Friday, November 1, 2013

Urban Decay, you Surprised me

It all started, when I swatched Urban Decay's Foxy in Sephora one day and came to the realization that this was possibly the best brow highlight color of my life ( a revelation moment ). I became excited and thought "YES" will be buying this!!! then I saw it was $18 dollars and the famous Urban Decay Basics with Foxy included was $27...
Now I'm pretty late on the whole Urban Decay Basics palette, but I'm going to be honest when I first saw it  I stated: " PSHHHH  what is that??" I thought it looks so bland (even for me! miss blah shadow queen!) The first three shades looked the same and when I swatched them all, the first four shades were a bit hard to tell apart from a far and I left it behind, but still wanted Foxy-bad. I know (sad).

I also saw Urban Decay had a free form palette system but when looking at the math, it was far more expensive to make a mini personal palette than buying the famous pre made palettes. With an Ulta coupon in hand I surrendered and bought the mini palette.

Well Urban Decay you got me, surprised me you did, because  I think I love it...

Ok, when you first get it the fact is the thing is hard to open. it's not just mine, this is just how it's built. 
But let's take a look at my current surprising stand by.

I know, I saw it too, it looks quite bland on it's own. Many people claim this is a great counterpart with the original palettes but personally I think this is the best one-for me.

Not everyone is going to be a fan of all the shimmer UD is known for, the lack luster travel size, and having a few shades you just know you are not going to touch.
If you like shimmer shades by all means choose between versions 1 or 2 as they have become a beauty world cult item but this baby is for those who fall into the other camp.

I noticed all the shadows I ever hit pan on look like the shades in this palette. I finally got FOXY (sigh of relief) and it's the most perfect brow bone shade for my skin tone -IMHO. Venus reminds me of my favorite Laura Mercier Stellar shade. Think a toned down version of MAC's Phloof. Almost sheer white with gold white shimmer. Not too shimmery mind you, but I am glad they included this. For the inner corner, brightening the lid, or a highlight. WOS I honestly haven't used much but I see it as an excellent all over the lid shade-again I'm a Foxy woman. Naked 2 -OMG. Why they don't sell this in single form is baffling to me because they have created the most perfect crease shade of my life. I am not a multi shadow crease woman normally, but with this, I keep faking one! Faint is a great all over lid applied sheerly for day or heavier at night, or even brow color in a pinch. Crave would be an excellent liner -wet or dry, and can add smokiness to the outer corner if you have a night out on the town.

For me, I disagree with people saying this is only beneficial as a counterpart or supplement to the original palettes. This is a stand alone for my personal shadow tastes, and a stand out! 
This will teach me to "PSHHH" at first glance.

Are other ladies out there smitten with the Basics?


  1. I have to admit that I'm totally guilty of thinking this is super bland - but I have cool undertones and shades like Foxy don't look very complimentary on me. Maybe if I was just starting my collection, I could use the rest of the shades; but as it is, I probably have lots of dupes :(

  2. i love Urban Decay!

  3. I'll admit I have this, but don't use it much. You have given me inspiration to move it to the front of the drawer!

  4. HI J,

    What a great find! It's wonderful that foxy works so well for you as its a unique shade --- oddly it's the one shade I rarely touch on NAKED2. Go figure! :)

  5. Such a gorgeous palette, I want it! x


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