Thursday, March 21, 2013

Short Tip #8

You ever wonder how some women just have the proper amount of "glow"?
It's not called shine, perspiration, reflection, or grease, it's called G L O W
Some women have it in spades, J Lo has quite high dibs on it, but today, we focus on the California girl effect, via the lovely Lauren Conrad.

The quintessential image of the California girl.
Bronzed skin, blond BEAUTIFUL hair, and an effortless effect to her beauty, but today we are focusing in on the skin.

She seems to opt for quite highlighted cheeks and lip gloss helps add to the overall effect, but her actual skin is just perfect. Not matte, which can look flat, but just enough light is reflecting. 
How can we all achieve such an effect?

Powder minimally in just the right places.
Grab your translucent powder and a very small fluffy eye shadow brush. The MAC 224 or the Laura Mercier Ponytail brush are my favorites, but grab that random one you got for a dollar at ELF- it's ok!
 This is going to be your only tool.

Take a very small amount of translucent powder on the brush and tap off all the excess. Powder gently and lightly down the center of your forehead, around your nose, and the middle of your chin. Also any random spots you had placed concealer that day to help those items set, then leave everything alone!

If you have more oily skin, I would apply the powder with a stippling brush, such as a MAC 187, you will distribute the powder to a larger area but in a sheerer layer.

I personally love the mini brush method, which prevents not only the overly powdery look, but the flat, dull matte look which looks less natural than that wee bit of sheen. 

So grab those little brushes lady and mini powder away!


  1. Thank you for the tips! Now I know how to achieve that glow I've always lusted after! ^3^

  2. ahhhh wish i had the natural glow ... i just end up looking oily by mid morning. will definitely try out the touch of powder =)

  3. I love the mini brush, but also using a fan brush (from e.l.f.!) to apply powder minimally. With a strong highlighter under the foundation, there is all sorts of glow.

  4. I really want to try this!


  5. are there any other translucent powders you would recommend?

  6. i like the chanel and laura mercier, but are you looking for a matte powder or coverage powder? lancome dual finish is nice, but for drugstore i like maybelline dream matte, hope that helps!

  7. i have that brush! i love it for highlighter!


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