Thursday, April 4, 2013

Current Disappointments

Usually before I buy products I am quite methodical, bordering obsessed with research.
I read reviews, look at swatches, browse videos but sometimes, I have the whim purchase, most of these fall into the latter category.
My list of products I am currently using and am disappointed with.

L’Oreal Color Riche Balm
I purchased this because I heard from a fellow blogger this particular shade (Pink Satin) was the perfect daily wash of color with hydration.
Well…I can kind of see what she was speaking of but here are my thoughts.
Pigmentation, close to zero. I have to swipe it about 10x across my lips to see the pink, and I don’t think I have very pigmented lips.
Hydration? Without eating/drinking/talking this doesn’t even last 30 minutes on the lips. It has a shine but it is very short lived.
Luckily since each application requires 10 swipes I should be able to get through this very quickly – another con.
Hope to be finishing this up soon.

10 swipes later
I think it looks better in the photo than real life...

Nivea Kiss of Moisture Balm in Raspberry Kiss
When these came out about two months ago? The hunt was on! I scoured several CVS’s to find these and when I spotted them I quickly and happy grabbed raspberry Kiss. The pros are this smells amazing. Like raspberry sherbet. That’s where the pro’s end. Oops, pro-singular! 
This is not the most hydrating lip balm I had ever tried, or even close for that matter. It leaves a semi nudish white cast on the lips, a color I am very unsure of, along with a list of bad ingredients which I don’t enjoy putting near my mouth.
I might not even finish this, this might find a home in the bin.

Khiels Creme de Corps Body Butter
During the mad rush of Black Friday deals I grabbed myself a small Khiels kit. Now I have not had the best luck with the brand but this sample box held several items I had always had my eye on. One of them being this body butter. I love body butters, I have dry skin on my legs and arms and always enjoyed the smell of this line, along with what looked to be a luxuriously thick product.
Well….first I will state, this is not as  moisturizing as anticipated. All my Body Shop Body Butters seems to add more hydration to the skin than this did.
Second was the actual sample. The tub looks quite nice in size. Wrong. Where the label start on top of the container is the bottom of the container. There was so little product in this for the pot. Waste of plastic.
I am glad I got to try this sample, because now I am now assured to never buy the full size.

Khiels Ultra Facial Cleanser
Also found in my sample box from Khiels was this cleanser I had always noted as something to try. I had used the Ultra Facial moisturizer in the past with success and have always been curious on the line's counter part. I have been an avid user of my Clarins wash now for some time, and this was quite different but not in a way I enjoyed. The cleanser was a gel - I did not know this, and it doesn't lather well. I am thankful it is unscented but when I apply it, i just doesn't really seem to sink in to clean my face well. I have reserved to use this now for travel or to wash off any residue product after Bioderma. 
*EDIT* no joke I just learned how to use this about an hour ago, you need far more product than I would have guessed but the froth does come up. No longer a disappointment, but I would not purchase this still. 

Benefit's Stay Don't Stray
Another sample! At least I am getting through them! I have been on the hunt for a eye shadow primer that is the color of skin so I can just simply apply it and that's it! I don't want to use shadow everyday but want to brighten my lids a bit and I figured if it was flesh colored and primer in one, it won't crease. This product had all of the above qualifications but the last, it creased, bad. I applied it, spread it out, and before leaving the house within 30 minutes of application all I saw was creased primer! Not even an hour? I just rubbed it off a bit and declared this a current disappointment.

Etude House Blush in 05 Lovely Pink
A gift, a non purchase I received long ago. I never used this because I could tell from looking at it, it would lack pigmentation. I finally tried it on and was spot on. Pretty much zero color with not a very smooth texture. I DID however find a use for this. Since it is so low in pigment but has a bit of shimmer I have been using this to set my cream blushes and it has been working great. Thought I found  a way to use this, I do not predict these being in my shopping cart if I ever go overseas.

Lastly the largest disappointment but not shown above are the new L'Oreal Color Riche Eyeshadow palettes
I owned the one in Snooze something...
I literally bought it for the packaging (sucker!!!)
Quite possible the worst shadows I have used in my life. Rough/not smooth, skips, and zero pigmentation.
Gave this away immediately, could not even try to work through it.

That’s it!
Current products I am using at the moment and having a bit of a struggle to get through but will carry on!
Have you tried any disappointing products recently?


  1. Hi J, I really enjoyed your photos ---especially the ones on the fun Kiehl's background! It's a shame all these products were downers!

  2. thank you! i cant live without my iphone pics!!! yeah downers, but hopefully helpful and remind me to stop buying things randomly :P

  3. I had the same issue with the Benefit Stay Don't Stray - does nothing to help the longevity of my eyeshadows and creases like crazy. Same with all L'Oreal eyeshadows, which I always find chalky and unpigmented, with the exception of the HiP duos. I do love the L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm in Caring Coral though. Gives the most beautiful warm glow and was what I wanted Revlon Peach Parfait lip butter to be (gave that away to my sister, too much glittery mess for my liking).

  4. What bad ingredients are in the Nivea Lip Butter? I'm curious now because most people have been raving about them.

  5. agreed about peach parfait! wat a great color but the shimmer, WHY????? Caring Coral eh? sounds like a better shade than mine but i wanted it to be longer lasting, im glad u like it though!

  6. oh darn someone told me months ago on twitter, i cannot recall but it was @isobelmeg who told me!! im so sorry

  7. I like the colour riche balm. I have only it in the coral shade. The pigmentation isn't zero but it does only give a light wash of color. Maybe it's color payoff is better for the darker shades?
    I was eyeing the Etude House blush a while ago because the price was so cheap on cosmetic-love but glad I didn't end up getting it since it gives no color!

  8. Not a fan of the Nivea lip balms except for the milk and honey one. The others have a strange/not smooth/hydrating texture.
    I feel the same way about the Benefit's Stay don't stray. I thought I was the only one who didn't like it :p

  9. I actually tried a sample of the Kiehl's cleanser and really liked it! It foamed up really well for me and didn't dry out my skin so maybe it depends on skintype? I feel the same way about the body butter too. The scent is nice but it wasn't nearly as hydrating as I wanted it to be :(

  10. aww, sorry to hear that this product doesn't quite meet your expectation~ but glad that some of them are samples only =)

  11. At least you tried the Khiels in a mini size because imagine paying full whack for it then finding out it was rubbish...EEEK.
    Mascara's are usually in my "disappointing" pile. People harp on about Maybelline Falsies and Benefit They're Real but i don't think either are anything special. Then i get annoyed with myself for getting sucked in and wasting money when deep down i knew they would never match up to MF False Lash Effect!

  12. So sorry to hear about your dissapointments. I tried out several products based on the good reviews written by the different bloggers. Many of them turned out to be dissapointments: korres lip butter in guava (it did not moisturize my lips at all), omorovicza thermal cleansing balm (it made my face very oily), omorovicza rejuvenating night cream (it had a disgusting smell and weird texture), apivita lip balm (it did not moisturize), ren body butters (weird texture).

  13. I HATE the L'oreal balms as well. Terrible product and gross smell!

  14. I love these kind of posts. I hate that the L'Oreal balm didn't work well for you. I feel as though it hydrates my lips very well.

    The most disappointing product I've used lately is body butter from The Body Shop. It doesn't sink into the skin as well as other butters I have tried.

  15. I just love posts like this! I sort of got burnt out on a lot of blogs that just love everything, LOL

  16. Aww, that's too bad the Le Balm didn't work for you! They don't show up on me either but I thought they were pretty moisturizing, but everyone is different. I do have to agree with you about the Benefit Stay Don't Stray and the L'Oreal shadows. TERRIBLE! I saw a youtuber use the shadow palette and it looked great on her but the shadow quality is horrendous. Don't have the patience to work with them lol

    Have a great weekend!

  17. maybe the darker shade is better but i dont think i would try it again ><

  18. nah crease city!!!!! bad in my book

  19. i think im too in love with my Clarins cleanser!! thus far none seem as good!

  20. me 2!! thanks so much for reading!!1 im using up my samples this yr!

  21. oh man, they're real was so lousy for me too, luckily i was able to return that thing!

  22. korres lip butter in guava is not good? oh man i wanted to buy jasmine bc ppl said it was so good!

  23. me 2!!!! im always thinking how can you like everything or favorite EVERYTHING??? everyone buys some junk now and then lol

  24. someone used this on youtube? im surprised, they must have some skills bc that thing was impossible! not sure why ppl like stay dont stray much at all, it toally strayed!! LOL

  25. Me too, I was quite disappointed with the Benefit Stay and Don't stray primer, there was so much great reviews and when I got a sample it was crease city for me as well. Same for the Kiehl's product, I'm always intrigued by their products but they really aren't that amazing on my skin, to me their products are just ok, but I always feel like I have to buy something every time I step into the Kiehl's store, the SA are just so nice I feel guilty leaving without a purchase.

  26. I think that you may like the Laura Mercier's Eye Basics in Linen. I love this eye primer, the consistency is somewhat thick and because of that it evens out the eye lid nicely and the shade is brightening. The only downside is that it creases if you use it alone. But with a flesh tone eyeshadow it looks great.

  27. i love these kind of posts - i feel like you've just saved me a lot of heartache .. and pennies too!!!

  28. Eh, the L'Oreal Color Balms look like crap. I saw initial swatches of them and completely wrote them off. But thanks for the warning, esp. re the new L'Oreal shadow palettes. They are rather enticing and I might have fallen for them during a sale!

  29. Bummer. though that pale pink does look nice on your lips. anyway, too bad these didn't work out!

  30. Oh I'm such a dork! the shade I am talking about is called Flax, not linen, silly me! but yeah, is a great product, love the consistency =)


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