Saturday, August 17, 2013

Summer Essentials and a few Weekly Updates

It's summer and that lazy feeling has most definitely sunk in.
Though it's beautiful out, I'm lounging around in the house under the wonderful AC and decided to be more productive by providing a small update on life.

Summer Essentials

The current beauty rut I have been in.
I'm loving all the products so I don't mind one bit ;)

The Routine
I start off by using my By Terry Touche Voluptée which I have JUST found out how to use appropriately and now LOVE but  is on it's last legs (not pictured). I mix my sunscreen with a bit of Fresh High Noon Face Glow primer (2nd tube) and slap this sheer tinted face cream all over the face as a glowing base. I pin point conceal a la Lisa Eldridge with my Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage using an eyeliner brush -MAC 211 to be specific. I apply to my temples, cheekbones, and jawline, Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Powder ( love love love) with a big Eco Tools bronzer brush, and highlight with my new RMS Living Lumizer (still testing this out)
I skip liner and shadow and apply Maybelline's one by one waterproof mascara ( a winner!) and finish off with a slick of Aquaphor, and YSL Rose Dahlia lipstick, and press it into my lips with my fingers for a more stained effect. 

I love all the products I am currently using and would recommend the whole lot!
(Still testing out the RMS though!)

I have always been curious aka DYING to try RMS Beauty but since it's hard to find in stores I have always been hesitant. I was lucky enough to walk into a shop that not only sold the line, but Rose Marie Swift was there! When the founder of a beauty line recommends the perfect shades for you, you tend to listen!

That's how big my smile was that day!
I'm the short one in the photo! 

Alongside my make up favorites are these guys!
Bumble and Bumble Texture paste. You need a good hair wash after this stuff, but for that lived in beachy 1 day look, this is a favorite of mine. L'Occitaine Almond Milk hand cream, and those famous Anthropologie initial cups I always loved and never purchased was recently gifted to me. Love these babies.

Wardrobe wise I have been stuck. Not so much for not wanting, but I just never have any luck :(
The search for the perfect white blazer continues. This was a contender until I saw all the remaining stock sizes were too big :( 
I never score in sales...

Hope you enjoyed the weekly updates. 
Sharing the view I saw this morning on my run today as the finale!



  1. I love the B&B Texture Cream - your makeup all looks so nice!

    Annie |

  2. Lovely post! I must have that Anthropologie mug!

    xo Lillian from

  3. Rose dahlia! I need it! Haha. You are so silly with the smiley face picture, at least I know what you look like :P That's so cool that you met the RMS herself! I'm dying to try out the brand too.

  4. I love all of your current products! I'm intrigued by RMS (so jealous you got to meet her!), but I've heard that the products are not meant to last long on the skin, so I'm not sure that they'd be practical for me. Can't wait to hear your thoughts though! Reading your routine, I could just imagine how glowing and beautiful your skin looks!

  5. The white blazer looks gorgeous, what a shame they didn't have your size :( I haven't tried the Maybelline One by One mascara yet, I think I might try it now! I love L'Occitane hand creams too :)

  6. yes, i was super LUCKY she just happened to be there. It's not even a make up store it was a home wares misc shop, it was the only make up in the entire store.
    The rumors are true, I noticed it was not exactly very long lasting on my skin, the blush lasted abt 5 hours and the highlighter even less, but most highlights dont stay long on me.
    i may try to review them soon, but would try again when the weather is cooler to see how they last outside the blazing sun

  7. i hope if you try it, you like it! :D

  8. the lipstick is so pretty and more wearable for day time than anticipated when pressed into the lips. gives your face some life!

  9. Lovely post! That's such a great opportunity with RMS beauty! And I'm dying to try the Bb Texture Paste! xx

  10. Okay, I love that mug! And your outfit is adorable- at least you're stuck in a chic rut! I also carry around aquaphor with me!

  11. YSL Rose Dahlia is also a favourite of mine during summer. It's great with tanned skin, bronzer and NARS Orgasm or Illamasqua Hussy :)

  12. omg i wore it with NARS O today! LOVE it together~!

  13. Loved everything about this post! I'm desperately trying to use up my YSL Touche Éclat so I can justify purchasing the Touche Veloutée.

    ♥ Jessica

  14. How have you been wearing the Touche Veloutée? Sounds like a real winner now! :) You're so lucky to have run into the founder of RMS on your mission to find it. I have a decent sized sample of the Bumble and Bumble Texture but haven't had a reason to use it :/ Do you use it on damp hair and just scrunch everything to get some waves?

  15. I absolutely adore that spotted cream shirt on you, so stunning! Rose Dahlia looks an amazing shade, I think it is time I picked up a new YSL shade!

  16. i always wanted one of those initial cups! fun. i hope you like the rms, does the luminizer have a coconut scent too?


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