Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Focusing on the Eyes

I am a person who goes through stages when it comes to beauty. We all know I was ( and still am ) in that highlighter obsession stage for years. I go through periods where peach cheeks are what's constantly on my mind, the perfect nude polish, and ultimate champagne shadow, but currently I have been focusing solely on the eyes.
 My current go to eye products I will be reaching for during the next few cooler months.

It snowed today, is it winter already? My fall ASOS clothes still haven't even reached my mailbox-typical. When I noticed the weather started to become brisk I re added in my collection the famous Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette

I had originally owned this last year and returned it because I thought " Too shimmery" " Too cool toned" well this year I decided to give it another go with a fluffier brush for a more sheer application, and you tell me if I'm wrong, but do cool toned shadows looks strange on warm toned skin?
I always thought they made me look a bit tired, but I decided to give the experiment another go, and what's this I hear about a Naked 3? I just bought the 2!

Urban Decay shadows fill my bag once again, but already a winner in my book their simple Basics palette has already been a go to these last few weeks.

When it comes to the shadow singles, a few have caught my "eye" ;)

Dr. Hauschka's single eyeshadow in shade #1. My HG shadow is becoming harder and harder to find and I begrudgingly decided to seek a replacement. This one is a beautiful golden champagne shade that leans more gold swatched on the finger but sheers out to a lovely golden sheen on the lids. The texture is beautiful and the shimmer is perfect for daytime. I always need one of these types of singles to carry around for everyday ease.

Bobbi Brown's Sandy Gold is finally mine! I avoided buying this until I finished a cream shadow and now this creamy easy to wear shade is at my disposal. Sometimes in the morning I'm way too lazy for the whole brush and powder shadow method, so a quick swipe of the finger to apply this wearable shade is for me!

Bobbi Brown once again, her powder shadow in Cognac
Normally I avoid darker shades on my eyes as they tend to give the illusion of shrinking them but this shade is an exception! A gorgeous plum brown with a bit of red undertones. This a beautifully enhanced and stronger version of  MAC's Mulch with more plummy tones. This brown applies beautifully and because of the plum tones, brings out the warmth of brown eyes. Doe eyed ladies, give this a swatch this season, it's perfect for the colder months to wear with our darker and fuzzier apparel.

 Dr. Hauschka, Sandy Gold, Cognac (sheerly applied)

Now, for everything else!

Benefit's Fake Up Concealer is something I have been test driving. I wear shade #2 and thus far, love it. Now I have to state I don't really suffer with under eye darkness so I don't reach for the highest coverage of products but this product delivers just the right amount of opacity for my daytime brightening look. It's quite moisturizing but I still find it applies the best applied on top of an eye cream. For those who suffer with dry under eyes and concealers caking under there due to skin condition, this might be a great new option. I also love the easy packaging and application method. *swoop*

Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara has been hyped by a few beauty ladies for the last year and I finally treated myself to it. The tube is still unopened as I am trying to finish my current mascara but I am very excited to give this a go this season!

Lastly is liner. I pretty much almost always tight line, not liner, tight line, so I need something that's going to stick! After years of searching and trialing numerous brands, two have become go to stand outs. 
Bobbi Brown's Caviar Ink Gel Liner. Bobb's liners stick in the waterline, and are stated by the brand to be safe to be used for that purpose. I recommend for tight lining to choose a shade in her line that is without the shimmers. I tried the shimmer shade in the past and the matte shades seem to last longer on the waterline. I wish she had a matte dark warm brown in her line, but until that day, Caviar Ink has been doing the job beautifully.

In the pencil liner world I tried them all! ( Ok, not ALL, but MOST) and who knew the one that lasted the longest on my waterline was Revlon's Color Stay. The name does not lie! It lasts longer on my waterline than all the higher end brands I have tried, so the next time you see Revlon on sale and you need a new pencil, I would highly recommend giving this one a try.

OK! So that ends my edition of my current beauty focus, obsession, products, and now I ask you, what are your current obsessions?
Eyes and all other!


  1. I just ordered Naked 2 and like you, struggled in the past with cool tones on the eyes for warm skin. But I've since learned it's all about how I wear them. I like to play opposites.... cool eyes? Then warm up the cheeks and lips (and vice versa). It seems to do alright :) Fake Up is something I've been wanting to try out, mainly for days when my skin has dried out so much that NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is a no-go. I should go pull out my samples :)

  2. Hmm Revlon Colorstay huh? I have tried a Revlon pencil before on the waterline and it sucked so bad that I avoid all revlon liners now. But I don't remember which pencil it was! Perhaps I will have to try it out again. I'm so curious about that mascara too! Almost bought it in the VIB sale but ended up saying Nah to everything...

  3. that's good you prob saved yourself alot of $ I didnt buy as much this year but u know a lil something something had to happen hehe

  4. Really ive seen some ppl wear cool toned on their eyes and told me warm blushes worked with it and I said yeah??? maybe it didnt work for me bc I carried the cool toned theme throughout, so I will have to give it a go! Give the fake up a go! The NARS one cakes on me... I must be the only person with that prob bc everyone keeps saying how non cakey it is!

  5. I've always really liked the look of Naked 2, although I don't have it myself. The taupey shades are just so pretty! And I find nothing wrong or weird with cooler shadows on warm-toned skin :) So, is the Dr.Hauschka your HG or is it the replacement? I've never heard much about their eyeshadows! Can't wait to hear what you think about the Clinique mascara! I've heard good things too :)

  6. Love the look of Bobbi Brown's Cognac! Although I have banned myself from buying more eyeshadows this fall/winter season! I have many single eyeshadows and palettes that are barely touched! I always go for the same shadows. Lately, I can't stop wearing UD Naked and Buck with NARS Galapagos as a liner. So you can imagine how tempting you are when talking about the UD Basics palette! hahaha


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