Friday, April 12, 2013

When Life Gives you Lemons...

Recently I blogged about two products I was quite luke warm about...
I tend to be the person who takes the bad news first to savor the hopefully upcoming good news.
In terms of my make up collection, I seem to be very good of getting rid of and finishing all the products I am not in love with to be left with my personal favorites, and what I would consider winners.

Currently the lemons of my life - The picture REFUSES to rotate, another sign that these have to go...

The L'Oreal Lip Balm I recently stated lacked pigmentation and hydration.
The Korres Lip Glaze I actually do not hate, but thought I would love far more. The color is a quite cheery pink red that can be a bit too loud for my personal make up take, and it is alas, also not as hydrating as anticipated.
In an effort to kinda just get through these two I decided to combine them. Two wrongs can make a right!
Surprisingly the L'Oreal Balm is more hydrating than the Korres so I swipe that on as a base, and with the pigmented Korres glaze on top, the balm helps mute the color a touch to leave a perfect my lips but better finished product.

The lemonade!

Do you guys try to just plow through your lesser favorite products too?
Least this time, I found a very sweet reward indeed! 


  1. Sometimes I push them to the back of the stash hoping that in time I will change my opinion. Other times, like you did with these two I will try pairing. Sometimes I come up with something I really like. And sometimes it just helps me get through a product quicker! ; P

  2. I admire your dedication! When I don't like something, it gets pushed to the back of the drawer, never to be seen again, or tossed into the trash. I can't be bothered with it. I really like how this combo looks though! I agree about those Color Riche Balms...they dried out my lips -_-

    And your comment about how the picture refuses to rotate made me laugh :D

  3. I don't have the patience to plow through. If I hate it right off the bat (we're talking really awful results), I will likely return it. If it's just "eh," I will keep trying it. If I still don't like it a month or two later, I put it away for a couple months. But if I don't end up using it after that, I throw it out. I'm glad you found out pairing these works for you. You'll get through them so much quicker!

  4. You are so creative with your dislikes! I like the way you think :)

  5. I'm usually only that committed if something was really pricey, but I'm glad you found a way to make them work!

  6. awesome to hear you made those stubborn products work - when it comes to balms that i don't really like but want to finish them - i use them just before bed or as a lip scrub mixed with a bit pf sugar =)

  7. Love it! Great combo. I'm like you were if i don't like a lip color I try to mix it with things to make it work.

  8. Two products very interesting! I don't tasted...

    I like so much de lip Balm or roses by Dior.

    By the way I like so much your blog. I follow you en GFC and Bloglovin!

    If you want I invite you to visit my blog. Regards from Spain.

  9. it looks nice! yay! normally if i dont like a color or something i just return it! haha

  10. I have the Korres Lip Glazes in Jasmine, Mango and Quince and I'm disappointed as they didn't live up to what I thought they would be! I agree with you that the pigmentation is a little too bright (I guess it can be a good thing but I'm not a huge fan of bright lips). I like the idea of layering two different products and the finished result looks great and natural too :)


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