Friday, November 15, 2013

Scraps...A Crochet Post

Those of who follow me on Instagram may notice with the arrival of fall and winter, comes out a seasonal hobby of mine. Crochet! 
Last year I decided to try crochet, I had previously learned years prior but never really developed an interest until last year. Now I look forward to my seasonal projects and adding a touch of home made to my more modern and contemporary style new home.

A few of my followers showed a bit of interest on crochet after a few photos and asked for a post, but quite frankly I'm no where near an expert. I believe myself more of a noob than anything else. I forget stitch names, can't read directions well, and struggle with stitches for a while before the Eureka! moment strikes but I always keep trying.

So here a year later, my long awaited and requested post on crochet, or at least how I do it.

This may come as a surprise but crochet supplies such as yarn, hooks, scissors are actually not that cheap. A home made gift of a crochet item ironically can be quite expensive and cheaper to buy a fully produced product. I usually purchase all my supplies from the craft chain Micheal's and always print their frequent coupon offers! 

Something great about the hobby is when you have a few extra bits of yarn left over from other projects there an Internet full of ideas on what to use these scraps for to produce something useful.

When it comes to tools you only require 1 hook to start off with. After you get the hang of it buying a small pack of different hook sizes can be more economical after you have shown interest in continuing to pursue the craft.
My favorite hook size is 5.0 ( The first hook I ever bought, and still my favorite)
I keep my crochet tools such as scissors and sewing needles in small tins. I love collecting these, you can find them in various places but they are small, strong, beautiful to look at, and sturdy enough to hold your tools. The ones above came from a chocolate and tea packet but I have a few more in my collections to hold other items.

Yarn comes not only a great variety of colors but sizes and textures. The labels show you the width of the yarn and what hook size is recommended to use with the yarn. The labels show you both crochet hook and knitting needle size. You don't have to follow these labels exactly but I have found if you do, the results are admit tingly better.

I store all my yarn in a huge basket I purchased on sale. It's over flowing but the colors make me happy to look at it. I always recommend buying an extra large amount of whatever color yarn you tend to use the most - in my case, white.


Now you have all your tools and supplies you plop on the couch to start working! but.. what to make? Ahhh that's where places such as blogger, instagram, and pinterest provide huge inspiration. After learning a few of the basic stitches go online to find an inspirational photo and I have always found if it was beautiful enough in your eyes you will find a way to re create it on your own skill level.
My pinterest crochet and knitting board are full of projects I can't wait to tackle!

In terms of learning how to crochet, I purchased two physical books on how to crochet but quite honestly I don't believe you need to invest in this method. They are somewhat helpful when I look up directions and need to skim through the glossary for abbreviations but most instructions found on blogs and YouTube may be a better resource. To actually view someone do it physically may be more clear than written instructions. Try whichever method works for your taste, if you prefer reading, the amount of books printed is readily available. The book I read and used most was The Happy Hooker. The author wrote in a less formal manner so it was easy to read and follow. Some crochet books can admitting be a little a dry.

After you view your inspirational source, photo, video, or feed you get to work and find the result quite surprising and satisfying most of the time.

Here is what I created my with scraps.

We needed some coasters. I did not have a pattern, it's pretty fun to just wing things! I made these after seeing some gorgeous ones created on  Coco Rose Diaries blog. One my favorite crochet bloggers ever. Amazing photos. Check her out!

I'm off to make a new pillow cushion to match the style of my new home, but the possibilities are endless, so for those who decide to pick up the knitting needles or crochet hooks this year, may many beautiful projects be shown from your efforts!


  1. I have been teaching myself to knit and crochet, but I prefer knitting - I feel like I have too many hands or too few when I try to crochet, haha!

  2. I crochet too - I've never gotten the hang of knitting but want to try it again soon. I'm currently making a snuggly neck warmer for the winter!

  3. oh i bet the neck warmer would be perrrrfect for the upcoming cold!!! i liked knitting but you have to count so much, i was always losing count if someone spoke to me lol

  4. hahaha, i used to knit but i always lost count on the stitches then had t start all over! i hated that lol


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