Thursday, May 2, 2013

OOTD: Short on Color

Ok ladies, you tell me when you tire of my OOTD's because it's always the same stuff!
The reason why I did one today, was to just show you my new shoes which I loooove hehe.

Blazer: Aritzia, Blouse and Shoes: Madewell, Pants:Theory

I know these kind of capri pants need heels or your legs will look short ( like mine do, but hey I'm short!)
but I just could not take these babies off. Couldn't be bothered and didn't want to. I love Madewell shoes, the whole no break in period ever gets a thumbs up in my book. These babies are uber comfortable and I will probably wear them all of spring! ^^

These are no longer on the Madewell site, but I saw them in store just yesterday under the sale section!
If you have access to a store, and like these shoes, I would hurry on over! 

On a final note, I wanted to give a huge thanks to all my new followers on my new health/fitness account?
I am not the healthiest or fittest, hence I am the wannabe!
For those who are interested, please follow me here!

Finishing off with today's postcards!

The weather has really picked up no? Not complaining!

With that, cheers to tomorrow being Friday! (Took long enough!)


  1. nice... i remember those shoes that you were talking about a few posts ago. i must go and find them now at madewell! i also love cropped/ankle pants, even though they may not suit short people. but i love the way they show off your ankle though!

  2. i love the coordinates! lovely casual look ^_~

  3. Love your outfit! x

  4. Amazing, peach shirt looks great and yeah i love that blazer.


  5. I adore those shoes :) perfection! xo


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