Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Revisit and Revive!

Sometimes I get quite bored of doing the same thing in and out make up wise. Sometimes usually meaning months later- but I eventually get there. I start looking around my collection to all the other beautiful things I could be using daily and begin to incorporate them with my established daily staples.
Here are the latest combinations I have been wearing to use up current items, revisit old favorites, and trying out new products all at once!

Revlon's Colorstay BB Cream + Rimmel's Stay Matte Powder
I have been using the Revlon BB cream for a few months now and really liked it during the winter because it has a hydrating finish which I needed during the colder months, but now that spring has sprung that healthy finish was starting to look very...greasy.
I put away the powder I was using and decided to try the Rimmel Stay Matte powder to try to counter balance the effect. I used this years ago in the shade Translucent, despite the name I distinctively remember some kind of white cast effect, so I picked up the shade Sandstorm and have been loving it paired together! If you can pick a shade closer to your skin tone outside Translucent, I highly suggest it!

For most of my other bases this powder can look like death on me, but for this extra lush moisturizing finish, it's the perfect made in drugstore match! It's important to remember this powder is very fine and quite powerful at creating the matte effect, also known as the dead effect. I take my brush and swirl it into the product twice, tap off the excess, and blow, then apply it sheerly on my T zone. Nothing more.
It claims to keep you matte for five hours and I agree. I get about 5-6 hours of shine free face before I need to blot. I can now finish my BB cream happily and am enjoying my new base combo for everyday. It really does give me the perfect five hour finish!

Bobbi Brown's Fresh Melon + MAC's Redhead MSF
Bobbi Brown's Fresh Melon was the perfect milky peach cream blush for my former NC 20 skin, but when I went back to NC 25 (yes it happened!) this disappeared...I layered and layered but it was just too light for me and I put it away sadly. I had recently used up the Champagne side of my Redhead MSF and didn't really know what to do with the more pinky side...maybe a blush in the winter? Since I already finished half I really didn't want to put it away and probably forget about it. That's when the light bulb went off!
By layering the Fresh Melon and adding the MSF's pink tones on top not only marginally give color back to my face, but it provided the most amazing glowy finish! Cream blush + MSF? Hello beautiful combo!
When I want the super glow I'll pile on the MSF, but for most days, a light dusting creates the most gorgeous spring blush I could really ever find, so the duo is currently my favorite for the cheeks.

Always remember - not like I should speak from the size of my collection, but I am learning.
It's not about having a huge collection, lots of products, or buying new things constantly and forgetting the old. Make up evokes an outlet for creativity, and sometimes using what you have in new ways is in it's own way far more satisfying than buying something new!

Hoping everyone finds some new revisit and revive combos!


  1. great combos! I still need to try the stay matte powder - it sounds great! I've been loving using my MAC cremeblend blush in so sweet, so easy under my powder blushes!

  2. so swt so easy is such a cute pink shade!!

  3. The Rimmel Stay Matte was my first powder and I still have a ton left because I got it in Translucent thinking it was colorless but it's actually the lightest shade :( Going to try and use the tiniest bit during the upcoming summer through my T-zone to get to the pan! The shimmer from the MSF must look so pretty in the sunlight :D

  4. Great post! The Bobbi Brown Fresh Melon is always lust worthy when I sneak a peek at a counter.

    xxLillian parisiantobe.com

  5. I'd love to try that Revlon BB cream, but it's very difficult to find Revlon here in Spain!

  6. Love seeing that pan, cannot wait to finish up my MSFN. I love topping up a blush with another shade just to get through it, have been doing that with NYX Peach & MAC Hand Finish which is a shimmerbomb and a half.


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