Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Soleil Tan de Chanel - I Found the Perfect Application Method

The post title should really be changed to I discovered the prefect application method via the lovely and ever so useful Youtube.

Like many I coveted and purchased the famous Soleil Tan de Chanel and was a bit stumped when it came to application. After trying the MAC 168, 130, 187, 188, Sigma brushes, kabuki brushes, and Sephora brand brushes later, I finally put my hand up in the air when across a video where a girl applied it with her hands.
Chanel's acclaimed bronzer found a near permanent home in my drawer of products I just could not make work.

The problem was, it was orange. Like really mucky orange, and no matter how much I blended unless some hint of a tan was there, I just saw orange. I actually do not mind orangey bronzers in the summer, but in the winter, pass.

I then came across a video where the method was a bit strange but made sense. A dab of moisturizer and a swirl of the stippling brush to not only gives this bronzer less of a matte flat finish, but more of sheer shade down version of the cream bronzer so I tried it, and I LOVE it.

I swirl my brush around the product a few times, not pressing hard and my brush at first looked so dark and wet...I applied it to my face anyway and it felt like magic happened!
Gorgeous glow, sheered out color, and an incredibly natural effect.

Reject drawer no more! Front runner in the house! Which is quite fabulous news, because since when does Chanel take a back seat ;)

Application video:

Hopefully a few of you out there who shared a similar problem can try this technique out!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Under Eye Combo's - Some mini under eye concealer reviews to boot!

I recently ran out of a few long standing under eye concealers in my collection and went on some kind of concealer spree shortly after. After a bit of NARS, a touch of By Terry, and a visit to Bourjois from my own stash the new perfect under eye routine search began.

First I tried the item I was most excited for, the By Terry Touche Volupte concealer (wish listed this for two years!) After trying the YSL version and not under standing the hype I took the more expensive plunge and trusted Terry. 

The packaging is far larger than the YSL version but still very light. It's a click pen type design and I find one click is enough for both my under eyes. Two clicks for my nose bridge, under the brows, and around the mouth. I purchased the shade 02 and I find it slightly lighter than my own skin tone to add to the brightening effect. 

By Terry's application is quite thin and has a bit of illuminating properties. I like to tap the product out with my ring finger. It is blendable but you do need to work out those edges because the product is a bit runnier than most under eye concealers I have tried. The last two photos are my eyes in indoor lightening then outdoor. 

Thoughts on By Terry: I far prefer this over the YSL touche eclat. I understand the YSL version was not meant for concealing, but for the money, I wish it had done more. The By Terry is more expensive but has better coverage and really does brighten more. A con I had found was this really creased under my eyes. I have natural creases under my eyes so this is un avoidable but with the By Terry it creased a few times a day, usually I would only have to fix the creasing once. 

This product was nice but I wanted something to try to capture that darkness I have on my inner corners so it was time for a bit of mixology! 

NARS Radiant creamy concealer in the shade Honey (pink tone) to use as a corrector followed by the By Terry. First photo was the NARS concealer used as a base. Photo two is the NARS blended out and the By Terry added on top for illumination, and photo three is the combined effect with outdoor lighting. 

Quite honestly it was nice, but a bit thick for my preference. The NARS concealer is a bit thicker than most concealers I had used in the past involving a doe foot, and the By Terry's runnier formula did spread out evenly but despite the photo, this did create a large amount of creasing which annoyed me all day.

Close up of the under eyes with outdoor lighting. NARS + By Terry.
(FYI I am wearing no make up outside the concealer in all the photos, so sorry for the brows!)

Thoughts on the NARS: I'm actually on the fence about the new NARS concealers. I have shades for both my face and eyes because I was so excited about this product but due to it's thicker consistency and incredibly pigmentation I do tend to use a bit more than needed and end up looking quite cakey around my nose and mouth which I dislike. I will continue to play with the products and hopefully I get the ratio right and report back on these, I have not given up on NARS! 

 Now on to the final and winning combination
I decided I prefer the By Terry as an illuminating base under a normal concealer for my under eyes. The By Terry is not one but about 1.5 shades lighter than my complexion which can make it look a bit too bright white under my eyes if I don't blend well so I use it as a base. Subsequently I have been using the Bourjois healthy mix concealer in 52 on top. This concealer has an excellent creamy consistency which is not amazing for spots but superb for under eyes. They come in a shade range that leans yellow. Lastly the clincher is to top everything off with Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder. Something I have used on and off for years because I never really understood if it worked or not. The micro shimmers found in the Laura Mercier powder are highlighted by the illuminating properties found in the By Terry concealer and creates a far more brightening effect than with normal under eye concealers which I have always tried this powder with in the past. The powder also helped with the creasing problem! The two together are a winner! 

This was taken 6 hours into the day by a window. Holding up well! 

 Hopefully these mini reviews helped!
What are your favorite under eye combinations?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Make up of the Week along with the Weekly Update

I couldn't decided if I wanted to do a weekend catch up or a weekly make up post, so I created this week's combo post! 
The promised cream blush post will be soon - I'm still testing a few beauties!

Make up wise I have been loving to mix all my favorite spring products each week to create looks that always turn out bright and cheerful. My favorite kind of look!
I first apply Koh Gen Do's Aqua foundation around my nose, a bit on the chin, and a dot between the eyes, to create a more even canvas without being too heavy by putting product all over my face. I use my now very much appreciated Sigma F80 brush to mesh it with my natural bare skin. By Terry Touche Volutpe concealer under the eyes followed with Bourjois healthy mix concealer to give the "awake" look, and a sweep through the brows with Sonia K's tinted brow gel because I'm this just makes everything faster and easier. I'm all for that!
On the lids I apply the most plain but my currently most loved Dior shadows from the Incognito palette. I've used this and have not yet tired of it's initially blah but always perfect for the clean eye look shades.
I've been trying to get back into using my Chanel cream bonzer again all over the sides of my face with a dusting of NARS Luster (superb item) on the cheeks. Benetint finishes off the lips along with a glossy topping of a non pigmented gloss to let the stain shine through.

Now that you know my weekly face, it's time to share where I most recently wore this to. 
The weather has been a pain in the bum around here, with the latest news being some hurricane passing through. So of course, I took cloud photos. These fill my iphone.

Currently on route to a friends Bachlorette dinner!

While I detox myself from what must have equated to 1/10th a glass of red wine, and two drinks with the ratio of alcohol to juice being 5% to 95% I finish with my latest OOTD featuring my new favorite bag for summer.

The bag actually has a terrible magnet so it's constantly opening when its about 40% full and the zipper sucks, it was also over priced but I can overlook all that because I just love the color of the bag so much.
Decaf iced coffee in hand and ready for Monday! 
For more details on the weekend please follow me on Vine!
Name: Lilladylife :)

That's it for this week. Until the next catch up, the rest is ...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Memorial Day

Some photos I took this past Memorial Day. The fiance and I strolled through a very cute town by the water while enjoying some much appreciated sun.

Hoping next year I get invited to a BBQ so I can fill a post with another Memorial Day tradition!

*Pictures were all taken with the Iphone 5*

Saturday, June 1, 2013

My May Routine

As the weather gets warmer all the Youtube gurus and bloggers are sharing their favorite sheer bases to wear in the new found sunny weather. BB creams and tinted moisturizers seem to be the hit this year, me? I can't stand any of  those. When it gets hot here, I can't look at BB creams, tinted moisturizers, even mineral foundation, I'm like g'bye! Having those things melt off my face not only feels uncomfortable but I find looks terrible... this may depend on humidity on where you live, but it get's stickily humid here....aka gross.melting.foundation.sweat.drops.
Not sexy.

In terms of base I attempt to wear as little concealer as I can really try to get away with. I've been trying out the NARS radiant creamy concealers under the eyes, around the nose, and a dot on the chin. I follow with a super light dusting of the NARS pressed powder to set my face. Mainly just the T zone again. The cheeks stay bare.

Bronzer has finally re entered my life and I think I missed it! Physicians Formula is my current go to. The light-medium shade is just incredibly believable at the moment. A bit powdery but still a thumbs up product. I generally sweep this on my temples and jawline, not really on the cheekbones or nose, I tend not to bother. Since the color is light it seems to just accent the shape of my face, and leaves the inner portion of my face looking brighter, if that makes sense.

Cheeks has been a cream blush affair. Though I love my powder blushes, I put them all away for my creams more and more this month. They just feel and look lighter, while looking far more natural on the grinning cheeks.  NARS Portofino was what I wore most of May. It was colder earlier in May, and this product is creamer. A cream to powder item that is the best cream blush in terms of blend ability I have found, but be careful. You can easily blend it all away! 
Tarte's Blushing Bride has taken over the last few days of May. Far sheerer and quite possible the most natural looking cheek product in my collection. The higher the temperature, the more sheer and light I like my blushes to be, and this one is taking center stage.
I plan to do a whole cream blush post next so more to come on these!

Lancome Hypnose Star mascara is not a real "favorite" as in I love the product, it's just what I wore all month. I like it, but I wouldn't buy the full sized tube. The wand is conical and provides great volume and adequate length, the color is also a very dark glossy black. The con is it tends to flake on me most of the day so that's a  bit annoying and a pass for the full sized for me. The Clarins Lip Perfector also falls into this non favorite but favorite category. I'm seriously just trying to use this up, it just so conveniently looks great with summer make up. I wouldn't re purchase this shade, though it looks natural for the price I wish it did have more color. The new Candy shimmer shade does look appealing. Lastly I have been using the Fresh Sugar Lip Balm. I had actually owned two tubes of the full sized rose version and never thought much of them. Apparently I got two duds because this was nothing like the ones I had. Mine were no where this easy to apply and smooth, chucked this into the make up bag!

Hope you enjoyed reading my May routine and wishing everyone a wonderful June!

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