Saturday, September 7, 2013


I'm going to tell you a secret. 
I love instagram make up product photos.  Not so much the FOTD but the products spewed all over the place showing what goes into the daily grind, routine, or for some - a complete master piece. 

Complete make up product love. 
I love them on the Internet too, half my desktop wallpapers are these types of photos-is that insane??

Anyway, since I never show my face on instagram I love sharing my daily products and choices with all my followers.

Anyone else fall victim to this little addiction?
If you do, make sure to follow me on Instagram to feed the need! LOL 


  1. i also have a thing for product placement... specially makeup products or food spreads. there's just something therapeutic about looking at these types of photos. you're not alone! it's just so pretty to look at :D

  2. I love seeing products all splayed out too! It's kind of weird if you think about it, but whatever. I even have a Pinterest board devoted to it, lol! Your products are always fun to see, so MOOOOOAR!

  3. i have a pinterest board like this too! LOL

  4. I love them also ;) It's like a board of happiness when I'm stumbling around in the morning and lets me know other people are as addicted as I am!



  5. Totally agree! I love these photos too :D


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