Saturday, October 19, 2013

Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Brick in Bronze - A New Staple

There are very few products in my collection that I have ever actually repurchased. With a collection of dupes and a market constantly bringing out improved formulas and hard to believe claims, it's hard to have a few main stay products - well I think I found one!

 I have found a product I don't think I can really be without in my collection, and no it not new it's actually a cult classic. 

Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Brick in Bronze

It took me a while to get into Bobbi's line. I have dabbled more into Bobbi's products over the last year or so but this hidden gem of a product I had always bypassed. Looked too shimmery to be a bronzer, and too dark to be a highlight, but my mom actually had this in her collection unloved for quite some time and I "borrowed" it one day and it hasn't left my clutches since!

I have used this nearly every single day for several months and do not see myself tiring from it's beautiful effects anytime soon. Winter is all about matte skin to many, but I really don't care, this is too pretty!

You can see it's quite well loved

How I use it:
I use this every single day on top of my blush. Not on my cheekbones alone as a mere highlight but I actually layer this smack dab on top of whatever blush I am wearing. I'm all about the cheeks and having a slightly more healthy look to my skin. Not only does this add a bit of sheen but the warm colors just liven up any blush color I am wearing to make me look instantly a bit more lively.
The bronze shade works beautifully with my warm toned skin to make all the blush shades instantly complimentary.

Pink blush, peach blush, cream blush, gel blush - I layer it on top of everything and the result is always perfection.

With this method of layering the two products I look like I already have warmth to my skin so I feel no need for a bronzer step. The layering of the two products in sheer layers seems to also add to the longevity of the duo. As a highlight alone I found this to not be very long lasting but over my blush it goes strong well over nine hours. The shimmer fades but the warmth of the blush combination remains.

I have used this on occasion as a bronzer and it works!
I know it looks like a shimmer fest to apply all over but it really does not show as shimmer on the face. The pigment in the darker colors are strong enough to give a bronzer look and the product has more of a healthy sheen all over so you look sun kissed with no hint of orange. 

Sometimes I will layer this product over my blush and whatever remains are on the blush I dab on the forehead and around the nose. This gives my whole complexion a more uniform warmth.

You can't be a matte bronzer fan to try this but the pigment of the darker shades are actually quite strong and buildable. You can develop quite a deep tan with this product and you do not look crazy when applied all over. With a light hand you get an overall warmth and a slight sheen in the sun.
Those with a fairer skin tone can also just stick to the top shades for a lighter color, and those with more of a deep tone can concentrate on the lower shades for a more intense bronzer shade. 

Bobbi really captured the shimmer particles right. Layered it can be stupendous as a more obvious highlight but depending on how heavy handed you are this can be a beautiful bronzer along with cheek color.

My mom had used this product for a couple of years and loved to alternate through the shades to use as eye shadows - another plus for this multi purposed product.
Having this product on your eyes and face can really help bring a look together and less of a need to carry around a large amount of products in your make up bag.

So there it is, my ramble along with praise on the cult beauty classic. 
I will be purchasing a fresh new shimmer brick for my collection so I can finally give back my mom hers! 
So it's all mine! :) 


  1. So pretty! I had no idea you liked shimmery cheeks actually. I have one shimmer brick (Brownie from several years ago) and I used to use it daily before I had tons of other blushes to play with :)

  2. i love it!

  3. Beautiful! Believe it or not I've never owned a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick. Everyone talks about how magnificent they are, and this one looks absolutely stunning. I may have to treat myself to Bronze in the near future!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. I've never been drawn to these, but now that you've posted these pictures I can totally see the appeal. I think I'm going to have a look at it next time I'm at a Bobbi Brown counter.
    I have a few shimmery blushes/powders I tend to layer on top of my 'boring' cheek shades, good to get use out of them that way

  5. ohhhhh lucky!!!!!! you are missing nothing with snow and slush!

  6. Yeah, i usually go for matte most things but cheeks get the full out sha bang treatment LOL
    i saw brownie on your blog it looks very well loved!

  7. I think you would be surprised how actually wearable it is, I passed for years too but I can see now why this is a best seller!

  8. yeah!!!! i hope you swatch and like a shade! i know they have a couple, but blv this is the original. Layering blushes is the way to go :) especially for those boring ones LOL

  9. For some reason, I never even think about these products when I'm shopping, but I have the dupe from Physician's Formula, and it's so versatile! They certainly don't look like much in the pan but they can do wonders!


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