Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sunday's Smokey Eye

On Sunday's I try to let my skin breathe and wear as little to no make up as possible. 
It's the day I usually clean my house, so you can imagine how glamorous I look in that over sized T shirt and hair put up with the yellow gloves on!
Anyway, if I ever do pop on a bit of make up for errands and such when I get home I never wash my face right away...
Right before taking off all my make up I consider my face a pretty clean canvas and have rummage through my stuff. Things I don't use or do everyday, and this Sunday I had a bit of fun playing with my Stila in the Light Palette.

Declared my palette for spring, and thus far not wavering from the statement, I picked and chose a few colors, layering randomly, and buffing to create a warm smokey eye. 
I'm not a big smokey eyes person, but I have a wedding coming up next week and decided to try out the look. 

I love the warm browns of this palette, and they layered beautifully with minimal effort in terms of blending.
I'm a tight line and mascara (maybe) girl, so if I can use this palette to create a smokey eye, I'm pretty sure anyone can!  

Shades used:
Bare on the brow bone and under the eyes to clean up shadows
Bubbly in the inner corner, and 1/3rd the inner lid
Sunset and Sandstone were mixed in the outer corner and Sandstone was used as a base for the outer V
I also added some Gilded gold, lightly to the outer V. A smudged of Ebony on the outer lash line just for some thickness on the  lashes. I lined the top waterline with Urban Decay's Zero, and the lower waterline with Urban Decay's Whisky, and finished off the L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara.

Warm smokey eye complete! 
This was all washed off 5 minutes later LOL

Anyone else have a play at their make up every now and then? 


  1. Ooh, cute eye-make! ^^

  2. always, love experimenting ('playing') with different looks in the lead up to big events, like a wedding, i feel like i have an excuse to really *plan* my makeup look. beautiful palette, the colours could easily become an everyday staple =)

  3. I think it really looks great on you, so... Wear it more often! :)

  4. I haven't played around with makeup in forever! I've been so boring using the same routine. I love this smokey look you made! Glad it was easy to put together

  5. I hate wearing makeup when its hot! I experiment with makeup once in a while AT HOME. Even when I was working, I didn't wear much at all as well. How could you ever look glamorous wearing scrubs??

  6. hahahaha i could see how that can be a bit clashing

  7. awww thanks girl, i never do smokeys either but i was like whatever! and dug in!

  8. aww glad im not alone!!! this palette is very easy to use and sol far been the only one i want to reach for! :D

  9. I always try to experiment on my make-up before removing it (when i dont feel that bothered by wearing makeup all day). just so i know what to wear tomorrow when i feel a little bit adventurous :D :D

  10. lols on washed off after 5 minutes~ =)

  11. I tried a sampler of this palette and really like it! Makes a great staple. Love the shade Bubbly. :)


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