Friday, December 20, 2013

Current Dissapointing Products, and some new Arrivals

We all try so hard now a days, to save money. With the holidays rolling around we have in mind perhaps gifts to purchase or delicious foods for the family feast, but with all these sales you sometimes, succumb...and purchase a wee bit for yourself. 
Eeeeee I won't tell! Shhh, but even with sale prices, and backed up research before a semi spontaneous moment, we all sometimes feel like we purchased a dud
"Drat!" Waste of money, waste of time, bahhh and now to use it up! Insert groan face.

Well, even though I try to research, and attempt restraint, here are the few products I regret for the second half of 2013.

Lumene Toner: I convinced my fiance to purchase this when he needed a toner, because I had heard good things of Lumene, though admittedly never tried it myself. Mistake one...
There is nothing wrong with this toner, it just does nothing. No brightness, not as refreshing as it claims, no radiance nor detox as I see it labeled. I don't really see it aimed for normal/combination skin as it feels like water and seems to take ages to dry. 
You know the ones where you fan yourself in the bathroom for ages...
I really should have looked this up  before purchase because this was about $13 bucks. It's not an arm and a leg but really money down the drain.
Even my fiance didn't even use it, I think he caught on it wasn't working much magic so I've been trying to use this up because I feel guilty I recommended this...

Chanel Emervielle Cream Shadow: I waited months to purchase this...I waited until I actually finished a cream shadow before buying this to feel less guilty but I regret this purchase. I've tried many champagne cream shadows and this one is a bit too frosty for my taste. It reminds me of a cream version of Stila's kitten with a less of a white sheen. I've also heard these dry up quickly, so I will be trying to salvage this, the double C's means $ that I don't plan on wasting.

Essie's Looking For Love and Instant Hot: I love Essie polishes, but some formulas are so hit and miss..."Looking for Love" looks to be a gorgeous baby blue but it takes about 5 perfectly dried opaque thick coats to get the color you see on the bottle, and around coat of semi dried three, I feel like tossing the thing. "Instant hot" is not as sheer but very streaky and I just don't have the skills nor surgeon steady hands to apply this to ever look nice.

Chanel Pencil Liner in Jade Black: Another Chanel! Drat 2x! Now this pencil comes in the most gorgeous green black shade I have ever come across and have never been able to dupe, but it just smears so bad on me within an hour its just not worth the wiping and re applying. Not what I paid for anyway! Granted it's not claimed to be waterproof ( the waterproof Chanel pencil also smeared on me if that assists anyone) but I will be avoiding the brands pencils going forward.
The color is still gorgeous...

MAC's  Plink! : I've really fallen out of love with many of my MAC lipsticks but I can still wear most of them. This is one, I really cant. The color for some reason looks terrible on me. I believe many people refer to this as a seashell pink? On my lips its quite a yellow pink with a very slippery feel and coating. In other words this shade makes me look ill. I'm not bashing all MAC lipsticks, nope! it's just this particular shade will be going B2M without much use.

Maybelline Dream Lumi Pen: Ok, this I really just dislike. All the writing from the packaging was completely removed within 2 whopping days of owning this. I have the "Radiant" shade which is quite pink/salmon toned which I normally enjoy for highlighting my under eyes. There is something about this formula that looks so chalky under my eyes and leads my under eye darkness to be covered (badly) and look rather grey colored...
I far prefer the Maybelline Age Rewind concealer which I will be repurchasing once I finish this - it should take a while though...
Did I mention how much this creases on me...ALOT.

Well, there you have it. The last few misses of 2013.
While I attempt to persevere through finishing these products, I know these new babies in my collection should help ease the pain. Let's hope the below don't come up in an early 2014 misses post!

Guerlain Bronzer, Benefit's Gimme Brow, Sephora Matte Lip Stain

 Last Sephora VIB purchases of the year. Promise!


  1. Oooh, so excited for that Guerlain to be unveiled! Bummer about the Chanels. Some people make those Illusion D'Ombres look so nice that I'm convinced all over again but never can invest in them when the time comes.

  2. is that the same maybelline product that other girls hype about? thanks for sharing! this is such a helpful post

  3. Oh, so sorry you don't like Chanel Émerveillé, it's one of my favourite eyeshadows. Maybe you'd prefer the new Dior formula.
    I think the same about the Essie polishes, I've found that some of the fairest shades are quite difficult to work with. It's a pity, because their shade range is incredibly beautiful :(

  4. Hi J,

    It's good to get the heads up on all the not-so-greats! Looking forward to seeing how you feel about the Guerlain Terracotta


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