Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Mason Pearson Brush - A Review

Tonight as I was brushing my hair, I realized, this had become a new ritual in my life.
Most of my life and I have claimed on this blog many a time, how lazy I have always been with my hair, to the point of brushing my hair was just not something I did. I never really have tangles, and brushing my hair always made it look flat in the end so for me to go out on a limb one night and purchase the Rolls Royce of hair brushes must have been striking. 

My now beloved Mason Pearson Brush

I have the travel version. I spent DAYS debating on what size to purchase. I had finally chosen "the one" only see to the website did not even carry that size (story of my life) so I settled on the travel version because I just wanted to see what the fuss was about. 
Shortly after purchase many people had informed me the Sonia Kashuk brush was a supposed dupe, so I purchased it too! Just to review if this truly was worthy of being called a dupe. 

I'm going to admit when I saw the Sonia Kashuk version at Target it was hard not to ignore the incredible similarities, but are they really that different?

The short answer is: YES

Despite the colors, the weight, and the mix of bristles these two are incredibly different. 
I realized that immediately after trying the Sonia Kashuk but it took me months to pin point the differences on why the Mason Pearson one just the home run no doubt winner.

First let's look at Sonia's version.
It's not bad. If I had never tried the Mason Pearson I probably would have used this for years without thinking, but it feels like any other brush. The mixed bristles does not seem to comb through thicker hair very well, and the ends of the bristles are hard and can scratch the scalp.

Another noticeable difference was how the brush was able to penetrate my hair. My hair is medium thickness, it's nothing to really complain about, but when I used this brush it only seemed to brush the outer layers of my hair. It didn't reach the inner portions unless I went back in and pushed harder, this was strange to me because the bristles were longer than the Mason Pearson but it did not penetrate as deep, this made brushing my hair twice as long as I had to do it in layers.

The Sonia brush is more thickly packed than the Mason Pearson so it just has more teeth. 
Due to this I think Sonia's version is more prone to catching large amounts of dust over time. I used to never really deep clean my brushes but noticed as days went on comparing the two, the Sonia version was getting more grey and cleaning it was difficult as there were so many teeth, the lifting of dust took far longer.
You are able to see the dust differences in the second photo.

Now why is the Mason Person one so special? This, took a long time to figure out.

The brand claims when using this it takes the natural oils from your scalp and distributes it down through your hair during the brushing potion and even helping moisturizing damaged ends. This is quite a claim, I would imagine especially for anyone with incredibly long hair.

After several months of nightly use I can honestly say my hair is FAR softer after using the Mason Pearson brush. I never switch hair products so it's not that. It did not happen over night but it eventually happened. 
When I brush my hair, it also is no where near as scratchy and painful as other brushes I have used in the past for a cheaper price, and does not leave my hair flat. 
Though the bristles are short they are able to penetrate from the outer most portions of my hair all the way to my nape with ease. I have the travel version but it seems to comb the whole head in well under 30 seconds, so it's not exactly that time consuming.
The speed, non scratchiness, and overall increased softness of my hair I have to owe to this brush. I never thought I would love a freaking brush! 
Did I mention my hair has looked shinier??? 
I love it so much i carry it in my purse when I go out everyday! Just a quick under 30 seconds hair touch up brings it to life and looks more polished. 

There are however a few cons. One is the price is no where near cheap. Apparently if you take care of your brush it will last nearly a life time. If this is true - Call me in about 60 years, then the price aint bad at all! So it's a bit early to tell on that. 
The lettering I have recently noticed is starting to fade and disappear. That was a  bit disappointing. I do not just throw this in my bag, I keep it in the original box it came in everywhere to keep it from being damaged, I can only suspect the lettering is starting to fade from when I hold it at night to brush it. This was a bit of a let down. The last con was a fault with only the travel sized brush. All Mason Pearson brushes come with a clean up kit. This is an investment piece you want to take care of to last for years to come. Unfortunately the travel version is the only version without such a kit so I do find at times hard to clean this brush, but since I can't seem to let it go, I clean it after every use.

Final Thoughts:
Despite the price and the few cons I personally found with this product I can honestly say this was an incredibly satisfying investment tool that I do not regret buying at all. This is something I use everyday, take with me, and don't picture changing. I know it's just a brush, but this is absolutely the best brush I have every come across and see myself in the future finally buying that bigger size. This is a product I can highly recommend. The results may not be instantaneous but they do come.
This brand have been making and selling these brushes for over 100 years, and they are most definitely doing something right. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Revisit and Revive!

Sometimes I get quite bored of doing the same thing in and out make up wise. Sometimes usually meaning months later- but I eventually get there. I start looking around my collection to all the other beautiful things I could be using daily and begin to incorporate them with my established daily staples.
Here are the latest combinations I have been wearing to use up current items, revisit old favorites, and trying out new products all at once!

Revlon's Colorstay BB Cream + Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder
I have been using the Revlon BB cream for a few months now and really liked it during the winter because it has a hydrating finish which I needed during the colder months, but now that spring has sprung that healthy finish was starting to look very...greasy.
I put away the powder I was using and decided to try the Rimmel Stay Matte powder to try to counter balance the effect. I used this years ago in the shade Translucent, despite the name I distinctively remember some kind of white cast effect, so I picked up the shade Sandstorm and have been loving it paired together! If you can pick a shade closer to your skin tone outside Translucent, I highly suggest it!

For most of my other bases this powder can look like death on me, but for this extra lush moisturizing finish, it's the perfect made in drugstore match! It's important to remember this powder is very fine and quite powerful at creating the matte effect, also known as the dead effect. I take my brush and swirl it into the product twice, tap off the excess, and blow, then apply it sheerly on my T zone. Nothing more.
It claims to keep you matte for five hours and I agree. I get about 5-6 hours of shine free face before I need to blot. I can now finish my BB cream happily and am enjoying my new base combo for everyday. It really does give me the perfect five hour finish!

Bobbi Brown's Fresh Melon + MAC's Redhead MSF
Bobbi Brown's Fresh Melon was the perfect milky peach cream blush for my former NC 20 skin, but when I went back to NC 25 (yes it happened!) this disappeared...I layered and layered but it was just too light for me and I put it away sadly. I had recently used up the Champagne side of my Redhead MSF and didn't really know what to do with the more pinky side...maybe a blush in the winter? Since I already finished half I really didn't want to put it away and probably forget about it. That's when the light bulb went off!
By layering the Fresh Melon and adding the MSF's pink tones on top not only marginally give color back to my face, but it provided the most amazing glowy finish! Cream blush + MSF? Hello beautiful combo!
When I want the super glow I'll pile on the MSF, but for most days, a light dusting creates the most gorgeous spring blush I could really ever find, so the duo is currently my favorite for the cheeks.

Always remember - not like I should speak from the size of my collection, but I am learning.
It's not about having a huge collection, lots of products, or buying new things constantly and forgetting the old. Make up evokes an outlet for creativity, and sometimes using what you have in new ways is in it's own way far more satisfying than buying something new!

Hoping everyone finds some new revisit and revive combos!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lil Lady's Tips for the Perfect Weekend

Top 10 tips for creating the perfect weekend.

1. Sleep in. Whether it be 7:30 AM or 2 PM, whatever late is for you. An extra hour or two of zzz's officially kick starts the weekend properly.

2. Make yourself the perfect hot beverage and drink it slowly, preferably with your eyes closed to savor. Whether it be adding full fat cream to your espresso, home made vanilla syrup to your coffee, or a shot of orange liquor. A little touch of indulgence to create the perfect moment of perfection.

3. Listen to your favorite song. Blast it from your computer, sound speakers, or headphones. Dance around like a fool or close your eyes to enjoy the sting orchestra. This will create the perfect  mood.

4. Wear whatever the hell you want and don't give a shiz about what other people on the street think. YOLO.

5. Get at least one productive thing done in the morning. Doing it later in the day can be mood dragging. That way if you are lazy for 95% of the day, you can think "At least I got that done" and wont feel as guilty :)

6. Eat something extra delicious with the people who mean the most to you and you will undoubtedly smile and laugh with  great conversation and a full stomach. 
Take a walk afterwards to continue the conversation to laugh and smile some more.

7. Buy flowers. Instant cheer for days.

8. Wear the make up  products that makes you feel the most beautiful. 
Weekends in itself are special occasions.

9. Watch a movie new or old under the covers in your most comfortable pajamas.

10. Have a bath. Add salts, bath balls, bubbles, eat ice cream, install a pillow or light some candles. Dim the lights and enjoy the end of your perfect weekend. 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer Wish List

summer wish list

Memorial Day weekend is the un official kick start to summer, and while NYC now broke a records for one of the coldest summer weekends in years I've still got hope for the sun to be blazing soon!

Some of my summer essentials includes my staple skinny jeans, I figure the rips would be more weather appropriate, and the perfect white blazer. I've been looking for "The one"  for YEARS and the search continues.  Fun sandals, colorful bags, tinted ray bans, topped with whimsical flower crowns - not to be worn with the blazer! Cut off shorts, white converse, and dainty jewelry always get added in my style.

For beauty I will admit the whole spray tan, self tan thing is intriguing, I've never gone past Jergens gradual tan. Will this be the summer I finally try the famed St. Tropez? The Clarins tinted sunscreen has my eye this season as my main base of choice with the hint of tint and added spf protection, followed by new lovely cheek products from RMS. Cheek stains and their living luminizer I picture will soon be mine.
Lastly, my eager anticipation for the Chanel Les Beiges powder! *swoon*

Wishing everyone a fantastic Memorial Day weekend!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Last Weeks Mish Mash

As my Instagram account has decided to be a pain by not letting me either load nor log out, and as Lana Del Rey still plays in the background of my computer for the umpteenth time, my phone alerted me that I have again run out of storage space, so it was a sign for a catch up photo dump post! 
Hmm should work on naming that something far more catchy.


Also as an added bonus a make shift lobby mirror quick OOTD

Outside the Madewell shoes everything is from Korea
Recent gives from my super generous mom!
This was an outfit I wore last weekend when I visited a wedding venue - yes, it's starting to all happen! 

Sorry this post was a bit scattered, did I mention my Internet connection has also been rather spotty lately?
Was happy enough to just get this up!
Hope you enjoy the photos from the last few days, wishing everyone a wonderful week!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Current Faves with a Peach Twist

Though I had just recently posted about the beauty items I will be focusing on this spring from my current collection, I wanted to bring your attention to a few new stand out favorites that have quickly become part of my daily routine, and it's all having a peachy theme, which I am loving!

Base wise the Dior BB Creme has finally entered my life. I can't tell you how many times I had this in my hands in Sephora and walked out without it. Well one day I said "That's it!" and got it for myself. After my "Muahaha!!!" moment I gave it a try, and it's quite early for a review, I only wore it about 3x but so far so good! The finish is absolutely fantastic - but that's all I will say for now!
Also entering my make up bag is the new L'orel true match concealers. I have been using L'Oreal True Match concealers for about a decade and when these new versions came out, I popped one in my cart. Now for the pro's and cons. This concealer is so incredibly blend able it's amazing. The coverage is great, the pigmentation and texture is so smooth, and  incredibly easy to use. This was made to be a touch up item for any woman's hand bag! Especially mine! I was in love! Then, the cap fell off and ruined half the contents in the bag along with my new make up bag's interior!
Why is the cap so lousy on this thing!? It has fallen off more than once, and I no longer carry it with me but only on occasion, after the cap fell, I also noticed the product got drier so I had run it over my hand a few times to get it to be back to it's more creamy state.
Despite all these flaws (more of a packaging issue) the actual product is perfect for those concealer touch up addicts! 

Blush wise, two have been interchanging daily on my cheeks and only two.
Milani's baked blush in Luminoso which I can now claim as my absolute favorite blush in my collection - HUGE statement. Every time i wear it, I think it's just the most perfect shade of peach with slight touch of pink to prevent anything too orange, not too milky, perfect amount of almost sheen, and lasts all day on me. This is undoubtedly the #1 blush in my collection and has been since purchase about two years ago. I've used it loads and it's still domed, long lasting it is!
The second blush is a more natural option. The Milani though drugstore packs a color punch which shows "I'm blushing" but my Clarins blush in 02 Soft Peach is more for "Mon Maquillage" days.
This slightly swept over a bare face with just some L'oreal concealer is the most subtly beautiful natural shade. It almost doesn't even look like blush, more like my cheeks are finally a bit awake but I doubt many people would even know I was wearing make up. At the counter this looks so sparkly- blame the crap lighting. It's natural and divine! I use a big brush but apply a sheer amount to get the natural flush look.

Carrying on with the peach theme is my new favorite Body butter, Vineyard Peach from the Body Shop, whoosh! Slathering myself in this happily each night! Next time you are by a Body Shop, pick this one up for a whiff!

Last but not least, I have been loving the Body Shop's Hand Sanitizers
(Random, yes. Necessary? Definitely!)
I have been using the Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers for years but this feels less sticky, more absorbent, and leave my hands feeling more hydrated after use. With BB&W i have to use hand cream afterwards each time, I feel far less need with the Body Shop's version. Will be stocking up on these!
Revlon's lip Butter in Juicy Papaya has been my perfect peachy hue pick of the season!
I layer this on in a few swipes to get a rich color, or I press my fingers across my lips to remove the sheen and embed the color into my lips and lighten them so it's more stain like. Top it off with the Clarins Lip Perfector for light peachy goodness!
Lastly my latest beauty discovery/addiction. The Sonia Kashuk Tinted Brow gel. I've been wanting to try a tinted brow gel for ages but never saw a shade that suited me. This one is perfect, an the $5.99 price tag didn't hurt!
I'm currently using Anastasia's clear brow gel and although that wand is softer and the product is more liquid the Sonia Kashuk is admit tingly stickier and a bit hard to control in the beginning if you do not have a definitive brow shape, but the ease of just sweeping this through your brows and the natural end looking result leaves it too addicting for me to care about a little extra tackiness.
Please be warned due to another packing fail, when you close this product, excess does leak from the top so before you ruin your make up bag ( like mine was from concealer AND brow gel) make sure you wipe this stuff down!

And that's it!
I hope you have been enjoying these spring installments. I'm so excited about the season and the fact I got to finally change and play with my products I just had to share some additional views.
Hope everyone is having a fabulous spring thus far! 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday's Smokey Eye

On Sunday's I try to let my skin breathe and wear as little to no make up as possible. 
It's the day I usually clean my house, so you can imagine how glamorous I look in that over sized T shirt and hair put up with the yellow gloves on!
Anyway, if I ever do pop on a bit of make up for errands and such when I get home I never wash my face right away...
Right before taking off all my make up I consider my face a pretty clean canvas and have rummage through my stuff. Things I don't use or do everyday, and this Sunday I had a bit of fun playing with my Stila in the Light Palette.

Declared my palette for spring, and thus far not wavering from the statement, I picked and chose a few colors, layering randomly, and buffing to create a warm smokey eye. 
I'm not a big smokey eyes person, but I have a wedding coming up next week and decided to try out the look. 

I love the warm browns of this palette, and they layered beautifully with minimal effort in terms of blending.
I'm a tight line and mascara (maybe) girl, so if I can use this palette to create a smokey eye, I'm pretty sure anyone can!  

Shades used:
Bare on the brow bone and under the eyes to clean up shadows
Bubbly in the inner corner, and 1/3rd the inner lid
Sunset and Sandstone were mixed in the outer corner and Sandstone was used as a base for the outer V
I also added some Gilded gold, lightly to the outer V. A smudged of Ebony on the outer lash line just for some thickness on the  lashes. I lined the top waterline with Urban Decay's Zero, and the lower waterline with Urban Decay's Whisky, and finished off the L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara.

Warm smokey eye complete! 
This was all washed off 5 minutes later LOL

Anyone else have a play at their make up every now and then? 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Finished Products of March and April 2013

The bag I keep my empties spilled the over day, due to the overflowing products tilting and thus crashing on my bedroom floor. I thought, the bag is full, time to write an empties post! 

The line up.

One of my 2013 beauty resolutions was to finally use some of the crazy amounts of samples I had collected when purchasing or trying new products. I have decided to keep some kind of sample counter this year along with my finished products to see how many I actually use and enjoyed.

L'Occitane Cherry Princess Shower Gel: Purchased this in some Cherry Princess gift set last spring..
This had a very strong smell, and lathers well but I doubt I would ever shell out big bucks for a shower gel - just being honest.
Would not repurchase.

Shiseido Gentle Cleaning Foam: I have tried this throughout the years in various samples.
This cleanser sample lasts over 40  uses and foams up incredibly well so you just need a tiny pea size.
Though it has a great foam and leaves my skin clean, it's just a bit too clean and stripping for me. Nice for travel, but I would not get the full sized.
Would not repurchase.

SK II Facial Treatment Essence: This is like holy water in Asia. I had actually gone through a full sized bottle of this in the past and saw close to zero difference. The SA told me it took 2-3 bottles to see the results, well at $150 dollars a bottle, I never went back to get the additional bottles. I don't mind results over time, but that's just a bit too slow for me. I just used this as a random toner if I was away from home.
Would not repurchase.

Keihls Cream de Corps Body Butter: I purchased a Khiels set over Black Friday, though I have not had the best luck with the brand, there is something about these guys that keep me willing to try one more time...
This was the product I was MOST excited to use and let me tell you, what a fail :(
I recently blogged about it here, but not only was this sample very small (smaller than the tub could carry) but it was not very hydrating in my opinion and one of the lousiest body butters I have tried which is a real shame. I will keep using the ones from the Body Shop which I prefer.
Would not repurchase.

Kiehls Cream de Corps Body lotion: In the same gift set as the body butter was this lotion. I had tried the body butter first and expected little from this as I though it would be less hydrating. Well I was surprised.
This I felt was far better than the butter in terms of hydration and sank in beautifully into the skin. The sample also lasted me about 2 weeks, as opposed to the butter which lasted me 3 uses. 
Though I liked this, I think the Body Shop body butters are still superior.
Would not repurchase.

Kiehls Ultra Facial moisturizer: This was the first product I had ever purchased from the brand, and to this day the SOLE item I have liked. This is very hydrating without being too heavy and unscented which I prefer. I had owned the full sized years ago but I bought the industrial sized one ( What was I thinking?) 
I just got tired of it but this little sample reminded me how much I enjoyed it. 
I think I would repurchase this next winter when my skin needs the extra oomph from a moisturizer, as I had been using the regular formula of Olay and hate the smell but loved the product.
Seems like I have just found my winter moisturizer replacement!
Would repurchase.

Two perfume samples: Jo Malone Orange Blossom which I already own a full size of and LOVE. To me it smells like honey suckles in a garden. The second was Justin Beiber? I don't know how to spell his name, but his perfume stank. Would never get that one.

Body Care:

Nuetrogena Body Clear Wash: STAPLE, enough said. 
(Mentioned in almost every empties post I ever posted)
Would repurchase.

The Body Shop Body Butter in Coconut: My favorite body butter for the winter time. Love the scent, the hydration, and the thickness of this cream. 
Would repurchase.

Jurlique hand cream: These are nice, not amazing, I have found something I prefer, so I would not repurchase these.
Would not repurchase.

L'Occitaine Hand Creams: Most people in my life state I'm quite a picky person, so whenever a birthday or gift situation arises I find myself suddenly stock piled of these hand creams. They are my favorite hand creams, and I will continue to re purchase without a doubt.
Love the sink in non greasy hydrating formula, and the fact it comes in so many variations is a huge plus, so I never get bored of these.
Would repurchase. 

Skin Care:

Bioderma: My HG make up remover, full review can be found here.
Would repurchase.

Thayers Rose Petal Toner: Have reviewed this to almost nauseum but I think this is my favorite toner to date. Would repurchase.

CeraVe PM: Tried a few other things but I missed this too much. My favorite night cream thus far. 
I plan on doing a skin care post, so expect more details in the near future!
Would repurchase. 

Clinique Moisture Surge: Full review can be found here. Clinique moisturizers just seem to work for my skin,  though this may not be a staple, I think this is something I will always have in my bathroom cabinet whenever the cold winds of winter picks up.
Would repurchase.

Olay Beauty Fluid: Favorite winter day cream, I could live without the smell but hydrates my skin to a point where it just feels fresh. This version is more hydrating than the sensitive skin version so I use this only in the cooler parts of the year.
Would repurchase.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Mist: I used to love this, but finishing up this last bottle I found randomly in my bathroom half used (I hate that!) made me realize somewhere I fell out of love with this. Bit of a baby powder smell which I don't care for and the hydration is nice, but I think I prefer my French skin care water sprays to this.
Would not repurchase.

La Roche Posay Mineral Tinted sunscreen: I LOVED this. This was the sole base product I used all summer because it kept my skin matte, so powder was not necessary, and the light tint provided covered my main issues, I just spot concealed and moved on. Will be getting another one of these this summer!
I mainly use the non tinted version all year to mix with my moisturizer but for summer this is my go to base. I far prefer it over Vitazing. 
Would repurchase. 

Make Up:

YSL  Parisienne Perfume: When I bought this I was in love with the scent! Then after a while it just became stronger and stronger in scent, a bit too sweet for me, I don't know when it happened but I just fell out of love with it. Whenever I wore it I felt older...I pretty much just used this up so I wouldn't have to see it for the rest of the year because it is more of a winter scent, and to see this for the remainder of the year on my vanity was not happening...
Would not repurchase. 

Lancome Virtuose Mascara: I got talked into this...the lady was very persuading what can I say? There was also a GWP I really wanted so...this was added to my cart. This is the first Lancome mascara I did not like. I think you need to have already pretty good lashes for this to work the wonders the SA promised. It's supposed to really curl the lashes but my lashes may have been too short for it to even try to do that, so this kinda did nothing. It pretty much just dried up, I purchased it ages ago so I am just throwing it out.
Would not repurchase.

Maybelline Full and Soft Mascara Waterproof: One of my favorites from the drugstore. Gives the lashes a very natural and believable enhancement effect. No crazy spider legs of clumpiness here. Just soft non crunchy slightly darker slightly better lashes.
Would repurchase.

Maybelline the Falsies Flared Waterproof: Between all the Falsies variations Maybelline offers, this is my favorite. I tried em all by the way...this one had the best fanning effect, lengthening to a nice curl, and no where near as clumpy as black drama. 
Would repurchase.

L'oreal Balm: Spoke about this a few times. A real disappointment in my opinion, a product of no color payoff nor moisture benefits unless swiped 10x.
Would not repurchase.


By Terry's Baume de Rose: Talk about a cult status product. I pretty much just fell for the hype and after a small visit to my local Space NK along with a very nice sample I left with this little baby. Is it worth the $? No, in my personal opinion this is a FANTASTIC lip balm but overpriced? Hell yea.
I'm pretty embarrassed about the amount I paid for this, so I reserved this as my nightly lip balm only and it lasted 15 months. Which is pretty darn good I think, but I did only use it once a day, but every day!
Since this is no longer in my routine I will admit I have yet to find anything nearly as moisturizing for night time, and have been settling on using Elizabeth Arden's 8 hour cream.
This may be the best lip balm I ever tried, especially for night, but I just can't buy one of these again, regardless of the 15 months longevity.
Would not repurchase.
Bobbi Brown's Gel liner in Black Mauve Shimmer ink:  This ladies, is the single product that turned me off the entire brand of Bobbi Brown for years. My first foray into her line, I thought to go safe with one of her cult products, and this was a let down. Now this is not really Bobbi's fault, it's mine. I hated this liner, because I believe I just made a poor color choice. Bobbi offers an incredible range of gel liner shades and I had no idea which one to choose! In the end I chose this shade because it was supposed to be a mix of brown, black, and purple, all shades I thought would go so well with my coloring, wrong!
It took me months to find out what the issue was ( I was a bit slow...) The reason this did not work for me was because it was a cool toned liner. With all my warm coloring, skin, hair, eyes, this just clashed. The shimmer in it also did not help.
All in all it was my fault due to color choice, but I just hated this thing, it looked so bad on me and I tried to use it daily as a tight line and hated it...
For those of you wondering on the actual product it lasted about 3 years with semi regular use, flaking did occur after two years but if you just swipe the product with a tissue it resolves the issue. The liner itself is not super creamy and a bit dry, I prefer Stila and YSL's gel liner to this one.
 I may give Bobbi another chance, does anyone have any shade recommendations so the above doesn't happen again?
Unsure on repurchase...


Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes: This claims to be for sensitive skin, so why is it every time I used this, did my face sting like crazy??? I used this about 1-2x in the gym (SOS situation) then used the remainder to clean my make up mirrors and desks. A real disappointment, and quite turned off to try other things from the brand.
Would not repurchase.

Vita Fusion Vitamins: Something I normally would not show in an empties but since I once posted these vitamins in a favorites post, I thought I would just chuck this in. These are SUPER YUMMY!
They make eating Vitamins so easy, I'm sure there are alot of fake sugars in this but two little gummies a day to help with your body is easy to do and minimal in real calories. Every night I eat these as a "dessert" and wouldn't mind 20 more! I got the even bigger bottle this time!
Would repurchase.

And that's it! Thanks so much for reading about my recent empties and I hope you found this useful! 

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Replacements - Spring/Summe Routine

In the beginning of 2013 I had showcased all the products I had in mind to use as my daily items for the upcoming cooler months. Since spring has officially arrived- I have declared it! I think the time has come to update my routine for the new coming season!

YAY! New products to use and play with for the next few months ( Can you tell I'm excited???)
Don't these just look more spring like?? 

For base I am still using the Revlon BB Cream. Since it's warmer now, this does make me a bit shinier than I would like. I something mix this with my mattifying sunscreen which takes away almost all the sheen! If I don't use this method, a bit of powder and a blot will do. 
I just love how it leaves a very sheer finish, looks natural, and though shiny, can make you look quite healthy if powdered down only the T zone.
Concealer wise I will be using the NARS creamy concealer in honey for my under eyes and for blemishes and general discoloration I will be using the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage in SC3. This product has a learning curve, but if you give yourself time, and figure out, it's great. For extra red bits I sometimes lay down as a foundation a green colored concealer from Maybelline (not shown)

I haven't worn bronzer in months, I became too pale for all of the ones I own, but if I ever do feel the need for some color, my lightest bronzer is from Physicians Formula in light -medium. This bronzer is a bit powdery in the compact, but the color is great for fair skinned girls. Thumbs up from me!
Blush wise I am torn between two this season. Chanel's Espiegel is the perfect peach shade for spring time. Not too loud but face brightening. The second option is a cream blush from Stila ( I am in a cream blush phase and am loving it) in Peony. I disregarded this color for years and boy was I missing out!
It looks like a brown rose in the pan, but on the cheeks be prepared for some effortless loveliness! I own a few of the Stila Convertible Colors and this is my favorite! 

For the weekends, I like to look like I am wearing as little as possible and for that the Clarins blush in 02 Soft Peach fits the bill ( not photographed) I have also been itching to break open my Dior Nude bronzer I purchased a few months ago, but it will be incorporated into this routine in due time I suspect! 

Highlighter is a must (any season!)
I tend to go for either the Kevin Aucoin's Celestial powder (seriously heavenly) or the classic Soft & Gentle from MAC. I think the MAC would be better when I get a bit more of a tan, but the Celestial powder really is stunning on a range of skin tones.

My lips are being puckered with Chanel's Gloss in Genie which goes perfectly with Espiegel! An almost milky peach, along with cherry tinted lip stains which look amazing as a focus point when paired with the very natural cream blush from Stila.

Fragrance seems to be leaning towards Jo Malone's Orange Blossom. This scent is so nostalgic to me. 
It smells like the honey suckles that grew in my parent's garden when I was young. Every time I spray this, I am taken back.

For the eyes my palettes of choice are the Stila in the Light Palette, and the Dior Incognito palette.
Two palettes full of easy non fuss all over lid shades.
My new favorite drugstore mascara is the classic L'Oreal Telescopic in the gold tube. Amazing length and separation! I want to try the carbon black version next! 
I am still using this never ending sample of  Benefit's Creaseless creams in RSVP which will remain my base. Something I use MAC's Soft Ochre paint pot  for an even more natural effect, but I really do want to at least hit pan on RSVP... For my tight line I will be using Laura Mercier's cake liner in blue marine. Review will be coming shortly, in a word: fabulous.
Brows are set with Anastasia clear brow gel, but I just recently purchased the Sonia Kashuk tinted brow gel, omg, LOVE it. Will be using that non stop I think!

I believe that covers everything. I will be spending the next few months playing with  these products and creating new combinations, I am excited!!! (Beauty geek I know!)

Before ending, I just wanted to show the last remnants of my previous routine.
Most of the products I have completely used up since the last post, but these guys are still hanging in there.

I never in my life i thought I would see one of these. I will still keep using this, I want to at least use up the champagne side, and will try to use the rest of the MSF as a blush on occasion. Seeing this pan amazed me, so it has a sole photo! LOL

Rimmel's blush in Santa Rose: What can I say, I loved this little guy. I used this almost every single day for the last few months, and will bring it back out next fall. A real favorite.

L'Oreal True Match powder: I don't love this and wanted to use my new NARS powder this spring, but I will just try to get through this before breaking that open. This is not bad, but I have just used better products, both high end and drugstore in terms of powders. This one is just ok.

Maybelline Age rewind concealer: This product shocked me. Usually I'm not a Maybelline fan but this is a real winner, especially in this brightener shade. I have a few more twists before this guy is up but I would recommend this to anyone who wants to brighten their under eye area. Lasts forever too!

And lastly...
THANK YOU for all the amazing well wishes and comments on my last post! I feel so thankful for all your well wishes, it made me so happy to read all your beautiful comments! ♥

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