Thursday, April 18, 2013

OOTD and Food-ogram?

Happy almost Friday!!
Since I had not done an OOTD for a while, and was finally able to bust out my new H&M blazer to work, I thought I would show you how I styled it - finally some new clothes...I know I know - believe me I have been trying...

Blazer: H&M, Pants:GAP, Top: F21, Necklace:H&M, Heels:Zara

Ok, if you have follow my blog for a while you would have seen most of these items about 92372118 times.
When I buy something I tend to wear it until it's dead, and this jacket is making the cut!
Normally I have always shy-ed away from tweed. I thought it was a bit aging, but since this has leather detailing on the sleeves and is a bit baggy, I'm getting into it!
I doubt I'd ever buy a mass amount of these though.

I wanted to wear my blue pants, to add more color and break up the black, but alas a high of 54 degrees was not letting anything called capri's happen. 
You will see that OOTD one day! 

Following this post I think I will be putting up another shopping with Lilladylife post. I ventured into F21!
Good thing? Bad thing?

On a completely side topic, I have been toying with the idea of  creating a second instagram account to use as a food log. 
I think these have become quite trendy?
All I know is I gained 4 lbs, and I needed to shapen up!

I have been using an app called "The Eatery" for 90 days now and have logged in more than 500 photos of the meals I have consumed, but there are a few things I just cant stand about the app. Little things..and am thinking Instagram would be easier.

Would anyone be interested in seeing what I eat? haha!

Until that's decided it's far more clean eating for me!


  1. Love the F21 tank! It looks vintage and like a flapper. I would follow your food instagram. Yea I deleted the Eatery, it drove me crazy and had too many kinks. Just instagram! I am nosy about what people eat ha

  2. LOVE your cardigan/blazer! I definitely think the leather detailing keeps it from looking stuffy or old :)

  3. h&m blazer looks AMAZING on you! in fact the whole outfit is gorgeous!

  4. Love your outfit and it goes to show you don't need to shell out a lot to look classy :) Would love for you to start a food log Instagram. I follow Bubblegarms' food Instagram (@officialfooddiary) and I love the idea! I just don't want to make my food look pretty EVERY time I eat haha :D

  5. I am in love with this outfit. LOVE!! :P Really though its adorable and I'm going to use this as inspiration when shopping for business casual outfits for work!

  6. Hi J, I love all the different textures mixed in your OOTD!

  7. thank you so much!!!! i don't have much but love to use what i have and sometimes the combo's are surprisingly ok!

  8. quite a compliment!! thank you so much!! *super flattered*

  9. hahaha i follow her's too and the reason why i never opened one was because of that! i cant make it beautiful each time! i eat very plain and eat quickly in my cube haha

  10. thanks so much girl!! glad you approve! :D

  11. THANK YOU!!!!! i didnt know if i could pull it off but all you ladies are so very swt!

  12. hahaha you will see in the post but the trip with a failure!

  13. thanks so much! this is one of the few F21 items i actually like, unfort it's not my size! LOL the staff did not know where the shirt was - i just found it randomly, and wear it constantly even though its far too big haha
    yea i like the eatery but it def has quite a few KINKS!

  14. I like!!!


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