Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Current Faves with a Peach Twist

Though I had just recently posted about the beauty items I will be focusing on this spring from my current collection, I wanted to bring your attention to a few new stand out favorites that have quickly become part of my daily routine, and it's all having a peachy theme, which I am loving!

Base wise the Dior BB Creme has finally entered my life. I can't tell you how many times I had this in my hands in Sephora and walked out without it. Well one day I said "That's it!" and got it for myself. After my "Muahaha!!!" moment I gave it a try, and it's quite early for a review, I only wore it about 3x but so far so good! The finish is absolutely fantastic - but that's all I will say for now!
Also entering my make up bag is the new L'orel true match concealers. I have been using L'Oreal True Match concealers for about a decade and when these new versions came out, I popped one in my cart. Now for the pro's and cons. This concealer is so incredibly blend able it's amazing. The coverage is great, the pigmentation and texture is so smooth, and  incredibly easy to use. This was made to be a touch up item for any woman's hand bag! Especially mine! I was in love! Then, the cap fell off and ruined half the contents in the bag along with my new make up bag's interior!
Why is the cap so lousy on this thing!? It has fallen off more than once, and I no longer carry it with me but only on occasion, after the cap fell, I also noticed the product got drier so I had run it over my hand a few times to get it to be back to it's more creamy state.
Despite all these flaws (more of a packaging issue) the actual product is perfect for those concealer touch up addicts! 

Blush wise, two have been interchanging daily on my cheeks and only two.
Milani's baked blush in Luminoso which I can now claim as my absolute favorite blush in my collection - HUGE statement. Every time i wear it, I think it's just the most perfect shade of peach with slight touch of pink to prevent anything too orange, not too milky, perfect amount of almost sheen, and lasts all day on me. This is undoubtedly the #1 blush in my collection and has been since purchase about two years ago. I've used it loads and it's still domed, long lasting it is!
The second blush is a more natural option. The Milani though drugstore packs a color punch which shows "I'm blushing" but my Clarins blush in 02 Soft Peach is more for "Mon Maquillage" days.
This slightly swept over a bare face with just some L'oreal concealer is the most subtly beautiful natural shade. It almost doesn't even look like blush, more like my cheeks are finally a bit awake but I doubt many people would even know I was wearing make up. At the counter this looks so sparkly- blame the crap lighting. It's natural and divine! I use a big brush but apply a sheer amount to get the natural flush look.

Carrying on with the peach theme is my new favorite Body butter, Vineyard Peach from the Body Shop, whoosh! Slathering myself in this happily each night! Next time you are by a Body Shop, pick this one up for a whiff!

Last but not least, I have been loving the Body Shop's Hand Sanitizers
(Random, yes. Necessary? Definitely!)
I have been using the Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers for years but this feels less sticky, more absorbent, and leave my hands feeling more hydrated after use. With BB&W i have to use hand cream afterwards each time, I feel far less need with the Body Shop's version. Will be stocking up on these!
Revlon's lip Butter in Juicy Papaya has been my perfect peachy hue pick of the season!
I layer this on in a few swipes to get a rich color, or I press my fingers across my lips to remove the sheen and embed the color into my lips and lighten them so it's more stain like. Top it off with the Clarins Lip Perfector for light peachy goodness!
Lastly my latest beauty discovery/addiction. The Sonia Kashuk Tinted Brow gel. I've been wanting to try a tinted brow gel for ages but never saw a shade that suited me. This one is perfect, an the $5.99 price tag didn't hurt!
I'm currently using Anastasia's clear brow gel and although that wand is softer and the product is more liquid the Sonia Kashuk is admit tingly stickier and a bit hard to control in the beginning if you do not have a definitive brow shape, but the ease of just sweeping this through your brows and the natural end looking result leaves it too addicting for me to care about a little extra tackiness.
Please be warned due to another packing fail, when you close this product, excess does leak from the top so before you ruin your make up bag ( like mine was from concealer AND brow gel) make sure you wipe this stuff down!

And that's it!
I hope you have been enjoying these spring installments. I'm so excited about the season and the fact I got to finally change and play with my products I just had to share some additional views.
Hope everyone is having a fabulous spring thus far! 


  1. Everyone has been loving the Dior BB creme! Do a review. Great post, love the peachyness (smell and colour)!

  2. Love all these products - I'll make sure to check them out! :)

  3. Wah, your favorite blush of all time is from the drugstore?! That's awesome! I've had the Milani baked blushes on my wishlist for AGES but for some reason have never bought any.... Now I'm really tempted but I'm seriously going on a few-month-long no buy once I come home -_-"

  4. Great post! Now I want to go search my stash for all things peach inspired!

  5. i think you would not regret buying the Milani blush if you are a fan of peach!!

  6. we share the same opinion!! :D

  7. waaaaaaat really??? when you come back you must get it, just use those CVS coupons!! and extrea bucks! it's so worth it!

  8. hooray! hope you find something lovely!

  9. We are basically peach soulmates <3 I'm all about those 2 blushes, lip butter and body butter right now too!

  10. Super nice gets ♥♥ I love peach >.< Gotta go to the Bodyshop again :3 I went there a lot when I was living in the UK but back in Germany ~ I think I should check them out here, too. Maybe they carry the same stuff :)
    (just leaving my link because I'm usually doing all my comments with blogger and I don't get which account I'm using here XD there seems to be no picture of me haha)

  11. I love everything you have! Your posts just make me itch to go and spend all the money I (don't have) lol. I've looked up and down for the Peach body butter but all the body shop stores i go to are always sold out!

  12. great round up - i've heard some great reviews about the l'oreal concealers. great to hear you love them too. shame about the packaging .. and cap falling off. hate when that happens >.<

  13. Gorgeous photos. Great stuff u have.


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