Monday, September 30, 2013

Short Tip #9

I am currently sounded by a disaster zone. I am on the verge of moving into a new apartment and for a pack rat who has saved 25+ years of crap, this task is becoming quite a mission-my back and legs are killing me from all the lifting and throwing out the endless bags of trash six flights down with a broken elevator.

While packing, I discovered a method to help ease my future pain as I make mental notes to throw out all magazines in the future the minute I finish reading them! 

The Zip and Ship Method

Gather around all your products of one category, I chose jewelry.

Now grab yourself the cheapest smallest plastic baggies you can get. You don't need any of the fancier variations for this purpose.

Pack all your jewelry in the individual sandwich baggies.
Now yes, this does take time, but think to yourself in your future new home if you had just tossed all your necklaces, bracelets, rings, and accessories into one normal box or bag.
The first time you watch a movie in your new place, your hands will probably be very occupied attempting to untangle your new self made version of a rub ix cube.
I know I go crazzzzy when my accessories all fall and tangle.
It seems to take eons to separate them all out one by one again.

Things that won't tangle such as bangles, watches, and rings can all go into one baggie, but long thin chains, I suggest individual containment.

Now that you have assembled all your items, pack them all in one strong big plastic bag. This is where you actually want a decent plastic bag so the thing does not explode in transit, but ta da! all your jewelry can now be all in one place and easily unpacked and put away.

You can use this same method for your make up such as all your favorite eye shadows in one bag, all your favorite lipsticks in another, and then stick them in a large bag with the note on it stating : DO NOT LOSE. Just kidding! but you get the idea! 

Happy Packing Ladies! 
Mini break is over for me-wish me luck! 


  1. This makes so much sense! But I just left all my dangly accessories in the condition I found them when I unpacked lol
    Where do you find all those pretty accessories?!

  2. Hi J,
    It must have taken forever to wrap everything! Good luck with packing and the move :)

  3. For the jewelry it took like 10 minutes, let's not talk about the make up XD

  4. thanks! my jewelry is from all over, anthro, UO, korea, flea market, H&M etc. threw out everything from F21 LOL


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