Friday, November 22, 2013


Well ladies, it's officially cold weather season, because guess who is sitting at home with a cold? Wrapped in blankets and tea mug in hand I decided to showcase a few new products in my stash that hopefully will make the seasonal transition come at welcomed ease.

Skin care changes!
That's right, I am actually trying new skin care products! I always use my favorites and rarely deviate from what I know works for me but every winter my normal go to's just don't cut it, especially the moisturizer so I am currently giving these a go!

I mentioned earlier in the month my new love for the Clarins sun screen but a few others have now joined the bathroom cabinet ranks as hopeful new successors.

Mario Badescu's Glycolic Acid Toner: I purchased this on a recommendation from a video I saw. I purchased the dry/sensitive skin version because my skin is more sensitive than anything and drier in the winter. When I first tried this, it stung sooo bad. After a few days it seems better but stings a bit on occasion. I only use this in the morning because I use the clarasonic at night, that physical exfoliation followed by a glycolic version would probably be too much.
So far I have not seen any real results but I will tell you how it goes at the end of the bottle.

Kiehls Moisturizer and Cream: I've used the famous Kiehls moisturizer in the past with success in the winter but this year I will testing out their cream version which I thought would be very heavy but after trying it is no where near as rich as other dry skin creams I've sampled such as La Mer and Kiehls' own Rose Artica.

Sabon Hand Cream in Musk: An avid L'Occitaine devotee I decided to give Sabon a whirl, I've used their hand creams in the past and like them, just a bit of a change. Also, whipping this beautiful cream out of your hand bag is always a pleasure.

Make Up changes are often rare but invited in my life.
I have a bag of products I use daily with little rotation unless completed so to get in and change up my routine, the product will have to be pretty special.

The Naked 2 Palette: Complete surprise. I'm not a big eye shadow person, and veered off this product for years due to it's cool lean but these shades have become a welcomed change! The colors are beautiful for the colder months and since I don't own any shades like these I keep reaching for it. Normally I don't really wear eye shadows but in the winter filled with holiday parties you have a few more occasions to whip out a few new shades!

Benefit' Fake Up Concealer: Another surprise! Benefit and I have not always gone along especially when I saw the packaging of this ( I'm one of those, packaging judger) I thought uhhh no. I randomly tried this in the store during the VIB sale and thought "Wow" Very creamy, adequate coverage - not full mind you, but for my needs it did the job along with amazing blend ability. I loved it even more applied on top of my eye cream but over time I realized the combination was far too rich for my skin so I have used fake up alone in doubt thinking it would look very patchy and dry but nope! It's emollient enough to glide on smoothly without the cream base and this does not crease on me! Every under eye concealer creases on me because I have natural creases under my eyes but this for some reason stays in tact-amazing...

MAC Soft and Gentle: While everyone goes extra matte for winter, I think, no! Glow on! I still love my Bobbi Brown Bronze shimmer brick and use it daily as a highlight and then I layer Soft and Gentle on top - that's right! I looooove the glow and winter aint stopping me.


Laura Mercier Illuminating Quad in Mocha Spice: After reading about this beauty on Danielle's blog and hearing her rave it wasn't long before I ventured to a counter and tried this little gem out for myself. Behold my perfect winter blush. It looks a bit dull in the pan, but as a more pale version of myself is becoming visibly apparent, this shade is really highlighting my new coloring. It reminds me of a darker version of Benefit's Rockateur ( which I don't own ) but with far less shimmer and less of a mauve effect. Or the new Chanel Accent blush but a little less brown and more pigment. It also reminded me a bit of NARS Doucer where it's one of those "Give me cheekbones" wonder products. It's just one of those "hot" colors for the season. It's a bit pricey but you get 10grams so it should last ages, it also looked beautiful paired with Soft and Gentle! Win win!

The last make up love is my now beloved NARS Isola Bella Satin Lip Pencil. When these came out I ran to swatch them but did not see a shade I liked. I read someone blog about this and I had originally skipped it because it looked too dark, but I was wrong. When on, it's a beautiful dark peachy nude on my skin. I put it on and didn't want to take it off, so it came home with me. A beautiful formula. Very pigmented, smooth, long lasting, glossy,  and these crayon type of products are so easy to put on.

Last but not least is my one fail of a product. The beautifully packaged YSL Shocking Mascara. I had used this for a few weeks with no problems but one day I started to tear badly and had no idea what happened. It happened the next day and the next and I realized the culprit. 
With eyeliner on and lash primer followed by this I seem ok. But the few days I decided to be lazy and wanted a natural look and just curled my lashes and applied this mascara it would make me cry so bad! Not just cry, but tear to the point where both my contacts would just go blurry and I would need to go home to fix them.
This mascara is incredibly fragranced - I never understood fragranced products, especially those that went around the eyes. It's also very wet, every time I would apply this mascara I would need to scrape just about everything off before application. 
Now that I know the culprit I must admit disappointment as I loved trying this mascara and wanted to give their Baby Doll version a go, but I think I will be passing. For the price I paid for this, I am let down...Luckily I looked through my sample stash and believe I found a new replacement!
More on that later!

So has anyone else been making chaaanges? 


  1. Your post definitely inspired me to dig out my Naked 2 Palette again to show it some love. I'm pretty warm-toned, but since I've lost all of my summer color, maybe the cooler leaning shades will look better on me now.

    Now I'm very intrigued about the Fake Up Concealer, especially since you say it doesn't settle in your creases.....I have the dreaded permanent under-eye lines, too, and even though I love my Bobbi corrector, it seems to settle in my lines almost immediately after application, even with blending and setting powder. But I have to agree with you on the packaging's so opposite of my aesthetic that I pass on the products without even trying them. Will need to give this one a whirl the next time I'm in Sephora.

    ALSO! If you are getting in to exfoliating toners, on the recommendation of Caroline Hirons (UK beauty blogger and skin expert), I would highly suggest Biologique Recherche P50 (be warned, it's expensive, smells like gasoline and the version I use makes your face go numb and red for like 5 minutes, but it's an absolute miracle worker), REN Clarifying Toning Lotion or Pixi Glow Tonic (the last two are much more gentle and mild).

    Ok now that I've written a short novel as a comment, I always enjoy reading your product reviews and seeing what makeup you're using, because it always looks so pretty, soft, and glow-y. Can't wait for your next post! :)

  2. Yay! You got the blush! So happy you like it! Now adding Isola Bella to my list. I too thought it would be too dark. If it suits you I know it'll suit me! :)

  3. Isola Bella is such a favorite of mine...despite the fact that I don't own it. The color is very close to TF In the Buff (which I do own) so I haven't purchased it. Yet. How strange that YSL Shocking is fragranced. What is the point of that anyway? The biggest switch I have made lately is to using radiant foundations. More often than not I am using NARS Radiant Cream. My skin is just loving it.

  4. Oh nice to know the TF dupe! Are the lipsticks worth the hype? I know, abt the mascara something so close to the eyes why would they fill it with perfume??

  5. Yup I looooove it! I knew if u were in live I would have to take a look! Yes! I thought it was too dark also but on, the lip pencil is very nice! I've worn it with mocha spice too!

  6. Awww thank u for such a lovely and informative comment! Ahh great skin care reccs I've heard of both but it seems hard to buy in the US? Though admittingly I haven't tried lol I thought they were more UK items.

  7. return the mascara!! thanks for the reminder about sabon - i loved their soho location when i lived in manhattan and they opened a store in my local mall ages ago and i haven't bought anything from them!!

  8. Can't wait to hear your official thoughts on the glycolic acid toner! I'm using one by DDF, but I'm always interested in trying other options too. Love the packaging on that hand cream, too. So chic! Mocha Spice looks so nice on your skin tone! I remember being tempted after reading Danielle's post too :) That second picture of all the makeup is just.....beautiful. Swoooooon.

  9. I've been using the glycolic acid toner for quite some time now - it's actually quite hard to work your way through that tub so it's definitely a good value for your money. It does its job adequately, but I have to admit that It's not my favourite, I prefer the Reviva Labs one. The MB one almost seems too gentle and lists glycolic acid as the bottom (or close to) of the ingredient list. If I get it again I will pick the one for normal skin instead.

  10. oh i wish i could return it :( i bought it from the Sephora FF sale from 2012 :\ i finally opened the thing recently...yes i usually pass by Sabon too lol even though i see the stores all over

  11. sure! once i finish ill post it in an empties but so far it's just ok, i heard it's a very mild toner with GA but it's already enough for my sensitive skin. Hahaha thanks! i thought i was the only person who swooned at beautiful make up pictures behind their screens hehe

  12. ohhhh thanks for the tip ill make sur to google the reviva version! since it's my first time truing glycolic im glad i chose a mild version as it already stings my skin.

  13. nars lip pencil looks gorgeous, i need to try it!
    btw, i'm happy you're writing often again, love your blog! ^^

  14. Oh, what a pity YSL Shocking mascara does not work for you! :( It's my all time favourite mascara but for me its downside is that it dries very quickly!

  15. yes i was so sad abt that too, ive heard it dries up quickly i think im going to try to use it until its ust dried which shouldnt take too long then take a loss on it, it's not worth all the trouble and pain im using the dryness as an excuse!

  16. awwww thank you!!! i love your blog also!!! now im on my way to look at the shade biscane park? also! love these little crayons!

  17. Go return it without a receipt? You'll get store credit. Or with the receipt if you have it. I've definitely returned pretty old stuff both ways :/

  18. I personally really enjoy the TF La Cremes. They are super lightweight and have a lot of slip, so they don't last very long on the lips. But I enjoy how plush and moisture-rich they feel. I saw new shades coming on the Sephora site and I want two of them...Jelly Bean and Bon Bon :)


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