Sunday, September 15, 2013

Currently Loving ♥

Forget the whole monthly favorites idea, I'm so crappy at keeping up with it consistently. So instead I wanted to talk about what I love right now, thus Currently Loving ♥ (yes, it's back!)

You might see some repeat favorites here, but I don't just move on from products I love easily.

L'Occitane Almond Milk Hand Cream: My favorite hand cream brand bar none. I just recently discovered their Almond Milk rendition. Mmmm comforting and rich smelling with lovely light green packaging reminding me of delicious Laduree signature boxes.

Origins Clear Improvement Mask: I KEEP trying Origins and I kept getting a row of duds but every time I'm just about to turn my back on the brand I get slammed with a home run. This brand is clutch all right. I've been loving this charcoal mask. I apply it twice a week and really see a minimization of my pores not only instantly but over the next coming days I see them looking smaller - I like minimization effect!
A winner!

Youngblood cream blush in Rose Quartz: A niche brand I believe. I don't hear much about them and believe Bendels is the only physical store I can think of that sells this brand, but it was worth the trek uptown!
I was convinced I was going to buy the shade "Tropical Glow" the peachy pink with gold shimmer, but the SA and I both agreed this petal pink with silver shimmer was better suited for myself. Who knew?
I don't wear pink or silver but the shimmer on the face is not as obvious unless you are in the light. Then you are glowing!
The real reason why this is a current star product for me is because of the longevity. Most cream blushes don't last as long as powder but this stays on me for well over 9 hours. I even saw it clearly at the 12 hour mark. In the make up bag it stays!

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze: Repeat favorite. I have been addicted to applying this over every single blush I wear each day. It's adds a great sheen, warmth, and lasts long when layered over a blush. 
It's a bit fragile, mine already broke out of it's pan but I just try to handle with care :)

RMS Living Luminizer: OK it seems many people are curious to know how I feel about the RMS products I purchased recently. I like the blush and luminzer I purchased but noticed their lack of longevity. While they made my skin look fresh and effortless when applied the staying power was just not there - believe the brand owner is aware of this and mentions make up should not be on the face for very long so the products are not meant for 12 hour shifts.
Fair enough, I have been quite happy with my little lumizer. It doesn't last all day but a little portable pot of glow with a few taps of the fingers makes me happy. It is quite subtle but still very pretty. Very daytime friendly.

Chanel Les Beiges No. 30: Another repeat favorite. This bronzer powder hybrid really has been getting to work this summer. Adding a touch of color and blending into the skin with such a fine powder texture it's seamless on the skin and effortless (again). 
Worth the hype.

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy: My current go to MLBB shade. 
Comfortable on the lips, a little shiny, and a bit of pretty color.

Benefit's They're Real Mascara: Quite hyped about as well, but I get it. Initially I was not a fan. The wand is quite pokey but after a bit of training myself to slow down and apply this slowly, the length and volume achieved is nothing short of just damn nice. 
Two layers for special nights and "ka pow!" the lashes are!
Single coat for daytime revealing feminine super enhancing lashes. 
Though this does smudge on me, I can see the reason for the hype.
Also, I think this does get better with age.

And that's it! My current make up bag of favorites and must haves!
Till next time!


  1. Love the photos! I really want to try Youngblood, but I'm always hesitant about brands that I can't see in person. Do you wear the Chanel powder all over, or just in areas where you would apply bronzer? I'm wonder if I were to get it to use as an almost bronzer, do you think I should get 30 or 40?

  2. TY!! i wear the chanel powder in place of bronzer. I purchased 30 when I was still paler and it was perfection in my opinion. It was not as dark as a bronzer but it looks REAL on my skin as a touch of color. I got a bit of a tan so 40 would be better for me now, but i know it's short lived. I think if you know you are going to get paler 30 would be great. 40 is more obvious, but 30 when we are back to our NC 20 range will be that subtle very real looking color for the no make up look.

  3. Thank you! I just barely tanned this summer (probably only about NC23 now), so I think I'll go for 30 if and when I do end up purchasing one! I love that you say "back to our NC20 range"....we're twinsies!

  4. No, no I shouldn't read this. Danger city. I have been absolutely longing to get my hands on the Chanel powder. I keep avoiding the store so I don't succumb :X

  5. haha really? I actually think it's totally worth it LOL repeat favorite for a reason!

  6. I love that Origins mask, it really helps with decongesting the skin! That youngblood blush sounds and looks really gorgeous, I've wanted to try their stuff for a while as they seem like a great brand!

    x Tashi

  7. Just found this! omg btw the 2 of us we have all the products outside the foundation but we would be about B20 ( i know bc i returned mine) this will give u a gauge on how the color looks! she wore it with the chanel blush you have.

  8. im very impressed the longevity! the color range was pretty nice! i heard good things abt their rice powder too

  9. Oooh, thanks for linking this! Super helpful!

  10. Does the origin's mask help declog pores?
    You make the youngblood blush sound amazing!

  11. Your photos are always so gorgeous! I really want to try Chanel Les Beiges. Benefit They're Real is my current favorite mascara. :D It's great!

  12. aww thank you steph!! i can def see the hype on both! i still poke myself with they're real sometimes hahaha

  13. i did but it was a bit dark for my skin, i think you can sheer it out, but i think i recall seeing it and thinking i owned something simmilar

  14. wow it seems like everyone has tried this mascara! @.@
    yea i always get lazy abt masks but since this one shows so much immediate results i keep trying to rem harder to use it!

  15. I am desperate to try that Origins mask! There is nothing more satisfying than some pore minimising. I haven't tried anything else of theirs so maybe I will be skipping the duds if I go straight in with that one.
    I am also tempted to try the Benefit mascara, I have seen the mini tubes knocking around lately and keep reaching for it, but with so many hit and miss reviews I am just not sure. Maybe I will give it a go.

  16. Ooh the YoungBlood blush color looks gorgeous :) I absolutely love a rosy blush that makes u glow esp for night outs!

  17. the benefit they're real mascara smudges like crazy on me - hello panda eyes - but i do want to finish up the one i have. great tip about it getting better with age .. i may need to let it 'dry out' a little to achieve those ka-pow lashes :)

  18. it used to smudge on me too! i think when it got drier that stopped now i just get the TINIEST lil smudge on my outter corner once thats swiped im pretty goood for the day


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