Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Bobbi Brown Rich Chocolate Eye Palette

2006 was the year that Bobbi Brown released her famous Chocolates Palette.
I never owned it, but judging from the online photos and hype it was quite possible in my opinion one of the most perfect palettes ever created. *Shaking fist*

Had it ever been re promoted I am pretty sure I would have flown to the store to purchase two, but alas this never happened. 
Every year I have been waiting and waiting -along with many other Chocolate palette lovers for the re release of something as great.
Year after year Bobbi released several palettes but none seemed to have that magical perfect truffle addicting combination, then the promotion images of the Fall 2013 collection came out, and my eyes grew with excitement @.@

Bobbi Brown's Rich Chocolate Eye Palette

Beautiful is it not? 
Seven decadent shades of chocolate, a neutrals lover eye candy.

I had been waiting for this, waiting so many years a perfect palette. Perfect size, perfect shades, mini brush.
Though Bobbi is quite a palette producer those of her recent collections had not really caught my eyes.
But this one was a purchase!
Seven shades mostly matte, one shimmer, and one sparkle.
Admit tingly I have never been a fan of her Sparkle formula, quite chunky for me, but for New Years Eve I can see this added to the middle of the eyes for a bit of dazzle.

The matte shades all have a beautiful pigment. Smooth and rich. From her classic Bone to her most decadent Rich Chocolate shade. I have to say, this seemed to be one of her better offerings in quite some time! 
I have played with this palette a bit and was very smitten with the shimmer almost there shade of Champagne Truffle. One of the two shades not very high in pigment but I loved the barely there sheen.
The mattes are beautiful and smooth. Bobbi's shadows always seem to have the slightest bit of chalkiness to them, but nothing to break the deal about.

Now you may be wondering where are the swatches?
Let me re iterate by saying this is a very fine palette. Outside the one sparkle shade, I did like all the shades, the pigment, the packaging, even the brush was alright for a free bee.
But, I returned it.
Again, nothing wrong with this beauty! But for me, the shades were just a smidgen too dark for me. I have small eyes, and I do everything I can to make them look bigger. These shades, were a bit too dark for my shadow taste and I was not loving the way it looked on my eye shape. 
This again is complete personal preference.
I've come to the point in my collection where if I do not see a product being a complete love affair, I no longer keep it. The shades had they been just a smidgen lighter might have been my go to for years, ack!! it killed me, but I knew it just was not for me -shade wise!

Overall Thoughts: Beautiful and handy packaging. Notable pigmentation on matte shades ( not everyone can do this people) one lovely shimmer shade, and a brush that can do the job on the go. 
Would highly recommend for a neutral lover who is obsessed with everyday browns and yummy chocolate shades as the next. 
Thumbs up Bobbi. 

Pssst! (I'm still waiting for that 2006 re promote though!)


  1. this looks right up my street! love all the colours!

  2. This palette looks amazing! Drool...

  3. I've been waiting for that palette for weeks now! Ever since I saw the promo photos I knew I had to have it. Still not in stores in Norway though, crossing my fingers they'll get it in soon

  4. this looks so pretty! I'm sorry it wasn't quite what you wanted :( That's always disappointing

  5. I was looking at this on their website the other day. It looks very pretty! Too bad the shades were a bit too dark for you.

  6. It looks lovely, maybe you could have used it for night looks (:

    Lys, from Shirayuki's Beauty.

  7. That's too bad! I had a palette like these years ago and loved it a lot! I've been thinking about getting this one, but the Bobby and Katie Palette has me mesmerized now! Have you seen that one? It has lighter shades in it!

  8. I was looking forward to this review! Now I'm super curious about the original chocolate palette. Will definitely scope this one out though!

  9. i did! it's very pretty too but i wanted one of those handy shadow palettes for my purse! are you going to indulge in the katie palette?

  10. hope you like it, but the 2006 version if it ever gets re promoted, im buying 2! LOL

  11. haha i thought of that also, but realized i never really go out lol :P

  12. yes the palette is super pretty i think this is going to be a popular item for her collection this yr! we all love our brown shades!!

  13. awww thanks for that dearie, but im quite alright, everyone has diff preferenences

  14. hope they get it soon dear!!1 im crossing my fingers you find one! :)


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