Saturday, June 1, 2013

My May Routine

As the weather gets warmer all the Youtube gurus and bloggers are sharing their favorite sheer bases to wear in the new found sunny weather. BB creams and tinted moisturizers seem to be the hit this year, me? I can't stand any of  those. When it gets hot here, I can't look at BB creams, tinted moisturizers, even mineral foundation, I'm like g'bye! Having those things melt off my face not only feels uncomfortable but I find looks terrible... this may depend on humidity on where you live, but it get's stickily humid here....aka
Not sexy.

In terms of base I attempt to wear as little concealer as I can really try to get away with. I've been trying out the NARS radiant creamy concealers under the eyes, around the nose, and a dot on the chin. I follow with a super light dusting of the NARS pressed powder to set my face. Mainly just the T zone again. The cheeks stay bare.

Bronzer has finally re entered my life and I think I missed it! Physicians Formula is my current go to. The light-medium shade is just incredibly believable at the moment. A bit powdery but still a thumbs up product. I generally sweep this on my temples and jawline, not really on the cheekbones or nose, I tend not to bother. Since the color is light it seems to just accent the shape of my face, and leaves the inner portion of my face looking brighter, if that makes sense.

Cheeks has been a cream blush affair. Though I love my powder blushes, I put them all away for my creams more and more this month. They just feel and look lighter, while looking far more natural on the grinning cheeks.  NARS Portofino was what I wore most of May. It was colder earlier in May, and this product is creamer. A cream to powder item that is the best cream blush in terms of blend ability I have found, but be careful. You can easily blend it all away! 
Tarte's Blushing Bride has taken over the last few days of May. Far sheerer and quite possible the most natural looking cheek product in my collection. The higher the temperature, the more sheer and light I like my blushes to be, and this one is taking center stage.
I plan to do a whole cream blush post next so more to come on these!

Lancome Hypnose Star mascara is not a real "favorite" as in I love the product, it's just what I wore all month. I like it, but I wouldn't buy the full sized tube. The wand is conical and provides great volume and adequate length, the color is also a very dark glossy black. The con is it tends to flake on me most of the day so that's a  bit annoying and a pass for the full sized for me. The Clarins Lip Perfector also falls into this non favorite but favorite category. I'm seriously just trying to use this up, it just so conveniently looks great with summer make up. I wouldn't re purchase this shade, though it looks natural for the price I wish it did have more color. The new Candy shimmer shade does look appealing. Lastly I have been using the Fresh Sugar Lip Balm. I had actually owned two tubes of the full sized rose version and never thought much of them. Apparently I got two duds because this was nothing like the ones I had. Mine were no where this easy to apply and smooth, chucked this into the make up bag!

Hope you enjoyed reading my May routine and wishing everyone a wonderful June!


  1. Everyone seems to be complaining about the heat in NYC but I'm still freezing!! I tried Tarte's cheek stain at Sephora once and it seemed to be completely sheer! Do you apply it with your fingers and just layer until it shows up a bit?

  2. i think the heat was just extreame bc the prev week we were in the 50's but the news said it would feel like the 40's then the following week we got 90 and 50% humidity so everyone is kinda confused on what to do. I hate the heat all my plants died!!
    The Tarte stains for the most part are very sheer! i have one shade natural beauty which is very pigmented and i only need to tap my cheeks once, flushing i need to swipe a few times, and blushing bride my new favorite i need 2 layers for a very very natural look but i put on 3 layers for work still looks natural and lasts all day. Theyre not for everyone they admittingly stay sticky for a while but they still are the most natural stains ive tried!

  3. the first one i got was in a kit! they last forever!

  4. I would love to see a post on cream blushes! I'm still trying to find more of them to love. I'll find a color I like but dislike the formula. Or I'll love the formula but not a single shade in the line is different enough from what I can create with things I own. But the ease and glow of cream is way pretty so I can't wait to see what your favorites are!


    check out my blog & follow if you like :)

  6. I love tarte's cheek stains. I got a set of 3 from some christmases ago and just rediscovered my love of them. They are very light and natural looking. Good choice!


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