Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Mason Pearson Brush - A Review

Tonight as I was brushing my hair, I realized, this had become a new ritual in my life.
Most of my life and I have claimed on this blog many a time, how lazy I have always been with my hair, to the point of brushing my hair was just not something I did. I never really have tangles, and brushing my hair always made it look flat in the end so for me to go out on a limb one night and purchase the Rolls Royce of hair brushes must have been striking. 

My now beloved Mason Pearson Brush

I have the travel version. I spent DAYS debating on what size to purchase. I had finally chosen "the one" only see to the website did not even carry that size (story of my life) so I settled on the travel version because I just wanted to see what the fuss was about. 
Shortly after purchase many people had informed me the Sonia Kashuk brush was a supposed dupe, so I purchased it too! Just to review if this truly was worthy of being called a dupe. 

I'm going to admit when I saw the Sonia Kashuk version at Target it was hard not to ignore the incredible similarities, but are they really that different?

The short answer is: YES

Despite the colors, the weight, and the mix of bristles these two are incredibly different. 
I realized that immediately after trying the Sonia Kashuk but it took me months to pin point the differences on why the Mason Pearson one just the home run no doubt winner.

First let's look at Sonia's version.
It's not bad. If I had never tried the Mason Pearson I probably would have used this for years without thinking, but it feels like any other brush. The mixed bristles does not seem to comb through thicker hair very well, and the ends of the bristles are hard and can scratch the scalp.

Another noticeable difference was how the brush was able to penetrate my hair. My hair is medium thickness, it's nothing to really complain about, but when I used this brush it only seemed to brush the outer layers of my hair. It didn't reach the inner portions unless I went back in and pushed harder, this was strange to me because the bristles were longer than the Mason Pearson but it did not penetrate as deep, this made brushing my hair twice as long as I had to do it in layers.

The Sonia brush is more thickly packed than the Mason Pearson so it just has more teeth. 
Due to this I think Sonia's version is more prone to catching large amounts of dust over time. I used to never really deep clean my brushes but noticed as days went on comparing the two, the Sonia version was getting more grey and cleaning it was difficult as there were so many teeth, the lifting of dust took far longer.
You are able to see the dust differences in the second photo.

Now why is the Mason Person one so special? This, took a long time to figure out.

The brand claims when using this it takes the natural oils from your scalp and distributes it down through your hair during the brushing potion and even helping moisturizing damaged ends. This is quite a claim, I would imagine especially for anyone with incredibly long hair.

After several months of nightly use I can honestly say my hair is FAR softer after using the Mason Pearson brush. I never switch hair products so it's not that. It did not happen over night but it eventually happened. 
When I brush my hair, it also is no where near as scratchy and painful as other brushes I have used in the past for a cheaper price, and does not leave my hair flat. 
Though the bristles are short they are able to penetrate from the outer most portions of my hair all the way to my nape with ease. I have the travel version but it seems to comb the whole head in well under 30 seconds, so it's not exactly that time consuming.
The speed, non scratchiness, and overall increased softness of my hair I have to owe to this brush. I never thought I would love a freaking brush! 
Did I mention my hair has looked shinier??? 
I love it so much i carry it in my purse when I go out everyday! Just a quick under 30 seconds hair touch up brings it to life and looks more polished. 

There are however a few cons. One is the price is no where near cheap. Apparently if you take care of your brush it will last nearly a life time. If this is true - Call me in about 60 years, then the price aint bad at all! So it's a bit early to tell on that. 
The lettering I have recently noticed is starting to fade and disappear. That was a  bit disappointing. I do not just throw this in my bag, I keep it in the original box it came in everywhere to keep it from being damaged, I can only suspect the lettering is starting to fade from when I hold it at night to brush it. This was a bit of a let down. The last con was a fault with only the travel sized brush. All Mason Pearson brushes come with a clean up kit. This is an investment piece you want to take care of to last for years to come. Unfortunately the travel version is the only version without such a kit so I do find at times hard to clean this brush, but since I can't seem to let it go, I clean it after every use.

Final Thoughts:
Despite the price and the few cons I personally found with this product I can honestly say this was an incredibly satisfying investment tool that I do not regret buying at all. This is something I use everyday, take with me, and don't picture changing. I know it's just a brush, but this is absolutely the best brush I have every come across and see myself in the future finally buying that bigger size. This is a product I can highly recommend. The results may not be instantaneous but they do come.
This brand have been making and selling these brushes for over 100 years, and they are most definitely doing something right. 


  1. Thank you so much for the review! I've always wanted to try the Mason brush, but have been taken aback with the price. Now that I know there is really no dupe, I might just take the plunge. Great review. Again, thank you!

  2. Yes, the SK one dosent even compare in my opinion only in looks.
    I think I got mine when had F+F so with 20% off the price pain is a BIT easier.

  3. yes i think the SK one dosent even compare except in looks.
    I think I got my brush during the F+F sale so 20% off is a BIT of a less price pain.

  4. Thank you for the review! I was thinking about getting the Mason Pearson brush for my birthday, but now you have swayed me to actually put it on the list. Thanks again!

    xx Lillian

  5. This brush sounds amazing! I don't brush my hair that much (kinda gross) but it's because my hair is so curly. I wonder what this would do to my hair? lol

  6. I didn't realise I needed a new hair brush. Now I do! I do!

  7. I have had mine since I was about eight years old. I am 33 and it is still going strong. I love using it to brush my daughter's hair.

  8. I totally agree- couldn't live without my Mason Pearson brush. You've inspired me to post about it, finally.

  9. Could you tell me where you bought this wonderful brush? I've been having trouble finding a place that I can verify as an official retailer, as I've been told there are quite a few forgeries on the market right now. Thanks :)

  10. I bought it from during their FF sale to get 20% off! They're products are real and their shipping is fast along with free returns!

  11. I also bought the travel brush and love it! How do you clean it without the brush that usually comes with the regular sized brushes? Mine is getting a bit dusty...

  12. Funny you ask! I didn't know fr like a year I tried all sorts of ways like pulling with tooth picks! But last week I found the best method yet, I have a spare pair of tweezers and just pull it from bye the bristles. A little time consuming but it works and for the investment I want to try my best to keep the brush in the best shape I can. Hope this helped!

  13. I am really proud to be working with Mason Pearson and developing their new website :) Hope you can all hop to it as soon as it launched at their original domain. And you'd be able to purchase from the source plus being able to register your brush :) I am really excited. Look out for in May when the old website will be replaced by shiny new version, where you'd be able to select just the right brush for your hair...

  14. Sorry, late to the party but you can buy a MP cleaning brsh from here... :D


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