Monday, May 6, 2013

The Replacements - Spring/Summe Routine

In the beginning of 2013 I had showcased all the products I had in mind to use as my daily items for the upcoming cooler months. Since spring has officially arrived- I have declared it! I think the time has come to update my routine for the new coming season!

YAY! New products to use and play with for the next few months ( Can you tell I'm excited???)
Don't these just look more spring like?? 

For base I am still using the Revlon BB Cream. Since it's warmer now, this does make me a bit shinier than I would like. I something mix this with my mattifying sunscreen which takes away almost all the sheen! If I don't use this method, a bit of powder and a blot will do. 
I just love how it leaves a very sheer finish, looks natural, and though shiny, can make you look quite healthy if powdered down only the T zone.
Concealer wise I will be using the NARS creamy concealer in honey for my under eyes and for blemishes and general discoloration I will be using the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage in SC3. This product has a learning curve, but if you give yourself time, and figure out, it's great. For extra red bits I sometimes lay down as a foundation a green colored concealer from Maybelline (not shown)

I haven't worn bronzer in months, I became too pale for all of the ones I own, but if I ever do feel the need for some color, my lightest bronzer is from Physicians Formula in light -medium. This bronzer is a bit powdery in the compact, but the color is great for fair skinned girls. Thumbs up from me!
Blush wise I am torn between two this season. Chanel's Espiegel is the perfect peach shade for spring time. Not too loud but face brightening. The second option is a cream blush from Stila ( I am in a cream blush phase and am loving it) in Peony. I disregarded this color for years and boy was I missing out!
It looks like a brown rose in the pan, but on the cheeks be prepared for some effortless loveliness! I own a few of the Stila Convertible Colors and this is my favorite! 

For the weekends, I like to look like I am wearing as little as possible and for that the Clarins blush in 02 Soft Peach fits the bill ( not photographed) I have also been itching to break open my Dior Nude bronzer I purchased a few months ago, but it will be incorporated into this routine in due time I suspect! 

Highlighter is a must (any season!)
I tend to go for either the Kevin Aucoin's Celestial powder (seriously heavenly) or the classic Soft & Gentle from MAC. I think the MAC would be better when I get a bit more of a tan, but the Celestial powder really is stunning on a range of skin tones.

My lips are being puckered with Chanel's Gloss in Genie which goes perfectly with Espiegel! An almost milky peach, along with cherry tinted lip stains which look amazing as a focus point when paired with the very natural cream blush from Stila.

Fragrance seems to be leaning towards Jo Malone's Orange Blossom. This scent is so nostalgic to me. 
It smells like the honey suckles that grew in my parent's garden when I was young. Every time I spray this, I am taken back.

For the eyes my palettes of choice are the Stila in the Light Palette, and the Dior Incognito palette.
Two palettes full of easy non fuss all over lid shades.
My new favorite drugstore mascara is the classic L'Oreal Telescopic in the gold tube. Amazing length and separation! I want to try the carbon black version next! 
I am still using this never ending sample of  Benefit's Creaseless creams in RSVP which will remain my base. Something I use MAC's Soft Ochre paint pot  for an even more natural effect, but I really do want to at least hit pan on RSVP... For my tight line I will be using Laura Mercier's cake liner in blue marine. Review will be coming shortly, in a word: fabulous.
Brows are set with Anastasia clear brow gel, but I just recently purchased the Sonia Kashuk tinted brow gel, omg, LOVE it. Will be using that non stop I think!

I believe that covers everything. I will be spending the next few months playing with  these products and creating new combinations, I am excited!!! (Beauty geek I know!)

Before ending, I just wanted to show the last remnants of my previous routine.
Most of the products I have completely used up since the last post, but these guys are still hanging in there.

I never in my life i thought I would see one of these. I will still keep using this, I want to at least use up the champagne side, and will try to use the rest of the MSF as a blush on occasion. Seeing this pan amazed me, so it has a sole photo! LOL

Rimmel's blush in Santa Rose: What can I say, I loved this little guy. I used this almost every single day for the last few months, and will bring it back out next fall. A real favorite.

L'Oreal True Match powder: I don't love this and wanted to use my new NARS powder this spring, but I will just try to get through this before breaking that open. This is not bad, but I have just used better products, both high end and drugstore in terms of powders. This one is just ok.

Maybelline Age rewind concealer: This product shocked me. Usually I'm not a Maybelline fan but this is a real winner, especially in this brightener shade. I have a few more twists before this guy is up but I would recommend this to anyone who wants to brighten their under eye area. Lasts forever too!

And lastly...
THANK YOU for all the amazing well wishes and comments on my last post! I feel so thankful for all your well wishes, it made me so happy to read all your beautiful comments! ♥


  1. Hi J, What a great list! I don't think I've seena post with the bottom of an MSF either - that's an achievement! Really loving the look of Dior Incognito!

  2. I know! when i hit the bottom i ddint know wat it was for weeks i thought i had cracked it by accident! Glad i am not the only one who fell for this Dior Quint!

  3. I love everything in this post! Seriously. I own like half of it, and the half that I don't have, I want! So many new and exciting products! Eeek!

  4. This all looks amazing! And I can't believe you finished an MSF! That's amazing! I definitely need to make some progress on my own :D

  5. i feel the same way about ur make up collection!!! i either have it or WANT it, bad!

  6. Thank you!!! i didnt finish it though, long way to go, but this may have been my beauty accomplishment for the yr!!

  7. Switching up the routine is nice! I have been rotating more spring appropriate blushes too. It feels good. Still amazing at you being able to seriously hit pan on the MSF. Mine isn't even close to being done but it is because I haven't been reaching for it. I have been too preoccupied with EL Modern Mercury. Really want KA celestial!

  8. you have modern mercury?? *shaking fist* i missed out on that one!!! the KA is super nice btw!! (i recc it!!)

  9. OMG SO MUCH FUN -- weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    I HATED the True Match powders even though I went through at least a few bottles of their liquid foundation. They were kind of chalky and weird to me.

    Seeing pan on blushes are intensely motivating. You're amazing!

  10. Eeee that's so cool, and the photos are so lovely! I always admire your self-restraint in using new products.. I've been getting better at using products a lot before changing it up, but still not as good as you!

  11. I CANNOT believe you actually hit pan n a MAC MSF! I thought they're a bottomless pit! Love love your makeup choices for Spring/Summer!


  12. I'm also using Jo Malone's cologne, but in Nectarine blossom & honey.

  13. These kinds of posts are definitely my favorite beauty themed ones on your blog :) I love how you can buy things and stow them away and only open the packaging once you've finished other things! I have never seen so much pan on a MSF before! I need to get working on my Santa Rose when I get back haha. I NEED to start using up blushes >:O Also, what specifically do you like about the Sonia Kashuk brow gel? I've been deciding if I should get a tinted one or a clear one....

  14. I loved how comprehensive this post was! I am excited to break out my spring makeup too :) New things are fun but seriously seeing your progress on your last routine's products is great too x nice work and congrats on your engagement!! Your ring is gorgeous x

  15. I love these posts ^__^
    RSVP just never seems to run out for anyone!
    I'm so shocked that an MSF has hit pan. How long did that take? :O

  16. i think i had a bottle of the foundation too and didnt like it, cakey.. but i do like the concealer not too long lasting but pigmented

  17. hahahaha thank you!!!!!! i feel kinda bad when ppl tell me im so good @ using products when in actuality i have tons all un used T.T

  18. thank you SO MUCH, i kinda cant blv it either!!!! geekishly proud!

  19. that is my favorite scent from his line!!!

  20. blsuhes are so hard to use up!! hitting pan on any of them is a huge feeling!!
    the SK brow gel- tinted is a bit stickier/tackier than im used to but i love the color and the ease, with the tinted version i dont need any additional products. it can be tricky to get the right shape so sometimes i go through them to get the shape right with a clean spooly but it looks so natural and its so much FASTER

  21. thank you for such kind words!!! spring make up seems to be opening up all over the blogosphere everyone is excited to bring out the new products, its just fun to change up the routine, thank you again!!

  22. awww thanks mandy!!!! RSVP is NEVER ENDING! i started using it last June???????? LAST JUNE!!! and not even the pan in this sample.....
    the MSF i hit pan on in about 4 months but i only used the lighter side of the pan

  23. completely agree about the maybelline concealer - it is so awesome, doesn't get much of a mention in the beauty blogger world .. but it should!!

  24. man you have hit pan on so much!! how exciting. Good job! I can't wait to see your looks! :)

  25. Great selection of products! :) I'd like to try some of them, specially the Kevyn Aucoin highlighter and the Stila blush, but I still haven't choosen any colour, I'm thinking of Gerbera, Lillium and now... Peony!
    I hope you enjoy your new products ;)


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