Friday, March 29, 2013

Shopping with Lilladylife Part II

I've lost my Metro source of endless travel around the city.
Until a new one comes in the mail I am to hoof it, luckily, I live in a walking town!

First off, Happy Good Friday to those who celebrate!
I had to go to work today and it was a complete ghost town  in the office so we had what I would consider a "Casual Friday" which wasn't so bad. I had a long lunch break and was able to window shop a bit.

Casual Friday work outfit for me
It's all about comfort today

During my lunch break I decided to go for a bit of browsing since the office was pretty much done for the day. Along with the fact that the weather was great!

I posted this bird statue last time but didn't realize when I was walking it is comprised of nails!

First stop is Zara

I totally fell for this Zara bag and walked around the store for a while with it. I loved the color and flash of red/hot pink for the zippered edgings. I ended up passing :(
It was a bit too wide for my frame and the closure was magnetic, not safe enough for me.
Still sad about this one...

I then entered the beautiful but semi quirky Anthropologie

Can you believe this bird foundation costs $1000?! (Ok, $995.99 + tax)
Look how skinny the beak is? All the liquid in that huge vessel and the spout is so small!

I ended up back to work after this point but we got off early (HOORAY!)
I had about four hours to kill so back at it!
I am determined to make a solid attempt at my wardrobe!

First off is Madewell
I spotted these shoes and stopped dead in my tracks
I mean, they are just screaming spring and white dresses, no???

I hate these kinds of heels but tried them on anyway

What do we think ladies? I tried them on like 4x! I finally decided to get them. I loved the colors, and if anything I can return them. Also, 25% off! SCORE!
PS: They're SO comfortable!
I know, another pair of shoes?!
I'm really not normally like this!

Entering H&M!

After several days of searching I finally found the black/gold tweed jacket Sandra mentioned in her videos.
It's quite heavy but I like it! I also spotted this interesting bag but passed. I liked the shape but it lacked a top zipper. I also left with a small white blouse with a flower applique design which I will show in an OOTD in the future.

Shopping mode is on!

A stop over in J CREW

I loved these shoes! They're exactly what I am looking for! But the price was not!
Left without these. Still looking!!

Last stop for clothes was Banana Republic
Not my favorite shop, but I appreciate that they have a petite section.

Eck to this grandma sweater! why is it so short?
I wanted a yellow sweater for spring :(

Hello Fraulein!!
G'bye Bananna! I don't care if you say everything is 40% off! 

Enough clothes shopping, it was time for some sustenance

These are the best brownies in the Farmer's market!
I always get these when I stop by! Not too sweet and large!

Quick stop at the bookstore while I munch on my new brownie
The things I picked up and browsed upon as I munch

When did the housewife and Jessica Alba write a book!?

Final stop of the night, a place I am quite comfortable in, Sephora!
I bought nothing! LOL

The boyfriend called and is ready to meet for dinner!

And the best part of the night, the finale with my man!

Hope you girls enjoyed my Friday!
Happy Weekend! 

*Photos are all taken with the iphone*


  1. Looks like a pretty relaxing Friday! :D

  2. Awesome post! You're making me miss NYC :P Hope that crow thing is still there when I'm back. Love the shoes that you got; ankle straps make everything better :D Ah, you're also making me miss good Chinese food >.<

  3. i would no have minded a day off though! ;p

  4. awwww when u left i wondered if these posts would make u miss home :( lol
    Thanks! i cant wait for the weather to get warm to break them out!!!!
    When u come back let's all go eat some chinese food!!! (Mandy too!!)

    PS: loving ur Portugal pics!! always wanted to go!

  5. This is amazing! It makes me so jealous that I don't live in a city where you can just walk forever

  6. lol thanks it's kinda bad because I still don't know how to drive bc i dont need to :P I should really get on learning!

  7. great post as usual! :))) feels like i had this walk with you :)))

  8. i cant help but notice your jacket (or peacoat?), it looks so perfect on you!
    and those shoes from madewell look so nice one :D

  9. I love your shopping with me posts! Those J Crew shoes are too cute, but I find their prices a little ridiculous as of late, which makes me sad because they have some really cute things!

  10. these photos are wonderful! thanks for taking us on a little virtual trip! :)

    p.s. the food looks delicious!

    <3, Mimi

  11. aw thank u! i love that jacket it's the most perfect fit bc i bought it in asia!! ;p

  12. i do too!!!!! maybe i will have some luck at the outlet in a few months :\

  13. Love this post! Makes me wish that I lived in NYC too. So jealous! Also jealous that your Sephora carries Dolce & Gabana!

  14. this always makes me miss nyc! glad you had fun shopping!

  15. yes i think that was so special too it's the only branch i have seen that sells it!

  16. hope these brought u back some memories!

  17. I want to move to NYC!!!!!!!! I agree, best part of the! =D These posts are awesome :) They're one of my favorites to read! hehe


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