Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Under Eye Combo's - Some mini under eye concealer reviews to boot!

I recently ran out of a few long standing under eye concealers in my collection and went on some kind of concealer spree shortly after. After a bit of NARS, a touch of By Terry, and a visit to Bourjois from my own stash the new perfect under eye routine search began.

First I tried the item I was most excited for, the By Terry Touche Volupte concealer (wish listed this for two years!) After trying the YSL version and not under standing the hype I took the more expensive plunge and trusted Terry. 

The packaging is far larger than the YSL version but still very light. It's a click pen type design and I find one click is enough for both my under eyes. Two clicks for my nose bridge, under the brows, and around the mouth. I purchased the shade 02 and I find it slightly lighter than my own skin tone to add to the brightening effect. 

By Terry's application is quite thin and has a bit of illuminating properties. I like to tap the product out with my ring finger. It is blendable but you do need to work out those edges because the product is a bit runnier than most under eye concealers I have tried. The last two photos are my eyes in indoor lightening then outdoor. 

Thoughts on By Terry: I far prefer this over the YSL touche eclat. I understand the YSL version was not meant for concealing, but for the money, I wish it had done more. The By Terry is more expensive but has better coverage and really does brighten more. A con I had found was this really creased under my eyes. I have natural creases under my eyes so this is un avoidable but with the By Terry it creased a few times a day, usually I would only have to fix the creasing once. 

This product was nice but I wanted something to try to capture that darkness I have on my inner corners so it was time for a bit of mixology! 

NARS Radiant creamy concealer in the shade Honey (pink tone) to use as a corrector followed by the By Terry. First photo was the NARS concealer used as a base. Photo two is the NARS blended out and the By Terry added on top for illumination, and photo three is the combined effect with outdoor lighting. 

Quite honestly it was nice, but a bit thick for my preference. The NARS concealer is a bit thicker than most concealers I had used in the past involving a doe foot, and the By Terry's runnier formula did spread out evenly but despite the photo, this did create a large amount of creasing which annoyed me all day.

Close up of the under eyes with outdoor lighting. NARS + By Terry.
(FYI I am wearing no make up outside the concealer in all the photos, so sorry for the brows!)

Thoughts on the NARS: I'm actually on the fence about the new NARS concealers. I have shades for both my face and eyes because I was so excited about this product but due to it's thicker consistency and incredibly pigmentation I do tend to use a bit more than needed and end up looking quite cakey around my nose and mouth which I dislike. I will continue to play with the products and hopefully I get the ratio right and report back on these, I have not given up on NARS! 

 Now on to the final and winning combination
I decided I prefer the By Terry as an illuminating base under a normal concealer for my under eyes. The By Terry is not one but about 1.5 shades lighter than my complexion which can make it look a bit too bright white under my eyes if I don't blend well so I use it as a base. Subsequently I have been using the Bourjois healthy mix concealer in 52 on top. This concealer has an excellent creamy consistency which is not amazing for spots but superb for under eyes. They come in a shade range that leans yellow. Lastly the clincher is to top everything off with Laura Mercier Secret Brightening powder. Something I have used on and off for years because I never really understood if it worked or not. The micro shimmers found in the Laura Mercier powder are highlighted by the illuminating properties found in the By Terry concealer and creates a far more brightening effect than with normal under eye concealers which I have always tried this powder with in the past. The powder also helped with the creasing problem! The two together are a winner! 

This was taken 6 hours into the day by a window. Holding up well! 

 Hopefully these mini reviews helped!
What are your favorite under eye combinations?


  1. Woo yay for concealer posts! Like I said in my post I am a newbie when it comes to concealers. The undereye kind are my favorite though. That By Terry looks nice, shame about the creasing! My eyes tend to crease as well, thats why I am a bit sad about the Dior one..it creases on me if I'm not careful. I have always wondered about those undereye powders like the LM one and I think Benefit has one...like Camouflage something? But it seems like such a hassle to have so many powders to use. But I think I would still try it out because I am so curious ha

  2. oh blv the benefit one is called powder flauge but i think it's discontoinued. Ironically the LM SB powder was my very first sephora purchase ( i know.. THAT random thing haha) i like it now but i dont think i would ever get it again i just don't like the add on step but it was just convenient it worked so well w/ the by terry so win win for me!
    loved the dior one, it creased on me too but only once in the AM once i fixed it it just stayed loved it!

  3. I thought the NARS Cream Concealer with a setting powder was my favorite under eye combination. Now I use foundation first, then apply concealer. And I *don't* set it. For me, NARS Creamy simply doesn't require powder and cakes up if I do use it. But using the foundation first gives a bit of a base to help with my natural creases too.

  4. I have to be careful with the NARS concealer too as it can crease on me if I use too much. I have to prep with a good moisturizer first too. And like Aliso said, it works better if you don't powder it too.
    I used to have the By Terry one and LOVED it. I picked it up in London and finished it. It was amazing! I'll need to figure out how to get another on up here!

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    ❤ Crystal Michelle


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