Friday, July 19, 2013

Spellbound by Laura Mercier

This always happens. 
 I had been doing so well on using only my current make up collection, I was feeling a bit proud ( don't laugh) but when a new highlighter is released my interest is always peaked. A highlighter fiend I am, a glow addict, and a mass consumer on the shiny things.
My latest acquisition.

Now surfacing all over the beauty community as one of the "it" products of the moment along with the new Chanel Les Beiges powders - which I also apparently need, this rose gold beauty has now entered my possession. 

Before purchase I DID try to convince myself  "No"
I somehow got a SA to put it on me, and I made a bee line to Sephora to swatch all the items I had already owned to compare to Laura's.

It's more warm toned than Dior's Rose Diamond, I also believe it has a smoother finish on the skin than the Dior Amber Diamond, and just melds into the skin more seamlessly. Well I marched right back to the store the next day - I had to sleep on it! to purchase my own!
It swatches on the hand a bit more chunky than applied on the face where it looks far more sublime.

I think I'm glowing cheeks addicted enough to layer this as a blush but this would look lovely as a normal highlight. It's more subtle than the shimmer blocs done in her line, but very build able.

Action Shot

No more highlighters for me for a while, but consider me one happy camper with my latest purchase. 


  1. It looks great! Can't believe how different it looks when swatched on hand vs on face. I'd probably not give it a second look if I saw how chunky is on the hand :O

  2. This looks gorgeous in the pan! Naughty purchases are always good x

  3. It looks lovely! I adore anything Laura Mercier, so this is going in my wishlist.
    xo Lillian +

  4. this looks soo amazing ! need one !

  5. wow it looks so pretty on you and your skin looks glowing <3

  6. I’ve wanted to try this for ages after reading about it on other blogs. It sounds brilliant. I’m just have to give in and get it aren’t I? Haha. Love the blog xxx

  7. I love the look of it!

  8. this looks gorgeous! I've been SO tempted to pick this up . . . we'll see!


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