Friday, April 19, 2013

OOTD: Black and Blue Princess Grace

Today I wore something I don’t generally wear, color.
A dress of mine that each time I wear, receive non stop complements, the fact that it was a gift from my man makes it all the more special.

Admit tingly this is one of those dresses where you need to be feeling quite good about your self that day.
AKA, it JUST fits. A few too many Dunkin Donuts munchkis – which my office does have every Friday will have you popping at the seams – suck it in ladies! LOL

Dress: J Crew, Necklace:H&M, Shoes: Zara
The second photo gives the most shows more accurately the true colors

Today  was quite distracting. I accidentally fell down a flight of stairs when BOTH of my shoes fell off and I landed on my bum down a flight. Quite graceful I assure you.
*Note to self* Buy some new shoes, no seriously, just buy some damn new shoes.
Thankfully no one was around, and my re cooperation looked something like this, only with the bum!

I was pretty much in pain all day (I’m convinced I’m bruised) and reminded myself squats are in
order this weekend because I possess what many women may consider a flat pancake like bum. 
Translation: No cushion

TMI? Ehh consider that last line part of Fitness Friday.

On a final note of the day while I eat my lentil quionoa mini salad-remember, suck it in today!
A glimpse into my much pared down daily make up bag. Add in some perfume samples, along with  Boscia blotting linens and this is all I carry – if anyone ever wondered.

-I just got the green Maybelline concealer today, so no thoughts yet.

Leaving you now with today's postcard, and here's to hoping for a better weekend! 


  1. Aw you poor thing! at least nobody saw :) and you're dress is lovely!

  2. awww you're such a sweetie, thank you!

  3. LOL. Thanks for sharing and the laugh. I'm so glad that nobody saw you, I would have been mortified. :D

  4. haha i have fallen enough time in front of strangers on the street, having this moment alone was quite a thankful thing!

  5. loving the royal blue dress - very classic. aww poor thing. i've fallen way too many time down stairs at work and have swore i'd give up unnecessarily high office shoes ... hasn't happened yet >.<

  6. hahaha awww poor thing, what's worse was, I was wearing FLATS! >< clutz..

  7. I have that exact same dress in navy! It seriously doesn't fit right when I eat too much, but it's just about perfect when I'm at "normal" weight. Love the necklace you paired with it!

  8. Color looks great on you. You should wear it more often.

  9. That dress is so gorgeous, what is it called exactly?

  10. I love the dress and your blog. Shall we follow each other? Let me know.


  11. oh man it MUST be the cut! the cinch in part is on my darn rib cage when i breathe heavily i feel trapped if i eat a big lunch HAHA

  12. thanks so much!! i actually do not know the dress name as it was a gift given about a yr ago? i don't blv it is on the site anymore :*(

  13. thank you! i clicked on your link, gorg photos and followed! :D

  14. i love your dress its really complementing and even your necklace, Will be eagerly waiting for more.

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  15. OMG you look CRAZY chic/ beautiful in that dress/outfit!! Love it! I wish I could dress like that. I always have fantasies about dressing more like a stylish WOMAN but I just love my jeans and sneakers so much :P haha

    Also that salad looks AMAZING! I love quinoa! :D


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