Thursday, September 19, 2013

So Apparently, it's Called Balayage

When it comes to hair I claim to be quite simple, in reality I'm:
1. Lazy 2. Scared of a disaster at the hair dressers so I avoid it.

I've dyed my own hair, I've cut my own hair, I've given my bangs many a late night trim but I have been wanting more. Something I  considered doing solo but it seems a professional touch is in order.
At least for the first time...

I've loved the idea of ombre hair for years but I personally have never seen too many people pull it off properly. When done right, it looks so right. When done wrong, it's just so wrong...

A little bit of investigation has led me to find a technique which I think should be the perfect solution.
Balayage  (Ba-Lay-Aj). 
A new word to me. It's French. It means "to sweep". Developed in France during the 70's  but picking up immense speed world wide. 

The hair dresser instead of coating all your bottom bits of hair into bleach and foil to heat up and unfortunately damaging your ends, sweeps with a paint brush light layers of the bleach free hand. The top layers get a thin coat, and the bottoms get the full effect.  It's covered in plastic wrap and should take about 15 minutes for the color to develop. This leads to a more natural effect, less damage on the hair, and the best part, less upkeep. Ding ding ding I think we have a winner folks.

Popularized by Giselle but trend growing; is the more natural half highlights, half ombre effect.

The beauty:

brown hair with  highlights
What is the balayage effect?
balayage highlights

I think I'm going to do it. The lat picture to me is perfection. I was recommended to get my hair cut prior the highlights so the hair dresser can paint the color on your new hair instead of snipping away all the beauty.

So, has anyone else heard of this technique?
Am I really that out of date- again I know nada about hair.

Though it seems a bit summery I think the added shades will look amazing under all the fall hats I plan on donning! 


  1. i've never heard of it either, but it's beautiful. and in my opinion having dimension in your hair is good all year round! not just for summer =)

  2. I have heard of this technique a bit recently, I think it looks lovely and wouldn't mind having this myself x

  3. I have heard of Balayage, and am really tempted by it but I am a bit of a hairdresser chicken too. You will have to keep us updated!

  4. This is so pretty! I really, really want to change up my hair a bit because it's been the same for too long (I used to change it up every year in high school). Where do you plan on going to get this done?

  5. this is gorgeous! I actually prefer this to a harsher ombre even though as you said ombre done right can look really good! I think it's the perfect transition for fall!

    sundays grace beauty

  6. It looks a lot more elegant than the ombre technique. I think you should try it :)


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