Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Best Products of Summer 2013

I can't believe it's September.
Summer went by in an absolute flash, so as I anticipate the fall candles, rose toned blushes, and new cardigans  I have pulling from my closet, I look back at my most reached for products of the last two months.
The Summer Favorites. 

Fresh High Noon Tinted Primer: I feel like I'm on my last squirts of this tube. My second tube! A summer favorite of mine. This tinted primer mixed with my sunscreen was my everyday base. Gives a glowing and radiant finish, that provided that sheer tint of coverage I desired without the heaviness.
Would recommend this primer for dry skinned ladies. For normal and combo/oily ladies a touch of powder is all you need to top. 

Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage: I keep flip flopping on this one. I think I finally figured out how to use this, and love the two sides of this duo to prove it's versatility. Now that the primer gave me a bit of color I can really utilize the darker shade of this product. The lasting power is good, I can see why oily skinned gals love this, but I have to make sure my skin is super hydrated when I apply this for the best finish. Lovely coverage and I can see the reason for the hype. Best in my opinion when pin point concealed with a tiny brush!

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze: As a highlighter I thought this was a bit meh to be honest. It did not last long on the skin, but once I applied it over a peach blush it became a WHOOSH winner!
Not only did it provide the perfect amount of sheen, and bronzed color to my cheeks for that great summer look, but I was able to cut the bronzer step out from my routine for lazy days, and looked healthy without it due to this baby. Glad I shopped my stash for this!

MAC Peaches: One of my favorite blushes of all time. Pale or tanned this does me no wrong, and paired with the bronze shimmer brick, makes me love it 10x more! 

Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sheer Powder Shade 30: I absolutely love this stuff....
I take a big bronzer kabuki type brush and apply this all over the contours of my face like a bronzer and it just adds that no make up and healthy skin look.
I tend to wear this alone without blush or highlight, because it really radiates on it's own I believe, and have no regrets on this purchase!

Chanel Tan de Soilel: Using the method I described here, this baby has been getting alot of love. Sometimes I wear this paired with the shimmer brick and it creates a great summer face.

Sonia Kashuk Tinted Brow Gel: I believe there is only shade this is sold in, but I see it as being quite universal. Ashy and cool. Since I dyed my hair none of my brow powders looked right but this one seemed to work! Also the ease! No brushes, no spooly, no brow gel later, this is a Target gem for the lazy brow routine folks like me! 

Maybelline One by One Mascara Waterproof: Another drugstore gem I have just discovered. I am all about length and not so much volume to the lashes. I'm also huge on the natural, one coat of mascara person. For nights out I can apply 3-4 coats of this stuff and it never clumps! Amazing and a must try for those who love defined lashes. 

GAP Dream More: This little plastic bottle has been in my bag all summer. Spritz in the morning, a little before a night out, and the clean and non offensive scent seemed like a summer must have.

So that's all my favorite products for the last two months. 
If you had any amazing summer finds, please share!


  1. Great favorites! I can't believe it's September either :0 excited for fall fashion and makeup though !

  2. this is awesome!

  3. lovely list! I have a bobbi brown highlight palette that I love!

    sundays grace

  4. Can I just say, I'm new to your blog and skimmed through the greater part of it this morning. Love your favorites post, you've got a new reader! I also have small lid space (monolids) and mostly only use 1 eyeshadow, sometimes a 2nd in the outer corner. I got so many eyeshadow ideas from you! You have also convinced me to try Bioderma (i've been on the fence for a while)!

  5. Nice picks! =) you really are a blush kinda person like me :) I love versatile products. Enjoy your day!

  6. Ahh you make me want to run out and grab one of those Chanel powders! Fun favorites. Such a good dent in your Peaches. It always looks so great on others but I don't think it looks all that on me hah

  7. aw thank you hon! i woke up this morning all down and read this first thing in the AM and felt so much better. Thank you so much for reading and valuing my opinions

  8. a day with no blush is like a day with no sun lol

  9. really??? i feel that way with melba and hoola! ppl love them but on me, mehhhhhhhh

  10. I'm also a blush and highlighter fiend!

    I feel much more confident about only using 1 eye shadow color after reading your posts, its like the palettes subconsciously tell you that you need to use at least 4 colors. I.e. Dior 5 color palettes. For that reason I'm staying away from palettes and using singles or duos so I don't feel like I've angered the makeup gods. Who has time for that when you need to go to work and most of your lid is hidden anyway?

  11. glad to hear!! im a blush and highlighter (sometimes bronzer) fiend!!
    oh those palettes, dont worry abt using all those shades, ive tried that, it take eons, and made me look soooo made up T.T ok for parties for everyday 1 shade is enough for me....maybe 2???if im feeling fancy. As long as a shadow is loved and used in a palette that's all that really matters. To use what you love.

  12. I love it when someone shows a product with a big groove in it, really shows that you REALLY do use the product. Great choices!

  13. thank you!!1 ( i love those pictures too! ) its like freaking fascinating how some ppl can finish everything!

  14. There are birthday John Lewis vouchers burning a hole in my pocket-hiiiiii Les Beiges, you will be mine.

    Is the MAC peaches similar to Melba? Favourite blusher of the summer for me.

  15. Peaches is brighter orange and less brown than Melba, it has a slight coral under tone also. Melba for some reason looks bad on me :( so if you are interested in peaches, perhaps best to try it out in store


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