Saturday, October 12, 2013

Scarf Organization - Volume II

Pinterest strikes again! 
While (still packaging) and re organizing my items for my new home I got a bit tired of my old scarf organization when attempting to clear out my closet. I saw an easy DIY idea on Pinterest and in a few minutes created something similar to what I formerly had but prefer the newer version.

You will need a strong hanger and some shower curtain hooks.
The stronger hanger as opposed to plastic will help hold it's shape to all the weight of the scarves. The shower hooks you can buy in either plastic or metal, I chose metal.

It's so simple!
Just open up the hooks and add them to the hanger.

Scoop in your favorite scarves

...and voila!

Depending on your collection you can organize your scarves by fabrics/materials/colors/seasons - whatever you wish!

Hope this simple under five minute DIY helped a few of you get an idea on a easy way to help organize your closet! 


  1. this is such a good idea! I currently have my scarves just over the top of the hanger, but often when I pull one off a bunch of the others fall off too-- those little clips would totally eliminate the problem! thanks for sharing :)

    sundays grace blog

  2. glad you found it helpful! :) i know what method you are using, i did that a while ago and rem them all coming out, especially when i was rushing around in the mornings! LOL

  3. this is amazing!

  4. This is BRILLIANT. Why didn't I ever see this pin???

  5. hahaha i saw it on someone else's blog and had to search pinterest LOL

  6. that's a good idea for scarfs- I just hang them all messy all over my doorknob- this is def a better way!

  7. This is a genius idea, the scarves are look gorgeous displayed! :)


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