Wednesday, November 13, 2013

New In, and Worth the Hype

Sometimes I think when I search for the ultimate products, it's almost a loss cause. I've tried so many duds in my life, boxes of them sitting and collecting dust.  I often come to the conclusion that it's foolish to keep looking for the best and just use "these..."
Then, I come across something that changes the way I look at products and the hunger is revitalized!

When it comes to my ultimate favorites the list is very short but hardly ever edited. I am loyal to those I consider the best because I know, I've tried em all!

Presenting two new products have just entered my ultimate list, and smitten with them I am.

First up is the renowned sunscreen from Clarins. Around for years with many loyal followers, and guess who just joined the masses! 
I was a bit hesitant with this purchase, the price was similar to a foundation and I was tempted to purchase the tinted version but decided to try the ultimate classic.

Disappointed I was not.

You just need a small nickel sized amount to cover your whole face, the consistency is very liquidy,  it spreads and sinks into the skin with ease and incredible speed.
I had formerly been loyal to the La Roche Posay sunscreen which sounds very similar, but I much prefer the Clarins version.
Not only does this feel thinner and lighter on the skin, but it leaves zero white residue on the face, it sinks in and adapts to your skin color nearly instantaneously, along with sinking in the skin much faster. It's worth the few extra dollars, and I plan on repurchasing for years!

 Next up, a new polish!
When it comes to polish,  I'm all about the nude or the red.  I had given up on an orange based red long ago because I thought that shade family looked horrendous on my hands. Clambake, Lollipop, Chanel Holiday, all mehhhh on me - in truth, they made my hands look so OLD.

I steered clear from them when I realized they just were not for me but I have found the red orange for me. 

Marc Jacobs Lola.
A color that has come on the radar of many beauty lovers from the beautiful new Marc Jacobs line. Well, kudos to you Marc because you created a beauty of a red!

The perfect red orange that does not lean too warm and make my hands look cheerful and bright!

Formula wise, this is spot on! I hate applying several coats of polish, not even two. I like polishes with enough opacity so that one coat can get me through. The above photo is just one coat and it looks true to color. The longevity is also very good on my nails. I can get a good five days before the slightest chipping with a Revlon top coat.

As my beauty searches continue for the long list of finding the ultimate favorites, I can rejoice in knowing I have knocked down two new ultimates. 


  1. The Clarins moisturizer sounds fantastic! I need to check out the ingredient list on that one. SPF 40? Amazing! I adore The Body Shop Essential C Moisturizer with SPF 30, but Clarins took it even further. And Lola really is perfect on you. Love!

  2. i should try that clarins moisturizer...

  3. Hi J,

    Love the bright pretty red of MARC JACOBS Lola!

  4. The Marc Jacobs polish looks amazing! I had no idea they'd be good, I'll have to swatch at the store now :P

  5. i hope you give it a try i didnt try the other shades i saw this one and was so drawn to it i put it on right away!!

  6. it's so pretty for the whole year i think very juicy red! love it

  7. oh how do you lik the body shop version? i have tried a few of their skin care products and liked them but not so much their moisturizer :( the clarins sun screen is quite famous and i see why!

  8. TBS has a heavier feel when I apply and I definitely let it sink in and then blot. But it doesn't cause me to be more oily during the rest of the day like so many other SPF moisturizers. I've tried three other day moisturizers from TBS and they are alright, but I haven't found something fantastic for overnight yet.


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