Saturday, July 27, 2013

What's In my Make Up Bag for Business/Travel - Video!

Ha ha! Another travel make up video!
I actually tried to vlog my outfits but the lighting where the mirror was in my hotel room was quite pathetic and everything just looked black and grey so another time!

I had admitted in my video I had over packed my make up and knew it, but below are the products I actually used the most.
By day 3 I set this routine in place and stuck with it until landing back home.

Dior BB Cream – I kept forgetting the tiny primer- was a nice easy base. The mirror I had in the hotel was very far from the desk so I couldn’t really see what I was doing as closely as I prefer so I slapped this on daily and hoped for the best. Easy to blend with a nice finish being demi matte. No powder needed.
Laura Mercier concealer for the face and By Terry for under the eyes.
My go to blush became Chanel’s Espiegal, the nice punch of muted peach was just enough to brighten my very tired face.
On occasion if I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and saw a ghost I swept some Chanel bronzer on my temples but not every day.
Mascara surprise was Benefit’s They’re Real. I had a mini tube in the past which I was not impressed with but this time around I actually enjoyed it! I will be keeping this sample for a while! Shadows were just a mix from my Dior palette, and lips were finished off with Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine in Boy ( I forgot to show this in the video!) I had never used this lipstick before this trip but it has become my new go to everyday shade. My lips but better! Love it!


Hope you enjoyed this peak into my make up bag! :D

Monday, July 22, 2013

Finished Products of May and June 2013

To state this post was delayed is an understatement, but presenting now is better than never. 
My finished products from the last two months.

Since I have numerous repeat products ( especially in skin care ) the reviews will be shorter on things I have spoken about numerous times in the past. Please check all my past finished products post for more details on repeat purchases. 

Hair/Body/Skin Care

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle conditioner: Cheap from the drugstore, smells amazing, and does a fantastic job with conditioning. Have repurchased several times and will continue to do so.
Have Repurchased.

Olay Avocado Oil Body Wash: Quite hydrating, great lather, rich texture, and affordable price. 
Would repurchase.

Bath and Body Works Malibu body wash: Purchased this travel size for my mini break in Miami because it was called Malibu, seriously. Smelled way too sweet, and would not repurchase this scent, made me feel quite queasy to be honest, but I always grab these from BB&W minis before a vacation.
Would repurchase, just a different scent.

Nivea Touch of Happiness Body Wash:  Love these, the touch of happiness line with either apricot or orange are my favorites!
Would repurchase.

Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel Toner: What is this my 10th bottle? Love it.
Would repurchase.

Neutrogena Body Clear Wash:  Another one, 10th bottle? Gym staple.
Would repurchase.

Pacifica Blood Orange Body Cream: Loved this scent and have repurchased this in the past. Rich and thick with an amazing array of fragrances, this one just happened to be my favorite. Scored this mini from Marshalls! 
Would repurchase. 

Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Wash: Have repurchased this numerous times but cannot find it anywhere! I think they discontinued the gel cleanser but kept the rest of the line ( my luck) I stocked up because I saw them all over Nordstrom Rack and will continue to use until I deplete my supply.
Would repurchase if I can find any more. 

No 7 Eye make up Remover: I remember I had purchased this in the past and liking it, but after not being able to find my Sonia Kashuk one in stock I purchased this and did not like it at all. I don't know if they changed the formula but I recall it being more effective in the past. It's also tiny, went through this so fast.
Would not repurchase.

Purity Cleanser: I remember in 2010? when this was the "IT" product and people bought the industrial sized versions. Well this sample showed me I really was not missing out. Didn't clean deeply enough for me, did not lather well which I don't like (even though I know the lather is all fake chemicals - I prefer the bubbles!)
I used this after my Bioderma to just finish off cleansing the skin because I knew it was just a simple item.
Would not repurchase.

Avéne Thermal Water: One of my favorite thermal waters. It's not a necessity, but nice to have. I sometimes use this as a toner when I travel to correct the Ph balance on my face from the tap water, which is one of the functions a toner does.
Would repurchase.

Khiels Ultra Facial Cleanser: I think the corresponding moisturizer from this line is the star of the show. This reminded me of the Purity cleanser in the fact that it was didn't really lather, did not feel deep cleansing, and was another gel cleanser that only cleansed the very surface of my face. It did not feel like the dirt was coming off my face. 
Would not repurchase.

L'Occitaine Hand Cream: Staple.
Would repurchase.

Nivea Soft Hand Cream: Very nice absorbent and soft hand cream that smells of baby powder. Cheap and easily accessible but the tub only lasted me about two weeks.
Would repurchase but prefer L'Occitaine.

Clarasonic Bush Head (Acne version): I try all the new versions of brush heads Clarasonic comes up with. This new acne version, I really did not see a difference with my acne by using this particular brush head, and still prefer deep pore over this one, which leaves my skin more deep clean feeling.
Would not repurchase.

Make Up

Boscia blotting Linens: A staple.
Would repurchase.

MAC Fix +: I love this stuff. I always grab a bottle randomly throughout the year. Just makes my make up look fresh and not powdery. I especially love it in the winter. They do need to fix the nozzle so a finer spray is released than the "spit" function it has now
Would repurchase.

Revlon BB Cream: Full review here.
Nice and sheer coverage with SPF 30! Especially nice in the winter when I purchased it because my skin was more normal/dry. I would not recommend this past combo skin, especially not oily skin because the product is quite oily, and would make you look too shiny, even with powder.
I would get this again, but only for the cooler months.
Would repurchase.

Benefits Stay Don't Stray: Review found here.
I did not even finish this. I tried to use it up, I even layered it with other eye primers, but it made my eye primers all crease. Quite possibly the worst product of 2013 thus far. (Sorry Benefit) 
Would not repurchase.

Super Quick Liquid Eyeliner: My favorite liquid eyeliner is Koji dolly wink but as they were repackaging themselves they because impossible to find. I purchased this in it's place and still prefer Dolly wink.
This one is not as black, and not as long lasting as the Koji. Still easy to use and good, but just not great.
Would not repurchase.

L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara: One of my new drugstore favorites! I saw this for years and never picked it up. Gives the lashes incredible length and looks beautiful with a curl. Not much volume at all but separated and lengthened lashes is what I prefer.
Would repurchase. 

RapidLash Serum: The first eyelash growth serum I have ever used that actually works. It takes a few weeks to see the effects, and you need to do it daily, but it works. 
Initially my lashes got so long it looked incredibly weird with my eye shape and I had to stop using it, but this tube lasted me a year with consistent use and no side effects.
Already on tube #2. 
I never got back the lengthening results from the first few months I used it. I think after a period you pretty much saturate your potential length, but the price is affordable in comparison to other brands and I buy it from during their sales to sweeten the offer.
Would repurchase.

Maybelline Age Rewind concealer in Brightener: Quite a hyped up drugstore product that deserves all the hype! When I first got this I was hesitant because it was so pink and I am quite yellow. I also have never had much luck with Maybelline. Well this product really is a winner. Blends amazingly, great shade to brighten the under eyes, and beautiful consistency. 
I recently purchased the NARS concealer for brightening my under eyes but will say I prefer Maybelline! When I finish my NARS one up, I will be coming back to this.
Lasted me almost a year also! I applied 3 dots of this under my eyes, and 3 dots of my normal under eye concealer shade, and had zero complaints.
Would repurchase.

Dior Scupting Concealer #2: The concealer I used in conjunction with the Maybelline. I really did like this concealer and I think this was my 2nd completed tube. I want to branch out to other brands or even try the Dior Nude version in the future. The coverage of this is very nice - not high but more medium, the color selection is unfortunately small, but one of these tubes lasts me about a year so I think for the long run it's quite a good buy.
Would repurchase.

MAC Ladyblush Blush Creme: My 1st MAC cream blush. This color was a salmon like leaning towards cool toned pink. A bit sticky but easy to blend and sheer out. Since purchasing this blush, MAC has reformulated their cream blushes and they do not feel the same. They are more slick and silicone like. I prefer a more dewey cheek effect, so I will  not be repurchasing. Also, though MAC had re promoted this shade in their new formulation, the color looks different. The Lady blush I had was more pink, the new version looks to have far more brown. I was not too keen on the new "Ladyblush" so I will be passing due to formula and shade changes.
Would not repurchase.

L'Oreal True Match Powder: I think I have tried almost everything from the L'Oreal true match line now!
This powder is ok. It's nothing special to be honest, and even amongst drugstore I prefer Maybelline Dream Matte, and Physicians Formula Happy Booster powder. The shade range is average, and so was the powder.
Would not repurchase.

Hope these reviews were helpful, and please do share what you have finished recently!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Spellbound by Laura Mercier

This always happens. 
 I had been doing so well on using only my current make up collection, I was feeling a bit proud ( don't laugh) but when a new highlighter is released my interest is always peaked. A highlighter fiend I am, a glow addict, and a mass consumer on the shiny things.
My latest acquisition.

Now surfacing all over the beauty community as one of the "it" products of the moment along with the new Chanel Les Beiges powders - which I also apparently need, this rose gold beauty has now entered my possession. 

Before purchase I DID try to convince myself  "No"
I somehow got a SA to put it on me, and I made a bee line to Sephora to swatch all the items I had already owned to compare to Laura's.

It's more warm toned than Dior's Rose Diamond, I also believe it has a smoother finish on the skin than the Dior Amber Diamond, and just melds into the skin more seamlessly. Well I marched right back to the store the next day - I had to sleep on it! to purchase my own!
It swatches on the hand a bit more chunky than applied on the face where it looks far more sublime.

I think I'm glowing cheeks addicted enough to layer this as a blush but this would look lovely as a normal highlight. It's more subtle than the shimmer blocs done in her line, but very build able.

Action Shot

No more highlighters for me for a while, but consider me one happy camper with my latest purchase. 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Favorites

I believe it was 2011 when I stopped posting a regular Favorites post. You will see my favorites don't tend to change very much, and repeat items pop up just about every single time. Since trying out a new base, and thus other base products to coincide and mesh it all together, I decided to pop this on, and let you peek into my current favorites. 

Holika Holika Aqua Petite Moist BB Cream #2
I think I may have found something I actually prefer over the beautiful and well received Dior BB Cream. 
Dang, I had this in my collection before buying the Dior, and I think I love it more!
Leaving a more matte finish perfect for summer, this jelly type BB cream provides a nice finish for summer, not heavy coverage, but has a brightening effect. Shade 2 is suitable for about NC 23 in MAC terms. I am back to my normal NC 25 and this looks just brightening enough on my skin, not too light. I bronze myself up to even out though.
Best applied with fingers in my opinion and the spf 20 is a plus!

Chanel Tan de Soilel
After discovering the results of this product when mixed with a bit of moisturizer and the loose application of the  MAC 187, this Chanel product has been a daily staple that I look forward to using it each morning.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder:
Not being the biggest powder fan, this one fits the bill for this terrible sticky season ( I admit defeat when I have to) I take a huge kabuki brush and tap it in the powder once. Shake off the excess and just press it on my T zone. Leaves me looking matte enough without being dead. This powder can make you look dead people, so apply strategically.

Jo Malone Wild Bluebell
Viewed mainly as more of a spring scent this airy light fragrance has been carrying me through the seasons.

Avéne Thermal Water
Just a spritz of this through the day to help just give my face a bit of a boost from the very warm sun. 

Repeat Favorites
Some formerly featured products that have returned for month two! ( very common for me)
Now that I have had more time to play with these, I am able to review them in a bit more depth.

Dior Incognito
I have been using this palette daily. The color offerings may be a bit of a yawn to some but they are called perfection for a conservative work environment.
Now I own a few Dior quints and they are known to have a very buttery texture in their shadows, but this quint is a bit different.
Admit tingly most of the shades are quite dry in comparison to most Dior shadows I have tried.
The beige shade is very dry but the perfect shade to use as a base. The white shade is dry also, with some shimmer. The peach is a very nice daily wash shade - think MAC's Naked Lunch with a better texture and color payoff. The brown is perfection. That gorgeous texture Dior is known for, perfect brown with shimmer. The taupe I never really use. It leans grey which does not flatter me but the texture is ok.
Though the quint did have a bit of let down for me in terms of texture, I overlook that, to what seems daily because the shades are so easily used and work appropriate. A no brainer item for early mornings.

By Terry Touche Volupte
The best highlighting pen I have tried. Best coverage and very nice brightening effect, but, yes there is a but, it dries DRY.
The best way to apply this product is pretty much nano seconds after applying your eye cream. If you wait a few seconds, or a few minutes for your eye cream to dry this tends to go on a bit patchy, and dries so dry that your under eyes look flaky and quite a drab really. Not good!
Now that I know how it works, by adding an emollient base it goes on smoothly and lasts all day. Sounds counter intuitive, but works best this way I found.

Milani Luminoso
Won’t say much about this, spoken about this to nauceum 
$ 7 dollar gem J

So tell me ladies, how do you feel about Favorites posts? Do you always reap in repeat winners?

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