Thursday, September 12, 2013

Current Dissapointments II

I don't regret buying alot of things. I'm one of those crazy people that doesn't mind reading countless reviews on MakeUpAlley to decipher if something I'm lemming is worth it or not. I have also lost my fear of being embarrassed returning something.
Lose this fear ladies, people do it, you're not alone, and it's your chance to get 100% of your money back to use on something you actually will enjoy.
Staring at something you hate on your vanity for years and keeping it because it was expensive is not worth a 2 minute counter transaction.

Never the less, I do make mistakes. 
Please keep in mind, that my opinions and thoughts are my own. 

Behold, my current selection of disappointments.

I don't believe I am a person very sensitive to smell. If something doesn't smell that great and doesn't really linger, I tend to just deal with it. 
Four of these products are on the list because they freaking reek.

Aussie's Sprunch Hair Spray: My 2nd bottle of hair spray in my life and it's already a regret. I love Aussie products but this one was a thumbs down. It smells like Grape Dimetapp.

I don't know if this just gave me bad memories, because for anyone who never had this as a kid growing up, not only does it smell nor taste far from grape, but the smell is of pure medicine.

Victoria's Secret The Body Mist: I purchased this to freshen up after the gym. I honestly think almost everything from VS smells AMAZING. Why I picked this, I am at a loss for words. I may have been surrounded by so many intoxicating fragrances in the store that this ended up smelling good to me, but ehhhhh no. Waaay too sweet, and something to donate to a friend.

Nivea Pearl Beauty Deodorant: I had wanted to try this for YEARS, yes YEARS! I think it is an Asia exclusive ( I could be wrong ) but it always sounded so fancy ( yes, deodorant!) Anyway, when I purchased this it was all wrapped in clear plastic so I was unaware of the scent. 
Well, the short answer is baby powder. Not just a little baby powder, no intense granny amounts purchased from Costco with numerous coupons, baby powder. I used this once in the gym and I was so distracted by the scent that just grew stronger ( if possible ) that I was getting a headache and actually leave the gym and ended my workout within 10 minutes?  Ruined workout and a headache left this product out to dry.
Sorry Nivea.

Olay Fresh Effects Moisturizer: Ok, you all know I love Olay. I used bottles and bottles of their moisturizer so when I saw this I was actually excited! Before purchase I spend the whole time in Target reading reviews on this and decided OK let's try this!
I love my Olay lotion, most likely because it's geared towards sensitive skin and UN scented. 
This not only felt very siliconey ( which I hate ), but had a very artificial "attempt at fresh" smell that I could live without. My skin did not seem as hydrated as my normal moisturizer and used this a total of twice unfortunately.

Kevin Beauty Maker under eye Concealer: I believe this is in shade 2? The color nor number are no where on the packaging. I purchased this with such high hopes as a former YouTuber called this her HG, but it most definitely is not mine.
Now, this product is actually good.
Creamy as heck, emollient, easy to blend, great little packaging, so why the thumbs down:?
The shade. The person I followed on YT was an NC 20 and said this shade was perfect for her. I am mostly an NC 25 and this seems to match my skin tone exactly. It leaves no brightening effect which I prefer, and I think for my personal make up preference, this just aint right. 
Close but no cigar.

Lastly, is a product I have been trying to convince myself to believe works for years, but honestly doesn't.
Isn't this shade GORGEOUS in the packaging? My first Chanel polish, I knew it was over priced but the shade just seemed to call me. 
Well, turns out tan or pale this color looks terrible on my nails. I don't know if it clashes with my yellow under tones or what but no matter what the season this looks just dreadful against my skin.
Noooo. Say it ain't so.

So there you have it, my current disappointments.
I usually like to finish my products, like them or not, but these, I just don't see it happening...


  1. Haha, Fuzkittie? She made me buy a ton of products that may or may not have worked for me

  2. hahaha...also thought about Fuz :)) miss her - even not everything he likes works for me, she had a huge range of products in her vids :)

  3. I have not tried the Olay Fresh Effect moisturizer but I have tried the cleanser from the same line and I actually love it! I'm not sure if the scents are the same, but I don't mind the scent on the cleanser.

  4. The shade 2 definitely looks too dark.

  5. I couldnt stand the scent of the Nivea deo too! Most deodorants give me migraines so these days I stick to Sukin (an Aussie brand) and Clarins'.

    Its really too bad that Lilac Sky doesnt work on your skintone, I love it on my nails! I would totally buy it off you as a backup if you are having a blog sale ;D


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