Tuesday, July 2, 2013

June Favorites

I believe it was 2011 when I stopped posting a regular Favorites post. You will see my favorites don't tend to change very much, and repeat items pop up just about every single time. Since trying out a new base, and thus other base products to coincide and mesh it all together, I decided to pop this on, and let you peek into my current favorites. 

Holika Holika Aqua Petite Moist BB Cream #2
I think I may have found something I actually prefer over the beautiful and well received Dior BB Cream. 
Dang, I had this in my collection before buying the Dior, and I think I love it more!
Leaving a more matte finish perfect for summer, this jelly type BB cream provides a nice finish for summer, not heavy coverage, but has a brightening effect. Shade 2 is suitable for about NC 23 in MAC terms. I am back to my normal NC 25 and this looks just brightening enough on my skin, not too light. I bronze myself up to even out though.
Best applied with fingers in my opinion and the spf 20 is a plus!

Chanel Tan de Soilel
After discovering the results of this product when mixed with a bit of moisturizer and the loose application of the  MAC 187, this Chanel product has been a daily staple that I look forward to using it each morning.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder:
Not being the biggest powder fan, this one fits the bill for this terrible sticky season ( I admit defeat when I have to) I take a huge kabuki brush and tap it in the powder once. Shake off the excess and just press it on my T zone. Leaves me looking matte enough without being dead. This powder can make you look dead people, so apply strategically.

Jo Malone Wild Bluebell
Viewed mainly as more of a spring scent this airy light fragrance has been carrying me through the seasons.

Avéne Thermal Water
Just a spritz of this through the day to help just give my face a bit of a boost from the very warm sun. 

Repeat Favorites
Some formerly featured products that have returned for month two! ( very common for me)
Now that I have had more time to play with these, I am able to review them in a bit more depth.

Dior Incognito
I have been using this palette daily. The color offerings may be a bit of a yawn to some but they are called perfection for a conservative work environment.
Now I own a few Dior quints and they are known to have a very buttery texture in their shadows, but this quint is a bit different.
Admit tingly most of the shades are quite dry in comparison to most Dior shadows I have tried.
The beige shade is very dry but the perfect shade to use as a base. The white shade is dry also, with some shimmer. The peach is a very nice daily wash shade - think MAC's Naked Lunch with a better texture and color payoff. The brown is perfection. That gorgeous texture Dior is known for, perfect brown with shimmer. The taupe I never really use. It leans grey which does not flatter me but the texture is ok.
Though the quint did have a bit of let down for me in terms of texture, I overlook that, to what seems daily because the shades are so easily used and work appropriate. A no brainer item for early mornings.

By Terry Touche Volupte
The best highlighting pen I have tried. Best coverage and very nice brightening effect, but, yes there is a but, it dries DRY.
The best way to apply this product is pretty much nano seconds after applying your eye cream. If you wait a few seconds, or a few minutes for your eye cream to dry this tends to go on a bit patchy, and dries so dry that your under eyes look flaky and quite a drab really. Not good!
Now that I know how it works, by adding an emollient base it goes on smoothly and lasts all day. Sounds counter intuitive, but works best this way I found.

Milani Luminoso
Won’t say much about this, spoken about this to nauceum 
$ 7 dollar gem J

So tell me ladies, how do you feel about Favorites posts? Do you always reap in repeat winners?


  1. I think favorites posts can be good but I like them sporadically since I think a lot of people use the same things for a while, you know? Like a routine. I can't get aboard the Avene water can, maybe the can I have is faulty but it sprays so weird. Loved seeing your favorites since I know you use products up!

  2. yeah, i know what you mean i dont think i can do it every month, half my list are repeats, i just wanted to tell everyone abt the bb cream haha
    oh the spray is bad? anything is better than the Fix + spray! that thing just spits at me

  3. Thank you for sharing. I will try the Rimmel Stay Matte powder. Looks good.

  4. My favourites tend to include a particular set of products consistently. I don't have many face products, so that's that; however, I've stuck to the same three or four blushes in an effort to finish one. In fact, I'm starting to see quite a bit of pan in one of my blushes. Woo hoo!

    I've also been trying to wear eye makeup more often. I have a good assortment of eyeshadows, but don't reach for them strangely enough. I suppose that's natural for someone relatively new to makeup -- I had to try things out to know what would work for me. Thank goodness I've always kept an eye on the size of my stash. I think it's small relative to most beauty blog afficionados.

    Speaking of eyeshadows ... and not that I'm in the market for more ... which Dior quint/s is/are your favourite?

  5. One of my favorites this month is definitely my Chanel bronzer thanks to your recent post. The only difference is I use a ELF kabuki to apply it. Maybe one day I'll start to see a dent in it.

  6. Thermal water is essential during summer! But what about the Korres primer? :)

  7. I like seeing repeat loves, shows how much you really do love them and use them :) Some great products here, I can understand why you would use the Dior quint a lot even though the shadows are quite dry, sometimes ease of use trumps the velvety finishes I think.
    I often feature a lot of the same products in my favourites, but there is always something forgotten in the back of my collection to love, or a new release that has me excited. I got a small sample tub of the Dior BB cream the other day and I can't wait to try it out :)

  8. I love your favorites posts so much <3 !

  9. need dior shadow http://differentcands.blogspot.kr/

  10. I like your suggestions and collection of make up. The best part is that they all are tremendous quality along with very useful too. I personally love Dior make up products. They have such lovely shades. In fact their textures are very nice. I also pick up some lovely products from http://pocketchange.become.com/category/fashion-and-beauty . You could try them too!


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