Sunday, November 24, 2013

Are you RED-y?

Before moving house I had a major cosmetic clean up. I threw out several things including nail polishes and kept only my favorites. When looking at my collection, one thing was evident; I buy what I like, and I like red and nudes. Mannequin hands or striking reds are my favorite nail polish shades.

I believe the holiday season is the perfect time to bring out all those cherries, burgundy, know, RED's out!

Below are my top five reds in my collection. 


They are in no particular order, I love them all. Each has a very glossy finish, look good enough with one coat even though two is average, and no streaks! I hate streaks...

Here are the shades in the below order with one coat to show it's opacity.
Nail polish application expert - I am not. 

First up is the first red I every bought, OPI's Quarter of a Cent-Cherry

Many of my favorite reds have a raspberry tone such as this one. This is the most pink raspberry red I have. It's not girly or too pink but I think it looks reminiscent to a cranberry red and amazing for the holiday season. A few of my friends with darker skin tones -about NC40 claim this as their HG red and go through several bottles so I believe this looks flattering on an array of people.

Essie's Twin Sweater Set; purchased admit tingly because I saw Emma Robert's Instagram this as the "Perfect Red". Ummm who can avoid that kind of statement? This red is a bit more blue toned and has more of an old school 50's red vibe. I don't see it as old, I see it more as a retro classic. 

OPI's Vodka and Caviar; my most used red. This is the ultimate classic red in my opinion. Very blue toned and flattering on pale hands. This is just a very chic shade. I once saw this red online and was captivated by the photo, it was the color that made me fall for red shades and I have never looked back. This red is very sophisticated and looks like you would want to wear stripes and fly to Paris with it on.

 Chanel's Pirate; my favorite Chanel polish. Ok I own two, but that's because I heard the formula was bad, and the price is something you think about, but this was worth the $. Another raspberry red but deeper than your average red. I recently saw Chanel's new release of Rouge Rubis and comparatively I thought this one was better. I like how its deeper, and more complex. The new shade is nice but quite simple and one note in my opinion. 

Last but not least is Marc Jacobs Lola. Recently blogged about here. The only red orange in my collection, and the only one I have ever found to be complimentary to my skin tone. I had always thought warmer shades suited me due to my yellow undertone until I tried orange red polishes. Because my hands are quite pale they looked off and blue toned shades seemed more flattering. MJ has figured out the perfect ratio of being warm but not getting to orange. In some lights I can see this having a more blue toned but the orange is heavier balancing out the shade to be perfect in my opinion.

I would highly recommend any of these polishes to add to your collection, but now I'm dying to know, what's your favorite red?


  1. Ooo we share similar tastes in red! I have both of the same OPI colors and love them as well. I also love Essie Lollipop but I remember you didn't get along with that shade. Essie Clambake is also one of my favorites. I really want the Chanel and polish is always so classic

  2. You've just made me want to paint my nails red right now! Your hands look so chic! :)

    My favourites red polishes are: Essie Clambake and China Glaze Ruby Pumps (although I don't usually like glitter, this polish is fab!). I'm looking for a cherry red, so I'll note down your recommendations!

  3. although they look similar but each of them have their own red and i love them all ! you made me want to paint red nails now, like literally now after typing this comment...;)

  4. red polishes are real winners the MJ and Chanel are both divine!!! everyone loves clam bake but on me i was not a fan of it on my hands :(

  5. YAY! glad my post was able to inspire your next nail shade! ive seen ruby pumps its super pretty but i know the feeling abt glittery shades its so hard to take off

  6. hehehhe YAY another person wrote that too!! glad i was able to inspire on your nail color choice

  7. Quarter of a Cent Cherry has to be my favorite of the bunch I think x

  8. I don't own that many red polishes but these all look so glamorous and eye-catching! My favs are OPI Quarter of a Cent-Cherry and the Chanel!

  9. My fave red is Chanel Dragon! :) I love the reds you have here. OPI'S Quarter of a Cent looks like my kind of red.

  10. Chanel Pirate was my lucky nail varnish for my final year at university, raged like a beast when it was discontinued.

    My current fav red is Essie Headmistress & my last few remaining drops of Pirate.


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