o really i havent been shopping so have not seen those tags but i will keep that in mind!!

  8. love these your posts :))) and love the sweater you bought!

  9. That Zara bag is simply beautiful! And your braids! I love them!


  10. Ugh I agree with GAP fitting. Some of the shirts just fit so weird! Can't wait to see what you picked up from the beauty dept :P

  11. I love how you are able to turn a striped sweater so chic with black pants & pumps! Love the look :)

  12. I love the striped sweater you got! Gray is my favorite color, plus the pop of color is great! I know what you mean, clothes shopping can be tiresome. I hate trying on clothes! As for makeup, I don't mind trying and returning stuff I don't like.

    As for the hefty price tag for the made in china item, haha you're paying just for the name. Regardless of the fact where it came from. Sad but true.

  13. I love that first sweater on you! It makes you look more stylish than you think you are!

    I completely agree with you about the clothes vs makeup thing - what are the chances that I'd own any Chanel clothing vs the small collection of Chanel makeup I own. Anyway, thanks for this great post!


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