Friday, April 5, 2013

Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream Flash Review

I have been using the Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream as my current base for nearly two months now, and thought it was about time for a speed review.

Western BB creams seem to have hit the market like wild fire, so much so that now even CC creams are emerging.
Every brand seems to be doing a BB cream these days, and the drugstores are no exception.

I have only tried the Maybelline BB cream from the western market range and thought it was alright, but this, I feel is better.

I am about NC20-NC25 for most of the year and the shade light medium was perfect. The color range is unfortunately limited but due to the sheerness of this product, it seems to meld into many skin tones. They unfortunately do not have a very deep shade.
The packaging is not my favorite aesthetic wise. I mean grey…but I do like that it’s in a tube, and there is a small window in the packaging so you are able to see the color prior purchase.

This BB cream is quite thick, not runny at all and is more reminiscent to an Asian BB creams texture. It’s smooth and easy to spread while melding into the skin easily. For application I think it’s best applied with hands., and give it a good rub, to really get in synergy with the skin.
 Due to it's thickness it can easily streak with brushes if not buffed in well, but with the heat of your hands it seems to spread and blend easily on the skin.

Coverage+Finish+Lasting Power:
The finish of this is dewy, and can look quite shiny depending on how much you apply. The coverage is sheer/light so depending on how much you apply, the shine factor can go up. I apply one layer all over, and since it is light coverage, I sometimes apply a second layer on my chin (problem area) It does not look cakey while the coverage builds. I finish off with spot concealer and powder.
I think if you have normal-oily skin it’s better off to powder. It does start off quite shiny when first applied. Currently my skin is about normal to a bit combination and this leads me to look a bit oilier than if not used but with powder applied, it stays matte in the morning, and satin for most of the day which I do not mind. I can blot once if I choose but I can also omit this step because it’s not disco bally on my skin, but usually the shine on my nose needs to go! Dry skins might really enjoy this as it seems to add a real healthy look to the skin.
This lasts about 6.5 hours on me with powder. After that it starts to fade but doesn’t become patchy really, just lighter coverage as the hours go on.

4 hours in, redness showing around the nose while beginning to separate, nose getting very shiny! 

Overall thoughts:
I like it. I like how it’s pretty moisturizing, I’d rather my skin be over hydrated rather than extra dry. I appreciate the SPF 30 it provided ( I have not taken photos with this) and with a bit of powder which I don’t mind it seems to last most of the work day and give a very natural finish while feeling light on the skin. Availability and price I think are great, and give this a thumbs up as my current go to base for spring.

Anyone else try this?


  1. Ohh now, I'm want to pick up a tube of the Revlon BB cream. A couple of weeks ago I had a tube in my hand but I ultimately but it back down because I really didn't see any reviews on it. Now my interest is re-peaked.

  2. wow, I didn't know that photoready has BB already! thanks for sharing ^_~

  3. Oh I never knew Revlon had a BB Cream, interesting! Thanks for this review x

  4. i sort of wanted to try this when it first came out, but i read mixed reviews and decided to skip it. glad it is working out for you!

  5. The base looks great on you! I haven't got into BB creams yet because I like a fuller coverage but I'm tempted to try one for everyday.

    B x

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  6. i've been looking for a bb cream!


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