Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The First signs of Spring!

It's coming.
50 degrees today.
That's pretty damn warm here, happy smiles all around from the city's citizens.
The RayBans have come out!

- News flash - Snow expected tomorrow - it's still ok!

I'm ready! 

Photos all taken with the Iphone as I grabbed my lunch! 
Not a shabby view


  1. pretty flowers !

    you are so lucky to be living in NYC.. I love that NYC soo much ^_^

  2. awww ty! i love living there too! but the weather is def a thumbs down! haha

  3. The flowers look so pretty! I love 50-70 degrees weather :D But darn the snowy forecast for tomorrow. Looks like another day at home for me haha

  4. i envy u!!!! i have to get to work no matter what and work on good friday :*(

  5. Ugh I am so ready too! It is a beautiful day here where I am too and we also are supposed to have snow in the next few days. Spring just needs to be here!!

  6. Flowers. Flowers!! It has been so cold here lately that the trees tried to bloom, but couldn't. so there are squirrels-nest-looking bunches of green in otherwise bare trees. Bizarre!

  7. So pretty<3 I love the tulips~ What a lovely glimpse of spring, indeed.


  8. Gorgeous photos! As for me, it's Autumn just around the corner! Which means my birthday! :D
    I wouldn't have guessed that the photos were taken with an iphone! @ 0 @


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